Push your skills to the next level while making online platforms safer and more inclusive for all. Modulate is a rapidly evolving startup working with top social platforms and gaming studios to deploy unique technology - like real-time voice skins and live voice moderation - to ensure that the 'multiverse' is for everyone.

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Modulate is unlocking deeper and more inclusive social interactions online. We partner with apps and games to deliver a variety of unique services through a single SDK - including VoiceWear, a real-time voice replacement system that allows you to sound like a favorite character while retaining the emotion and nuance in your voice, and ToxMod, a voice-native AI reporting and moderation tool which helps human moderators more efficiently identify and react to bad behavior on their platforms. The common theme at Modulate is using our combination of cutting-edge technical talent, thoughtful design approach to safety and community-building, and appreciation for the balance between technology and humanity, to build a completely unprecedented toolkit that gives each platform what it needs to manage their unique communities.


Impact. Are we leaving the world a better place than how we found it? Can all employees feel good about their individual impact on the world and the work we're asking them to do?

Respect. Do we as a company and as fellow employees give all employees sufficient respect, support, and appreciation for the work they do, their circumstances, and their individual goals and values?

Intelligibility. Do we all understand what's expected of us? Are the processes to make changes, express grievances, and otherwise interact with Modulate as an organization, clear?

Personal Growth. Is everyone comfortable asking questions when they don't understand something? Is everyone committed to helping each other improve with their stated goals, even if it's tough to do so?

Autonomy. Does everyone have the freedom and space to make and learn from their own mistakes? Does everyone feel a sense of ownership of the company, and especially of their own projects?

Communication. Do we all know what Modulate's overall priorities are, and do we all have insight into what everyone else is working on and how those things tie into the overall priorities? Is that insight sufficient to meaningfully discuss tradeoffs of people's time to expedite a task for one team at the cost of another team's work?

Learn more about our company values here.


DE&I is extremely important to Modulate, but it's also an extremely nuanced topic. In order to better clarify how we think about these issues, we find it most effective to discuss each term independently.

Diversity is a characteristic of a group, not of an individual. We know how important it is for Modulate to be diverse overall - both to ensure we have a wide range of perspectives influencing the products we build, and more subtly because each individual team member can grow more effectively when they are surrounded by differently but equally brilliant and motivated colleagues. But you'll never hear us talk about something like "this candidate is diverse" - "diversity hires" are disrespectful to the individuals and unhelpful for the company. It's our responsibility to consider candidates that represent the amazing diversity out there in the world (and we put in serious effort to do so!); but we'll make decisions about individual applicants on their merits, knowing that this merit will come in all variety of forms.

Equity is about recognizing that, as mentioned earlier, merit can come in various forms. Success at Modulate should be based on merit, but we need to be extraordinarily careful to ensure that this doesn't become an excuse to simply promote those who meet one or two people's narrow definition of skill. We know that each member of our team is on their own unique trajectory, and strive to provide a flexible set of resources and mentors that ensures that each team member has what they need to grow in the direction, and at the pace, they are aiming for.

Inclusivity is about respect - one of Modulate's core "culture pillars." Every single person who joins Modulate will have their own preferred ways to operate, their own history, their own biases and vocabulary and ambitions and skillsets. We want each of those people to feel welcome at Modulate. The only prerequisite to be a great Modulate employee is alignment with our values, which include respecting other perspectives, striving to improve ourselves, and working to make a real positive impact in the world - beyond that, everyone is welcome, and it's Modulate's responsibility (and especially that of our leadership) to ensure that each person actually feels welcomed and respected in that way.


We have some explicit policies here - for instance, our website showcases everyone's preferred pronouns to emphasize that we respect each person's preferred identity. But we also simply try to constantly reinforce our core values around inclusivity and respect in softer ways. For one example of this, I recommend reading our CEO's letter to the team regarding the 2020 election, which can be found here.


At Modulate, managers conduct (at minimum) monthly 1:1s which give the employee full control over what's discussed - usually landing on talking about their career trajectory, work/life balance, or other high-level concerns. We also conduct quarterly 1:1s with skip-level managers (i.e. your boss's boss) to ensure you have a relationship with your skip-level in case something goes wrong with your immediate boss.

Of course, aside from these structural things, personal growth is one of our core culture pillars and something we devote a lot of time and thought to in ways large and small.


Today, to be frank, we're a small startup - we can't fix the world all at once, so we're starting with ourselves. We're focused on hiring a richly diverse team which aligns with our mission of creating more safety and inclusivity online - which we also expect to contribute to the creation of new opportunities for underrepresented people of all types! Of course, as we grow, we hope and intend to get more directly involved in larger-scale movements to improve access to education and decrease the tech industry's reliance on obsolete credentials, in order to ensure that everyone and anyone can have their potential and passion fostered meaningfully.


You can read about our interview process in full detail on our website here. The process is a bit unique due to our focus on minimizing implicit bias for our interviewers. But briefly:

1. You apply online through the above link. (Filling out a lightweight application form; we do not accept resumes and care much more about what you can do than fancy credentials.)
2. 30 minute phone screen with the hiring manager or a senior team member for the role you applied to. Your interviewer will not know your name, age, gender, etc, and they will run your voice through one of our VoiceWear 'voice skins' to avoid learning that information during the call. The discussion will be split between them sharing more details about the specific role, and giving you open-ended opportunities to speak about your fit for the work and the company overall. No "whiteboard coding" over the phone or anything like that.
3. If you pass the phone screen, you'll be invited for an "in-person" (Zoom during COVID times) full interview, which lasts about 2.5 hrs and consists of three sessions (focused on team fit/workstyle, your fit for the specific role responsibilities, and culture/values alignment.) Each session, you'll meet two Modulate team members, ensuring you have the opportunity to connect with a good cross-section of the overall team.


πŸ„πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Unlimited PTO for all salaried positions

🩺 Health and dental insurance

πŸŽ‰ 401k w/ additional company contributions

🚘 Commute assistance for public transit or parking

πŸ’΅ Flexible offer packages (we offer a choice between a slightly higher salary with a slightly smaller option grant, or a slightly larger option grant but slightly lower salary.)

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