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With a strong focus on feedback and retention, we connect awesome employers and skilled, technological talent to one another to fill open opportunities.

Our job board is centered around the great work companies are doing to solve every day problems. This includes their internal practices around safety, support and diversity, equity, and inclusion!

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We source candidates in our talent database, you vet top talent we send your way. Make a hire and get 90 days of biweekly feedback sessions from our check-ins with your hires!

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Our recruitment model

The 1st recruitment platform with a feedback model.

Our model is built on transparency and accountability. Once a hire is made, we provide biweekly virtual check-ins with each recruit for their first 90 days on the job. This is our way of ensuring that each recruit is being set up for success, and it allows them give us feedback on their experience with their employer.

We relay feedback to employers as a way to help them improve their policies and processes, and implement better practices.

Let's be actionable and create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces together!

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