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Our mission

“Black Tech Pipeline proves the ‘pipeline problem’ isn’t real.”


Our mission is to bring awareness to, increase and retain the number of Black technologists in the tech workforce; from the individual contributor level to leadership and beyond. We are accomplishing this by partnering with hiring companies, various programs and initiatives who are intentional about increasing Black tech representation through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Our Founder

Pariss Chandler is a Software Engineer turned Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline.

In 2017, Pariss broke into tech through a coding bootcamp in Boston, MA. After completing her program and entering the tech workforce, it became difficult to assimilate in the workplace due to the major lack of diversity and inclusive practices.

Following the successful mobilization of #BlackTechTwitter in 2018 and the ongoing efforts to increase Black tech representation through Black Tech Pipeline, Pariss’ work has garnered attention from numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, Boston Globe, and Boston Business Journal, among others. Her influential work led to her recognition as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Women of Influence in 2022.

Beyond her daily work at Black Tech Pipeline, Pariss actively engages as a speaker and volunteer by partnering with various organizations and initiatives to share insights from her tech and entrepreneurial journey with students of diverse ages and backgrounds. Pariss also speaks on DEI principles, leads educational workshops, and provides strategic advice on job searching and interview preparation to aspiring tech professionals.

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Boston Business Journal
The Boston Globe
Business Insider
Urban View

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