What companies are NOT a good fit for the BTP job board?

Black Tech Pipeline partners with companies who truly practice safety, diversity, equity and inclusion internally and externally. We promote companies and organizations who are taking actionable steps to support their team members from marginalized communities in visible and impactful ways. Your company is not a good fit if:

  • If your company builds and profits (in any way) off of harmful technology or products, especially targeting marginalized groups.
  • If your company does not have conversations, policies or practices around diversity, equity and inclusion, especially when it comes to marginalized/underrepresented employees and talent.
  • If your company has been in the media for harming underrepresented groups in the workplace and significant internal change has not been made since to repair the damages made.
  • If your company has not made an effort to retain, support and promote your current marginalized/underrepresented employees internally, especially Black and Brown.
  • If your companies diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are performative. *ie: posts on social media, talks about DEI for show but has no data or feedback supporting their claims to having good internal practices

What is the job board model & its features?
  • Subscription based. We have 4 different subscription tiers based on length of time on the job board. Longer subscriptions receive more access to features.
    • Subscription payments are due in full and will auto-renew on the same day of the next billing cycle that you first made a payment according to the subscription tier that you chose. For example: a 1 month subscription made on December 1st will auto-renew 1 month later on January 1st.
    • Cancellation of subscription can be done through a company’s profile at any time. Refunds are not provided.
    • We do not charge by role, we charge by length of time on the job board.
  • Role postings. Unlimited. Companies may post as many roles as theyโ€™d like. *’Roles’ includes internships and apprenticeships
  • Landing page. Each employer will create a landing page where they must input content around the company mission and culture, their DEI practices, company values, safety practices, general interview process, benefits and provide images of their teams. This step is done through the company’s profile and it is made easy for non-technical people.
    • Advertising. Based on the subscription chosen, a company may receive features in our newsletter and the option to have us host them over a Twitter Space (audio only event on the Twitter platform to speak to candidates about the company). All subscriptions come with advertising on our social platforms until the end of the job board subscription.
  • Integrations. We offer Greenhouse and Lever integrations, or a company can manually post and update their open roles. We highly suggest using an integration.
    • Each company receives 1 user per company profile where they have the ability to manage their subscription, create and update the content on their landing page and manage their open roles.

What is the process to getting onto the job board?
  1. Head to our job board (home page) and click the link to fill out a short form to receive an automated email with a link to our subscription options page or click here (check your spam). In that same email will be more information on what onboarding looks like.
  2. On our subscriptions option page, click ‘Subscribe’ to the tier of your choosing to make a payment. You will be required to review our terms & conditions before making a payment.
  3. Once payment has been made, your profile will automatically be created for you. You’ll receive an automated email with your login information (check your spam) and you will be asked to create a new password.
  4. Once you’re logged into your profile, you will be able to build out your landing page, link your ATS to our Greenhouse or Lever integration, or manually post your open roles. *made simple for non-technical people
  5. When you’ve completed your landing page and role postings, you will email a member of our team to let us know that you’re ready to launch your page live
  6. Upon a quick review of your completed landing page, we will launch your page live and you will be notified๐Ÿš€

Can I apply to opportunities if Iโ€™m not Black?

Of course! Our job board is public and open to all.

Black Tech Pipeline centers Black technologists, which means that we give priority to our community members when learning about and presenting opportunities. Our partnerships are centered around providing Black technologists and professionals open opportunities, but are not exclusionary to anyone else. 

Our #1 rule is that anyone utilizing our platform, either as an opportunity giver or seeker, does not discriminate, exclude, harm or support harm against any marginalized group of people in any way, shape or form.

What roles get the most engagement on the BTP job board?

Data always changes, but currently:

Best: Remote (especially globally), entry to mid-level regardless if technical or non-technical roles, provides salary transparency on application, accepts applicants with traditional and non-traditional educational backgrounds

Decent: Hybrid and senior only

Least: On-site only, strictly Staff/Director/VP level, strictly requiring applicants with college degrees

What analytics can BTP provide clients?

๐Ÿ“Š Our job board receives 21,000+ views monthly

๐Ÿ“Š Most applicants come from the US / Other popular regions are Canada, UK, Africa

๐Ÿ“Š Reach our 105,000+ followers on socials (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

๐Ÿ“Š Reach our 6,000+ newsletter subscribers

We can provide numbers on the clicks and views of your landing page. We can provide exact percentages of individual link clicks, percentage of opens and reads to your newsletter features.

We are not able to provide :

-numbers of people who applied to your open roles

-numbers or names of people hired by your company

-numbers of people who abandoned your open role applications

-any numbers surrounding what happens after users leave our website to go to your companies website

Does BTP provide newsletter features to non-job board partners?

Absolutely! Our newsletter features generate very positive responses. We will only promote jobs, internships and apprenticeships in our newsletter for our job board partners due to it being a feature of our job board service. We do promote one-off opportunities in our newsletter such as educational resources and programs, scholarship, funding and speaking opportunities and events. *certain promotions do require payment

If you want to know if your opportunity is a good fit, send us a message through our contact form!

What forms of payment does BTP accept?

We accept CC payments secured through Stripe. If you need to use another form of payment in order to subscribe, contact us through our contact page.

Does BTP collect sensitive information?

Black Tech Pipeline does not collect or hold any company’s sensitive data. We use third-party tools to collect analytics, and to secure all payment and login information.

Does BTP offer recruitment?

This service is currently on pause. We have a talent database of over 2,000 Black tech candidates who also utilize our job board to apply to open roles. We are currently in the process of pivoting away from our traditional sourcing method and are moving towards re-launching our new TalentMatch recruitment platform. Until then, we have paused our recruitment service so that we can continue to build on and provide the best experience possible for our candidates and hiring partners.

Does BTP offer DEI workshops or services?

We do not. For DEI services, we recommend looking into and contacting Canopy Equity Coaching, a consultant group that we frequently recommend to our partners and network.