Pariss Chandler Keynoting Women’s History Month event at Museum of Science, Boston 2023

Hi! I’m Pariss Chandler (She/Her), mobilizer of the hashtag, movement, and global community #BlackTechTwitter, and Founder and CEO of Black Tech Pipeline.

Our story:

In December of 2018, I mobilized the hashtag, movement and community #BlackTechTwitter, a community of brilliant Black technologists from all around the world. This global community formed through a viral tweet that I posted asking, “What does Black Twitter in Tech look like?” The rapid response garnered the attention of Black technologists, media outlets, celebrities, respected leaders in tech, but even more-so, employers. The eagerness and excitement around wanting to hire and offer opportunities to our community members of Black tech talent led me to launching Black Tech Pipeline two years later. 

Viral tweet that started the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag, movement and community

Black Tech Pipeline is a job board, newsletter and recruitment platform centering Black technologists and professionals. We’ve partnered with nearly 150 companies on our job board and 66 companies on recruitment since our launch in September of 2020. We work as a resource for incoming and current Black technologists and professionals that want to learn about and apply to career changing opportunities. Whether it’s jobs, educational resources and programs, scholarship and funding opportunities or events, we bring awareness to these things by presenting them directly to our community members and supporters.

For our job board, each company that we partner with must provide transparent information around their internal practices when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion and the safety of their team members, including images of what their current teams look like. By providing transparency around how the company has taken action to retain and support their Black and underrepresented employees, it gives our job seekers a better picture of what their experience could look like as an employee at that company which can reduce concerns when applying.

My story:

Before launching Black Tech Pipeline, I was a Software Engineer turned Tech Recruiter. I broke into tech through a bootcamp, worked as a Software Engineer in both startup and corporate cultures, and eventually transitioned into a remote role as a Tech Recruiter. 

Being a Black tech professional in predominantly white and male spaces presented me with challenges that I had to overcome to remain and grow in this industry. From my own experiences, to having constant conversations with my community around the Black experience in tech, it’s provided me with a unique perspective and understanding of what our industry needs in order to do better in attracting and retaining Black tech talent.

I launched Black Tech Pipeline in 2020, after 2 years of recruiting #BlackTechTwitter community members in my spare time for free, and working as a Technical Recruiter for a startup. During my time of recruiting and helping employers diversify their companies with our community members, I was aware that diversifying only by hiring was not enough. There had to be real intention and consistent, actionable change happening within every company trying to become more diverse because what really matters is the retention of these hires which can only be accomplished through great experiences and upward mobility.

Black Tech Pipeline provides transparency on the intention and action of our partners, and we hope to have you join us in this movement of filling the tech pipeline with more Black technologists, and ensuring that they receive the safety and support necessary to grow and thrive in their careers✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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