X, The Moonshot Factory

X, The Moonshot Factory

Tapestry is X’s moonshot for the electric grid. Our goal is to reduce climate change by accelerating grid decarbonization, and by preparing the grid to support the electrification of transportation, heating and other industries.

Open roles at X, The Moonshot Factory : 4

Analytics Software Engineer, Tapestry

Mountain View, CA - Hybrid

Full Time


Fullstack Applications Engineer, Tapestry

Mountain View, CA - Hybrid

Full Time


Technical Lead, Backend Software Engineer, Tapestry

Mountain View, CA - Hybrid

Full Time


Simulation Software Engineer, Tapestry

Mountain View, CA - Hybrid

Full Time



X (formerly Google X) is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people. Our goal: 10x impact on the world’s most intractable problems, not just 10% improvement. We approach projects that have the aspiration and riskiness of research with the speed and ambition of a startup.

We are modeling and simulating the entire grid to forecast how it will behave in the future, from nanoseconds to decades ahead. We are also building tools for governments, utilities, energy developers and major energy users to help them build, manage and use affordable, equitable grids dominated by renewable and other clean energy technologies.
We envision a world in which all the electricity generated and all the electricity used - and not used - is visible so that the grid can be optimized for reliability, cost, emissions and equity.

For utilities, grid operators and governments, we plan to make it easy to forecast supply, demand, and the cost of grid upgrades; to provide transparency into new energy project economics; and to optimize the dispatch of clean and renewable power sources. For energy buyers, we envision the transformation of energy consumption, data center operations, real estate planning, logistics planning, and more, all powered by highly accurate digital models of the grid.


Audacity - We try things no one else has tried before. We’re brave. We possess a sense of adventure and are resilient in the face of challenges. We don’t believe that any idea is too crazy to suggest or that any effort is too sacred to change or end no matter how scary that might be. We acknowledge when we’re afraid and know that it’s okay to be fearful.

Initiative - When we see a problem, we roll up our sleeves and fix it. We look for ways to reduce complexity, and we move fast and sweat the details.

Learning - We make contact with the real world as fast as possible so we can learn as fast as possible and because we value impact over intellectual wandering. We’re curious students for life who learn by doing. We don’t hold ideas sacred; we ask hard questions and say the difficult things so we can learn and make things better.

Teamwork - We know that the lonely genius inventor archetype is a myth and that innovation is a team sport. We share knowledge with each other and seek out diverse perspectives. We find strength in vulnerability and practice radical candor with one another by giving open and honest feedback regularly from a place of deep care and respect.

Creativity - We keep X weird. We inspire each other to create and explore our hidden potential. We draw inspiration from unexpected places and apply insights from disparate fields. We’re not afraid of sounding stupid, and we are always inviting people in to join us as we solve problems. We find opportunities for play and keep a sense of humor.


At X, we believe that brilliance can be found anywhere in anyone. As such, we are committed to having every person who works at X and every person who is promoted at X know with absolute confidence that they have their position because of their abilities and their potential. Full stop. To that end, we will make sure Xers know how diverse our workforce is and how fast it is improving, but we will not set goals like diversity quotas that can undermine the clarity that each Xer deserves their position. We deeply believe that a highly diverse workforce will ultimately be more creative, be more insightful, build products and services that more successfully solve real world problems, be more fun and more engaging as a place to work, and will produce more long-term value for the company.

Strengthening our commitment to racial equity and inclusion. Creating meaningful change starts within our own company in which we have started creating a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging for Googlers in general and our Black+ community in particular of anti-racism educational programs that are global in view and able to scale to all Googlers. We have announced several commitments to build sustainable equity for our Black+ community. One of the many areas that we are working to improve is Black+ representation at senior levels and committing to improve leadership representation of underrepresented groups by 30 percent by 2025 as well as address representation challenges and focus on hiring, retention, and promotion at all levels.

We know that some people have a less than equal chance of being found by X and some people have been under invested in before reaching X. We will spend some of our time and money ensuring that the hiring pipeline is as diverse as possible and on making sure that Xers who’ve had stronger headwinds on their way to X get the extra support necessary to give their abilities and their potential an equitable chance to shine.


Not only do we strive to support our Xers with the best benefit experience but we also provide it for their loved ones. Health and wellness is priority and thoughtfully designed to enhance it by offering health and wellness benefits, financial well being support & resources, Flexibility, time off, hybrid work model, family support and care, community and personal development.

We create the space to learn more about the backgrounds and experiences of our colleagues and peers which guide how they think, collaborate and show up every day at X. When difference creates discomfort, we will choose to feel it as creative rather than destructive friction; we will push through it and find ways to communicate and collaborate effectively. When Xers join X, they join an effort to build an environment that is welcoming to all.

We are aiming to hire 30% more underrepresented groups, and there will be a talent liaison within each product and functional area to mentor and retain employees of underrepresented groups. We also want to create products and programs that help Black users in the moments that matter the most. Our product teams will work to ensure that all users, and particularly Black users, see themselves reflected in our products.


  1. Recruiter screen
  2. 1st interview with hiring manager
  3. 2nd interview, screen onsite


Health and wellness & Keeping Googlers healthy is our priority.

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents

  • Employee assistance programs focused on mental health

  • Workplace accommodations for physical or mental health concerns

  • Onsite wellness centers

  • Access to mental health apps

  • Second medical opinion for you and your loved ones

  • Medical advocacy program for transgender employees

  • Financial wellbeing

  • Providing compensation and programs that give our employees financial peace of mind.

  • Competitive compensation

  • Regular bonus and equity refresh opportunities

  • Generous 401(k) and regional retirement plans

  • Annual cross-company pay equity analysis and adjustments

  • Student loan reimbursement

  • 1-on-1 financial coaching

  • Flexibility and time off

  • The time you need to recharge, and the flexibility to get your best work done.

  • Paid time off, including vacation, bereavement, jury duty, sick leave, parental leave, disability, holidays, and global reset/wellbeing days

  • Hybrid work model — two work from home days each week for most roles

  • Remote work opportunities available

  • Four “work from anywhere” weeks per year

  • Part-time work and job-sharing options

  • Family support and care
    -How we support your loved ones.
    -Fertility and growing family support
    -Parental leave and baby bonding leave
    -Caregiver leave
    -Backup childcare

  • Survivor income benefit

  • Community and personal development

  • Providing room and opportunities to grow — on your own and with your teammates.

  • Educational reimbursement

  • Googler-to-Googler peer learning and coaching platform

  • Donation matching and time off to volunteer

  • Employee resource groups for underrepresented employees and their allies

  • Internal Googler community groups and local culture clubs

    Googley extras

  • Programming, spaces, and resources to support your growth, productivity, and wellbeing.

  • Inspiring spaces to work, recharge, and collaborate with fellow Googlers

  • Top technology, including internet reimbursement and company-paid mobile phone

  • On-site meals and snacks

  • Fitness centers, massage programs, and ergonomic support

  • At-home fitness, wellbeing, and cooking classes

  • Art programs, Talks @ Google, legal services… and of course, Dooglers

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