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Work & Co defines and launches digital products and services that transform companies. We’re a go-to partner for IKEA, Google, Apple, Mercedes, Vistaprint, MTA, Planned Parenthood, Gatorade, and more. Fast Company has named Work & Co to its World’s Most Innovative Companies list and has noted that our engineering and design teams are routinely entrusted with creating digital products for companies that rarely approach outside firms.

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Work & Co was founded to create digital experiences that improve people’s days — the kinds of products and services people voluntarily use and come back to again and again.

Our track record of shipping hundreds of products across retail, fintech, healthcare, consumer-packaged goods, nonprofit, and early-stage companies means that we not only know how to consistently bring products to market, but also how to conceive new experiences and connect entire product ecosystems in a manner that leads to lasting digital transformation.

Work & Co strives to not only launch discrete products, but to shape the larger business and brand contexts within which they operate. We are purposefully structured like the best product companies—ensuring better collaboration with our client partners and clear outcomes. We believe that project teams should be lean and hands-on to ensure that we can stay focused on designing and developing the best solutions possible. To achieve this, we staff small, senior teams of people who are dedicated to one project at a time.

We’re also different in the way we collaborate with clients. By working iteratively and more informally (think prototypes not presentations), we’re able to deliver work that actually works—visually, strategically, and technically. Lastly, because our process gets work in front of users early, we can test experiences to make sure they resonate.


Work & Co was started for two reasons: to be the world’s top digital product design and development company and to collaborate with incredibly talented people. It’s in our name: “The Work you do, and the Company you keep.”

One of our core values is focus: we’d rather be the experts at a select number of things rather than claim to be a full-service agency and deliver mediocre work. We’re driven by creating high-quality digital experiences that people choose to engage with repeatedly.

Another core value is around fusing the power of design and engineering under a single roof — and while doing so, valuing the different perspectives and backgrounds of our team members. We are committed to respecting and learning from one another.

These values fundamentally influence the way our company is structured and how we approach work. What that looks like in practice:

Hands-On. No middle management, all hands-on team members. We’ve assembled an unprecedented level of talent under one roof and partners are on every project. We’re top-heavy, by design.

Prototypes, not presentations. In our experience, the biggest ideas usually come from hard work during iterative design and development. We are focused on shipping, so our goal is to move to working prototypes and products that get into the hands of users faster.

Fully dedicated teams. While many agencies split team members’ time, our model is based on fully dedicated teams. The same core team that begins an engagement will launch it. We believe a small group of senior people focused entirely on a single client’s business goals is the best way to champion innovation, strategic thinking, and creative excellence.

Active collaboration. We ask our clients to participate directly with us in an intensely collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined team, making things the right way, with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables.

Good products require good development. The best digital products and services are made by designers and engineers working together in the same room. We created Work & Co to offer the benefits of such collaborations at scale.


Digital doesn’t live in a silo and the products we create are made for people around the world. To design and develop products for a global audience, it’s imperative to have a diverse team that is reflective of the range of end-users of our products. Besides the fact that we believe that representation has a clear positive impact on the products we create, it’s also our responsibility to continually improve representation given as we are a trusted partner for many of the world’s most admired brands and organizations.

We are continually thinking about ways we can embrace diversity, be it through our highly international population, support of immigrant communities, and various initiatives to attract and retain diverse talent —across race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, varying educational paths, and more. Then we aim to ultimately mentor and grow talent into more senior roles.

We practice through listening and through action. In 2021, we worked with an external consultant to help audit, assess, and set off on a long-term journey to help us stay committed and continually look for ways to improve our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Through that process we identified a series of focus areas across three pillars:

People - Prioritizing diversity in recruiting and hiring to create a more enriching working experience and make products more relevant for users. Representation is critical so we can ensure everyone can see and connect with others from their identity group.

Our actions include: Partnerships with organizations and job boards representing a variety of identities and intentional outreach to new networks.

Experience - We’re here to help everyone do the best work of their lives, while ensuring they have access to the support needed to thrive and grow in their careers. We compete with the industry, but we collaborate with each other internally. Inclusivity is vital to team collaboration and the company’s success.

Our actions include: Balanced interviews, DEI talks and training around accessibility, anti-bias and privilege, active bystander training, and more.

Industry - DEI criteria is factored into proactive client outreach; great partners tend to share our values. We reflect DEI best practices in our products and services. We are committed to continuous education and action to raise the bar for the broader industry.

Our actions include: doing pro-bono work through our Fund, auditing vendor diversity, signing petitions.


Employees bring a broad spectrum of backgrounds that translate into richer working experiences as well as groundbreaking digital solutions.


Because we seek a well-rounded profile in all of our candidates, the application process is a vital touchpoint for Work & Co. Our job descriptions outwardly state our focus on inclusivity to attract experienced and diverse talent. We have made sure to value considering a range of possible future team members from different or untraditional education backgrounds, including self-taught talent and career-switchers. We also tested several models for candidate interviews before arriving at our Balanced Review process. In the Balanced Review, candidates speak with a diverse group of team members across functional teams to evaluate a variety of skill sets. Like other companies in the technology space, we’ve put special emphasis on increasing our company’s gender diversity. By including interviewers of various genders in all of our candidates’ reviews, we got better feedback on how the candidates performed in regards to qualities like emotional intelligence and communication in addition to technical skills. Candidates can also see firsthand potential future career paths into senior roles for themselves. As many candidates also learn, we are willing to sponsor visas across levels.


We intentionally share pronouns when new hires are introduced to the company. We discuss accurate name pronunciation and provide an overview of DEI Resources (ERG information, policies, etc) during onboarding.


Captioning and language translation for events. Mentorship and buddies (facilitating coffee chats with someone from a different discipline). Lunches (everyone sitting together regardless of level, building relationships)

While we don't have it all figured out, our acknowledgment that we don't pushes us to continually test, tweak, and update our approach to talent acquisition as well as talent management. We find it exciting to build on and improve our approaches rather than remaining rigid. As with any of Work & Co's products, our policies are built to evolve and scale as our company grows.


Creating safe spaces is an ongoing priority. We work on it at a macro level —through resources provided to all employees— as well as on a more individual level with tailored one-on-one conversations with mentors.

We are mindful in planning teams that are diverse across gender representation, race and ethnicity, and nationality to bring diverse perspectives to every project at Work & Co. We encourage our employees to continuously have constructive conversations about DEI, this includes dedicated channels for teams to discuss Diversity, Activism, and for our dedicated ERGs. individual contributions to inclusivity are included as part of 360 feedback for reviews.

All employees are invited to a series of anti-bias, microaggression, and psychological safety trainings each year. To embed inclusive thinking into the products we create, we have hosted trainings in the past year on topics such as accessibility, AI/ML best practices, and feedback training.

Work & Co also sponsors (time and investment) employee participation in external diversity and inclusion conferences, such as the AIGA Gender Equity in Design full-day workshop. At least four times a year as part of our Q&A series, we invite an expert representing various aspects of diversity in their field (such as gender, ethnicity, cultural background) to speak to our employees. When we are asked to speak at industry events, we always inquire about the diversity of speakers and advocate for more inclusive representation at events.

In addition to formal training, we foster a supportive culture around diversity and inclusion. This ranges from time off to participate in organizations committed to increasing diversity in the creative and technology sectors and open discussions between all staff on how we can improve our own practices as well as bring awareness to the industry.

Also critical is having a voice and team members have the ability to gather in groups: our ERGs create safe spaces for different identities to learn from one another. At the individual level, we welcome anyone across the company to reach out and ask questions of any managing director or partner (there are more than 25).


We believe that balance is critical and people can only be their best selves at work if they can have larger lives outside of work as well.

A few things we do include:

  • From day one Work & Co has never had timesheets but we continually focus on ways to enable flexible working arrangements built on trust. In the wake of the global pandemic, Work & Co rolled out our flexible office policy to offer access to studio spaces with purpose. Teams determine their timing for when to come into the office for key team meetings, working sessions, mentor/mentee meetings, and social gatherings. The goal is to enable human connection for team members without mandating specific or required numbers of days in our office, thus better enabling each individual to gain more flexibility over their personal schedules.
  • WFH setup stipend. Every team member gets $1,000 to ensure their workspace is better tailored to their needs through equipment and ergonomics.
    Individualized growth. Every person in the company gets a dedicated mentor to help support their career development and meet for routine check-ins to discuss how their projects are going and how they can gain the support they need.
  • Mental health benefits and sessions with a sleep expert and wellness expert.
  • Everyone gets a $250 learning stipend towards books, courses, and other materials to further their education and self growth.
  • As a digital product company, we value the need for offline time to recharge. In the summer we end the week early with Summer Fridays. We also encourage that not all calls are Zoom calls and many teams have low-or-no meeting days during the week. At the end of the year, we do a holiday closure for the week so everyone can unplug together.


Eight years ago, Work & Co was set up to bring together strategy, design, and technology under a single roof — and launch digital products and services people around the world love to use every day. As a newer company, we shoulder the responsibility for evolving upon and fixing old constructs. Like many of our clients and the industry, Work & Co is challenging ourselves to be better. To hold ourselves accountable. We have a lot of work to do on our journey but a few examples of our actions are as follows:

  • Signed on to amicus briefs and a Supreme Court lawsuit fighting for immigration rights.
  • Offering $1 million in pro-bono design and technology support over 3 years to racial justice organizations — specifically those dedicated to voting issues and economic empowerment in the Black community.
  • A $25,000 donation to organizations in support of Black lives, chosen by our employees, in addition to an earlier donation this year to Black Girls Code.
  • Donated $10K to DACA relief.
  • Juneteenth is a holiday, as is Election Day
  • Joined Potential Energy Coalition to combat climate change.
  • Launched a digital tool for Planned Parenthood that keeps tabs on policy changes around healthcare and reproductive rights.
  • Launched a chat-based app for Planned Parenthood aimed at educating at-risk teenagers about body development and sexual health.
  • Started a partnership program with Brooklyn STEM high school MESA.
  • Sponsoring Lesbians Who Tech.
  • Member of Pledge Parental Leave, a non-profit initiative to raise the bar in the creative industry for parental leave, committing resources to support the initiative through outbound recruiting and marketing for the non-profit.


  1. Application Review - Recruiter Reviews Resume
  2. Phone Screen with Recruiter
  3. Coding/QA Test or Code Sample Request (Optional)
  4. Phone screen with 1 Lead or Director
  5. Face to Face interview with 2 Lead or Director
  6. Cross-Functional Interview - (Includes a Designer, PM), and 1 Partner
  7. Offer🎉


  • 20 vacation days on top of office holiday closures (including 1 week at the end of each year when all Work & Co offices globally are closed)
  • Aetna Health Insurance (we pay 100% of employee premiums and 70% of partner/dependent/spouse premiums)
  • Guardian Dental and Vision Insurance (we pay 100% of employee and 70% partner/dependent/spouse premiums)
  • 401k with a 3% non-elective match (meaning, Work & Co contributes the equivalent of 3% of your salary to your account starting the first of the quarter following your first day)
  • Parental leave-- 18 weeks paid leave for primary caregivers and 6 weeks paid leave for secondary caregivers. Parents can take up to 6 months of leave and we will hold their job. Parental leave can be taken in one or two parts.
  • Ramp-up return to work. After parental leave, employees have the option to return to work for up to 3 months at a 4 day week for 80% of pay.
  • Access to mental health support to promote wellbeing of our employees. Employees have unlimited access to text-based coaching and self-care resources and up to 12 video-based therapy or psychiatry sessions each year for themselves and their family members.
  • FSA and Commuter benefits allow you to set-aside money pretax.
  • Additional perks, including 2:00 PM close on summer Fridays, lunch provided a few days a week at the office, etc.
  • $1,000 stipend for home office supplies.

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