Wistia is a small, people-first, Cambridge, MA based company working to make business more human with video.

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Social Media Manager

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Wistia makes it super easy to manage and share video content, but more importantly we do so in a way that gives our customers complete control over their viewer experience. We don't impose irrelevant ads, we don't draw attention into our own platform, and we don't own our customers' data.

We are paving the way for a new kind of video marketing (we call it Brand Affinity Marketing). We're building tools that help small to medium sized businesses build affinity for their brand by leveraging original shows and documentaries the way large brands do.


Creativity, Simplicity, Presentation, and Long Term Thinking. These values drive every decision we make in our pursuit to delight customers and each other as a team, and to build a healthy business long term. We're not a team who is averse to testing ideas or making long-term bets, and we intentionally leave room for creativity and putting our people first.


Diversity is the plurality of ideas and experiences within a team. It's critical to a group's creativity, a core value of ours, and achieving it is a pursuit without end. We commit to actively seeking and celebrating difference on our team.

Equity manifests in fair and equal compensation, benefits, and access to opportunity. It is not only the right thing to do on the individual level to strive for equity, it is also critical for the health and growth of a team that total rewards and opportunity are accessible to all on the basis of merit and achievement and that "merit" and "achievement" as terms themselves are defined in a way that excludes natural human bias.

Inclusivity is the freedom to contribute and the sense of belonging experienced by each individual on the team. Without inclusivity, diversity has no benefit to any individual or team as a whole. Therefore it is at the core of unlocking the rich, meaningful work and growth as a team that comes from diversity.

We approach inclusivity as students in that we acknowledge there is no standard or benchmark to "roll out." We strive to keep inclusion central to our ways of working across the business from meeting facilitation, to feedback and reviews, to employee led groups, ERG's and other opportunities to share and be involved as a team.

We are committed to actively seeking and celebrating difference on our team, and to building an inclusive, equitable environment in which everyone can thrive. We believe it is our role not only to impact diversity & inclusion on our team, but also to strive to impact our community as well.


"Stay Weird" was the phrase painted in bold across our main collab space in our last headquarters. We encourage individuality and bringing your full self to work, our hilarious and entertaining all-hands meetings are usually evidence of that. But we also emphasize the opt-in nature of our fun/creative culture. Folks who prefer to keep to themselves add value too and they shouldn't feel bad for working however they are most comfortable. Sometimes it's just as great to watch the fun from a distance.


Especially during this traumatic year, our Founders Chris and Brendan have been incredibly consistent and intentional about reminding folks that it's okay to not be as productive as we were last year. That these are unprecedented times and that we want to look back on this year knowing we took care of each other. Wistian's are encouraged to consistently prioritize family and mental health, and to utilize our unlimited, untracked PTO policy to take some time even if there is nowhere to go.


Generally the interview process consists of a recruiter phone conversation followed by a Zoom introduction to the hiring manager and 2-3 other Wistian's. Most processes will end with a project/presentation followed by an introduction to a director or VP over the team.


  • 100% Healthcare premiums covered for employee AND all their dependents.
  • Unlimited, untracked PTO policy (Wistian's typically take 3-5 weeks off annually).
  • 3% 401K contribution, regardless of employee's participation.
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave for all parents (primary and secondary).
  • Learning and development budget.
  • Fully paid commuting expenses when we're back in the office.
  • And so much more!

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