Our goal is to help the Life Sciences industry in its mission to extend and improve life by providing products, data, and services that help our customers be more productive, efficient and innovative.

Our products and offerings have allowed companies to move from legacy and even paper-based solutions into digital platforms and more open offerings. Through our solutions, we are helping Life Sciences companies provide more equity in care, be more efficient in their processes and innovate more quickly to get the right treatments to patients.

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Our core values are:

  • Do The Right Thing
  • Customer Success
  • Employee Success
  • Speed

Doing the right thing means we are concerned about more than just financial success and return to shareholders. We also have a responsibility to our customers, employees, and society. As a company, we strive to be a good corporate citizen and a positive force in the business community and the communities we serve.

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Diversity is about celebrating the many lived experiences and backgrounds that make up our teams. There are many aspects of diversity. We aim to grow teams that allow each of us to bring forth our unique perspectives, ideas, experiences, and contributions. It enables us to grow stronger, be more innovative and be a more interesting place to work. We love to celebrate our differences. It brings us together and allows us to find common ground.

Equity is about understanding that the world we work and live in is not a level playing field. Work is required to ensure that our team members are treated fairly and have equitable access to resources and opportunities. It’s about identifying systems, processes, and norms that may be in the way of our team members thriving and growing within our organization. It’s about creating an environment where we can all do our best work.

Inclusivity is about trust. We want our team members to feel a strong sense of safety and belonging within our walls. We do so by emphasizing the need to respect each individual and interact in a way that makes us all feel comfortable. Our core operating principles focus on trusting and empowering our people. When you trust your teams, you empower them to be their whole selves. This creates an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive. Inclusive teams perform best and are more engaged. Fostering trust and inclusion are critical to our success and maintaining a culture that is true to our core values.

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At Veeva, we are committed to our culture of doing the right thing and fostering trust and belonging. Our people and their commitment to our values are what make Veeva a special place to work. We emphasize the need to live out our values in our team interactions and within the industry we serve. Our focus on doing the right thing and employee success guide us in fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up, sharing their ideas and contributing in their own way.

Veeva is also a work anywhere company. Our team members can decide whether they work in an office, from home, or another remote location. Work anywhere allows our team members to determine where they feel most comfortable working and being productive. That is one example of how Veeva empowers its team members to curate their work experience.

Employee health and wellness are essential to the workplace experience. Veeva supports our people through our fitness and wellness benefit programs. Veeva also hosts fitness and wellness initiatives at our offices and team gatherings.

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We challenge ourselves daily to do better with recruiting to ensure a diverse mix of talented professionals are aware of Veeva, our opportunities, and our culture. We know that it is not enough to simply promote ourselves on the usual platforms leveraging traditional tactics. We need to do more.That is why we’re focused on identifying organizations and institutions that center underrepresented communities that we can partner with to ensure we are engaging talent from different backgrounds and identities. We are examining our hiring practices to identify areas of improvement to minimize opportunities for bias and inequity. As we grow, we also know that it is important to lean into our culture of inclusion and promote it more heavily to preserve the elements that allow us to remain true to our core values.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we have also committed to creating high-quality employment opportunities in the communities we serve. We are doing this by committing to our goal of growing our company to 10,000 employees by 2025.

Veeva has also joined the fight to eliminate the use of non-compete agreements in the U.S. by 2030. Our long-held belief is that people should have the right to pursue opportunities where they wish without impediment from their previous employers.

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Typically the interview process starts with a screening call from either the hiring manager or a member of our talent attraction team.

From there we will conduct 3-4 interviews that include:

  1. Going over the candidate’s job history to discuss previous roles and how those experiences have shaped the candidate personally and professionally.
  2. A conversation about Veeva’s culture and values as well as discussing the candidate’s motivation for applying to the role and wanting to work at Veeva. The goal is to get to know the candidate a bit more, provide more insight into our company and figure out if there is alignment in terms of expectations and values between Veeva and the candidate.
  3. A hands-on exercise that is prepared in advance by the candidate and presented to a panel of interviewers.


  • Work Anywhere Policy: you can utilize our office spaces, or work remotely when you need to
  • Flexible PTO
  • Charitable Giving Program
  • Training Development support to empower our team members to chart their own course as they grow their careers
  • Fitness reimbursement programs