The Technology Transformation Services (TTS) mission is to design and deliver a digital government with and for the American public. We primarily serve federal agencies, though we have a small number of state and local government partnerships as well as a handful of programs which directly work with the public. TTS has several offices including 18F, IT Modernization Centers of Excellence, Presidential Innovation Fellows and Solutions. TTS is part of the General Services Administration, a federal government agency.


Inclusion We put people first and celebrate what brings us together and makes each of us unique to meet the public’s needs. Integrity We are present, transparent, and honest to enable accessible and trustworthy innovation. Impact We grow together and create lasting change for the good of the public and public servants.


Our definition: Diversity centers the representation of voices and experiences Our examples: Org-wide and leadership demographics, career progression, and programming TTS plays a key role in developing the government’s digital products and services. It is imperative that the diversity of our team reflects that of our country. Our initiatives to improve diversity internally include:
  • Publishing — and responding to — demographic data on a quarterly basis.
  • Supporting affinity groups.
  • Coordinating with GSA’s Senior Advisor for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.
  • Investing in DEIA with dedicated funding and support ($500k budget allocated as of FY21)
In addition, our Talent team prioritizes diversity and equity in the hiring process. TTS Talent efforts include:
  • Creating fair and equitable interview guides.
  • Training SMEs and interviewers to be fair and equitable and to reduce bias in the process.
  • Leading regular info sessions for candidates that focus on demystifying the federal hiring process.


Our definition: Equity implores us to examine the impacts of the structures and systems that govern our policies, processes, and decision-making Our examples: Special opportunities and awards, promotions and pay, performance reviews Some of our efforts to center equity include:
  • Space and grace: A grassroots effort for mental health and wellbeing at work. This includes flexible work schedules, administrative paid leave, mental health breaks, and intentional tips for balancing the intersection of work and our world.
  • Engage all new employees with a DEIA onboarding class to share resources, guilds, and affinity groups available to foster belonging at TTS.
  • Creating transparency and accountability in career progression and professional development, ensuring that every employee has growth opportunities while they are here.
  • Strengthen supervisor knowledge and support: Supervisors desire more time to nurture and grow direct reports, as well as resources for courageous conversations and conflict resolution. The Diversity Guild offers DEIA programming during monthly all-supervisors meetings. Recently, we’ve covered reasonable accommodations, anti-harassment, demystifying HR, and the unique strengths Veterans bring into the workplace.


Our definition: Inclusion and belonging focus on the culture of the workplace environment Our examples: Project design and research, meetings, decision making, team values, Code of Conduct We foster inclusion both internally and externally:
  • We offer the #g-diversity and #g-accessibility Slack channels and weekly office hours for employees to share questions, knowledge, and ideas.
  • TTS affinity groups foster inclusion at work. Our affinity groups are spaces where employees of similar identities come together in community. Affinity groups hold regular meetings for members, but also often host community programming to connect with employees across TTS. One example is Working While Black (WWB) — our affinity group for Black and African American employees — 2021 Black History Month Slack takeover. Each day of Black History Month, a member of WWB highlighted Black and African American innovators, events, and culture.
  • Externally, the content we write and products we build follow our inclusive language guide. This guide outlines principles, resources, and suggestions for talking about diverse groups of people.
  • All TTS supervisors have GSA’s Leveraging Diversity metric as part of their performance plans.


We are an active participant, listener and supporter of our organization’s DEI&A initiatives, guild groups and affinity groups. The importance of DEI&A has always been a part of the federal government, even more most recently with the White House’s executive order. We believe that diversity is vital to a successful organization and that we must reflect the diversity of the public we serve. We also recognize that a diverse workforce is not enough. We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment where we celebrate what brings us together and makes us unique. To that end, we believe DEIA is a people-centric, collective effort and that one employee is enough to merit change.


  1. Generally our first round is a 30-60 minute introductory screen with a member of the hiring team.
  2. Candidates who move past the introductory screen will then be scheduled for a round of team interviews. These interviews are usually 3-5 hours in total, ideally back to back. In terms of format, most of our interviews are behavioral in style, although technical roles may also involve a code review or pairing interview. We will always notify you ahead of time if this is something you need to prepare for.
* We typically use Google Meet if we need to do remote interviews – if you are not comfortable or familiar with using Google Meet let your recruiter know and they will be happy to set up a test chat with you prior to your interviews! Some candidates have found these tips helpful for interviewing remotely. We realize video chats aren’t an option for everyone, so we are also happy to work with a candidate’s individual needs to ensure they have a good interviewing experience and can use their preferred method of communication.


In addition to joining a passionate, nationwide team, there are many other benefits and perks associated with joining TTS.
  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • FSA accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Paid leave
  • Thrift Savings Plan (the government version of a 401K) with up to five percent matching.
  • Our telework policy affords increased flexibility, and employees who use public transit to commute may access commuter benefits.
TTS also supports employees’ ongoing professional development by providing training opportunities and encouraging employees to participate in conferences, training, and other industry events. The TTS Handbook includes: