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Trivium Interactive tells stories through media-based experiences. We design, develop, and produce interactive and immersive installations for museums, visitor centers, brand centers, and other corporate clients. We create something new for every client, no two projects are the same!

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Interactive Developer

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Creative Technologist

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We take complex topics and interpret them in a way that speaks to visitors. Interactive and immersive media are the tools we use. We engage visitors of all ages from the very youngest early learners to adults. We work primarily in the non profit and cultural sector. A large portion of our clients are museums, visitor centers, or other cultural institutions such as nature centers, zoos, aquaria, children's museums etc. We also collaborate with universities and colleges, brand or corporate visitor centers, and tradeshows or other temporary experiences.


We believe in transparency and honesty as we have worked places where smoke and mirrors ran the show. We are not clock watchers and know that how people work best is a wide range. We do not believe in having too much hierarchy, are respectful of all of our employees no matter how long they have worked in our industry or with us. And above all, we want to do good work and work with good people.


Diversity for us means that every individual is unique, has a different background, and comes to the table with an experience unlike anyone else's. We welcome diversity in race, gender, culture, religion, socio economic backgrounds, age, sexuality, educational backgrounds, and more. We know that collaborating with people from different backgrounds gives us more creative solutions and allows us to develop the best products or experiences for our clients.

We realize that not everyone has started from the same place and not everyone has had the same opportunities in their life. We want to both recognize that there have been different opportunities available to people in the past and ensure that within Trivium the same opportunities to grow are offered to everyone. (And to work with our employees to identify areas where more support might be needed.) We practice this by often seeking feedback from all of our employees in a number of different ways (direct one on one conversations, polls, anonymous surveys etc) and by ensuring there are safe spaces for employees to both talk amongst themselves and talk with the owners.

Inclusivity means that everyone feels valued and heard. This is important to us both on a person level (in that we feel this is the right way to treat people!) and on an employee level (in that we want all employees at all levels to feel they have a voice and it is important).


We are an open, honest, and transparent office. We encourage employees to come to any of the owners or senior staff members to discuss anything that is bothering them. We offer one on one regular check ins with all our employees where we discuss not just work issues but life issues. We create opportunities for our employees to gather and convene both with and without ownership. We offer paid time off for all major holidays and other lesser known holidays and also encourage employees to take PTO on major religious holidays that may not be in our holiday schedule. We do not allow discrimination against anyone for their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or cultural values, age, etc.


We offer unlimited PTO and encourage our employees to take it! We also add in additional days throughout the calendar year. We encourage social gatherings within the company but are also very flexible with family life outside the company. All three owners have children and other family obligations and realize that people may need to leave early or come in late for any number of reasons. We offer yoga classes (when it is safe) in our office and on the wharf. We encourage the use of the professional development fund to travel for conferences or symposia or classes. We encourage social activism and volunteerism and our employees take regular time off for these purposes.

We realize that the tech industry as a whole needs to create more opportunities for underrepresented people in tech. Our small niche industry needs to do the same. We are actively seeking to create opportunities within our team for underrepresented people as we can then offer our clients a more diverse team to work on their projects.


  1. Zoom interview with 1 or 2 principals and potentially 1 or 2 other senior staff members.
  2. Check references.
  3. Second interview with remaining principal and another staff member. (Depends on position)
  4. Offer!📜


We offer unlimited PTO and 7 sick days a year. (They do not carry over.)

Health insurance subsidized by the company (60%) as well as vision and dental insurance that the company does not subsidize.

Flexible work schedules to account for work/life balance and are open to employees working from home for part of the week.

Access to a pool in the summer (for an additional fee) and have negotiated a reduced rate with the local gym across the street for our employees.

Yoga once a week when it is safe to have it.

Annual professional development stipend.

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