Our tech platform makes clinical trials radically more efficient, so we can bring new treatments to patients faster.

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Today, a clinical trial for a single medicine can cost billions of dollars. Often, this means pharmaceutical companies will only develop new drugs they project will yield the same amount or more in sales. This means that there is currently a backlog of lifesaving, game-changing treatments that could make a real difference for patients. TrialSpark builds technology to reduce the cost & time of a clinical trial in order to unlock drugs that are collecting dust on the proverbial shelf, so they can be accessed by patients faster.


Think in first principles.
Reason using first principles rather than by analogy. Reduce processes down to its simplest building blocks and reconstruct upwards. Always look for ways to improve processes. Liberate yourself from the weight of the status quo.

Deliver care.
Empathize with those around you. Always look for ways to serve your colleagues. Care about problems that your customers face.

Be a scientist.
Test things, be empirical, and data-driven. State assumptions clearly. Communicate with precision. Interrogate the expected value of decisions.

Champion the mission.
Be a caretaker of the mission-- β€œto bring medical treatments to patients
faster and more efficiently.”


TrialSpark believes diversity results in better solutions. Our company defines diversity as the presence of differences that may include race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical resources. To ensure we are building a diverse workforce, TrialSpark's recruiting team, hiring managers and leadership are held to pipeline representation goals for Black and LatinX candidates which has historically been under-represented at the company.

Our company defines equity as the promotion of justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures and processes. A focus on equity is important to ensure that certain groups don't have unfair access to resources and opportunities. An example of how we've practiced this recently is our revision of our interview process and systematic retraining of all employees to ensure all candidates are evaluated fairly and consistently, regardless of role or background.

We define inclusion as an outcome to ensure those that are from under-represented and historically excluded groups actually feel and/or are welcomed. To educate our team and dismantle biases that could lead to an unsafe environment for some, we have invested in significant and ongoing bias and social justice trainings with special curriculum for executives, managers and individual contributors.


✨ Discuss and center on DEI as often as possible - not just making it a topic that is discussed once a year or during periods of national unrest.

✨ Ensure all employees have the tools to advocate for themselves, and a solid understanding of formal processes (promotion, HR, etc).

✨ Establishment of ERGs (employee resource groups) that allow safe spaces for those who need them.


Often, our C-suite leads by example in this regard. It's not uncommon for our CEO to share a vulnerable anecdote, acknowledge stress/burnout, and encourage employees to unplug or spend time with family.
It's a startup, so some periods can be more intense than others. To reward hard work or sustain us through these periods, we've been known to host happy hours, surprise employees with gifts or credits - and when that's not enough - close the office for a long weekend so folks can get the rest they need.


At TrialSpark, we have a unique opportunity to build a team that reflects the patients we serve. Lack of representation and a history of racial violence in clinical trials means that it is critically important that we serve a diverse population of patients, and therefore have a company makeup that mirrors our patients. With the understanding that this will be critical to the achievement of our mission, we are committed to building an environment, processes and team that are not just inclusive, but also allow for historically excluded voices to be elevated.


  1. 20-30 minute preliminary interview with recruiter
  2. 45 minute technical screen - (20 minutes introductions/talk about a recent project; 20-25 minutes pair programming in the language of your choice)
  3. 3 hour onsite interview (includes 3x tech interviews + one behavioral interview)


✨ Unlimited PTO

✨ Medical/Dental/Vision (variety of plans, some with premiums as low as $4)

✨ When we're not working from home, we have a beautiful office in Manhattan with snacks, a roof terrace and catered lunch on Fridays.

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