Who We Are 📖

Threadable is a passionate team of former academics and tech enthusiasts who won’t shut up about a good book. We are on a mission to transform books into dynamic spaces for conversation. We lower the volume on the internet, so you and your friends have a more intimate digital space to read and discuss together. The big social media platforms are great for hot takes and status updates, but they were not built to facilitate meaningful discussion. By anchoring conversations in the pages of books, Threadable lets readers and experts come together to make connections between books and the world.

Our Values 👩🏽‍🏫

At Threadable, we celebrate hard work and dedication as the cornerstones of our success, as we believe in the power of perseverance and commitment to achieve our goals. We cherish openness and friendliness, fostering an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Empathy and compassion are integral to our ethos, as we understand that every member of our team is an individual with unique needs and experiences. Most importantly, we embrace the spirit of fun, recognizing that a joyful and creative atmosphere not only enhances productivity but also makes our journey together truly enjoyable.

DE&I 🌎

As a thriving startup, we are passionate about building a culture rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since our early days, we’re committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees to learn, grow, and succeed. Our inclusive environment encourages open dialogue, ensuring every voice is heard and valued. Embracing diversity isn’t just a goal for us; it’s at the heart of our identity, fueling innovation and creativity as we grow together.

How We Support You 🤲🏽

We want to create an environment where all employees feel safe and supported. We foster a culture of mutual support by encouraging open communication, mentorship, and resources to help you thrive personally and professionally. Our open-door policy and bi-weekly town hall meetings encourage employees to voice concerns and seek help when needed. At Threadable, we actively nurture a sense of ownership over the product and business. We encourage innovative thinking and empower you to take initiative in your work. Team members are encouraged to contribute their ideas and insights, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels a deep sense of pride and responsibility for the product’s success.

Our Interview Process👨🏻‍💻

We acknowledge the challenges posed by onerous and lengthy interview processes and are committed to being as efficient as possible and respectful of your time. If we decide to move forward after you apply, there will be a short 15-30 min. phone screen. This is an opportunity for us to ask you some questions and get to know you a little more. After that, we’ll send you information about a small design problem we’re working through to be discussed at our longer 45-60 min. group interview. This is an opportunity for you to see what it’s like working with us and for us to learn more about how you approach and think about a problem.

Why You Should Work At Threadable 🤩

  • Base compensation of $150-180k (dependent on location and commensurate with experience).
  • Individual health, dental & vision benefits.
  • Employer-matched Simple IRA plan.
  • Flexible time-off policy.
  • Ownership over the product.
  • Coolest “water cooler” chat: as former academics, we enjoy having ongoing open and respectful conversations about a wide range of topics, including technology, A.I., finance, political economy, language, and history. We love to hear what each of us is currently reading, watching, and nerding out on.
  • You will be able to work remotely from anywhere in the U.S. Our founding team is spread out across the country. We are in Boston, Chicago, L.A, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Occasional in-person meet-ups may be planned as needed.
  • Work-from-home budget for you to set up your space as needed.

Not sure if you check all the boxes? We’re looking for smart, motivated, and talented individuals who love a good book; if that’s you, please apply, and we can help figure it out together.

We value a multitude of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives that a truly diverse workforce brings. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or protected veteran status.