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ROI Solutions

Our clients are changing the world. ROI Solutions provides technology solutions and a best-in-class CRM to empower the progressive nonprofit community to achieve their missions.

Open roles at ROI Solutions : 2

Database Administrator II (AWS)

Boston, MA or remote optional

Full Time


Software Developer 2

Boston, MA or remote optional

Full Time



ROI Solutions was founded over 20 years ago with the goal of helping nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. Since then, we have grown and evolved, adding talented individuals to our staff, and providing the technology and support to our client organizations.

What makes us different? At ROI Solutions, we see ourselves as partners to our clients in their effort to make the world a better place. Our clients focus on issues that matter: Animal Rights, Civil Rights, Environmental Issues, Equality, Gun Control, Human Rights, Health Care, Legal ethics, and Religious Freedom. We are dedicated to their success, and to ensuring that they can make the biggest impact possible.

Our passion for our clients’ work translates to a special company culture. We continually strive to be the embodiment of the world we want it to be. We are driven by our clients’ success; we hold high regard for people who produce results; we emphasize teamwork and collaboration; and, we are continually learning. These values make for a highly creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial organization.


We have a dedicated, smart, friendly team focused on top-notch technology and services and a best in class CRM Solution, Revolution Online, that is a core enterprise business solution at our client organizations. Our clients and the ever-changing technology landscape inspire and inform constant evolution and innovation in our technical solutions. If you are interested in joining a talented team where you’ll never be bored and have opportunity to make a real difference, this is the place for you.

ROI Solutions offers something unique to nonprofit organizations - a complete dedication to their missions, and an enthusiasm to partner with them. We make an impact in the nonprofit industry by providing high-quality data management solutions, and by treating organizations not as customers, but as partners.


ROI Solutions is committed to fostering a positive, productive and professional workplace environment that allows us to prioritize our clients’ missions and the well-being of our staff. We see ourselves as our clients’ partners in the important work they are doing every day, and we are dedicated to supporting them. Because of this, we place a high value on excellence – on committing to a task and going above and beyond to fulfill our client needs.

We are a collaborative organization that values teamwork, mutual respect, and clear communication to ensure that we are doing the best we can for our partners and for one another. Our product is always evolving to meet client needs, and the sort of out of the box thinking and ingenuity is highly valued as we all strive to learn and improve. As we help our client partners, we are also committed to fostering a healthy and respectful corporate culture. Both internally, and when interacting with clients and vendors, ethical conduct and mutual respect are mandatory.

We value the range of perspectives that we hear at ROI Solutions and we are dedicated to providing a space where every voice is heard, and every person feels valued and welcome. We are committed to growing and learning, by being more purposeful about diversity in our hiring practices, and more intentional in gathering feedback from our staff to ensure that we are living up to our ideals. We value every staff member, and every member of our community, and we strive to demonstrate that every day.


🤎 Diversity means that everyone comes from a different background, which can take many different forms, some obvious and some less obvious. It means an opportunity to grow, not only professionally, but also personally through interactions with a diverse group of colleagues who each have different perspectives. Diversity takes in each part of a person that makes them unique. It gives us the chance to grow and become better, as people and as a company.

💛 Equity means that everyone has an equal chance for success, even if their background did not provide them with the same opportunities as others. It means supporting staff, so everyone is able to succeed to the best of their ability. When employees feel they are valued and are supported within a company, they will feel more at home, and will be more passionate in their work.

💜 Inclusivity means not feeling the need to hide yourself because you come from a different culture, speak another language, or have different qualities than others. It means being welcomed and valued for the unique things that you bring to the table. When a company is inclusive, people are not judged for these differences, but are welcomed and appreciated for their uniqueness. This allows everyone to grow, learn, and become more invested in their work community.

Each staff member at ROI Solutions brings something unique to the table, and each perspective is valuable. We share ideas openly and are always looking for new approaches to help us learn and grow. Our staff are united around a set of values - we value protecting and promoting the rights of all people, preserving and protecting the environment, protecting animal rights, making this a safe world to live in, giving a voice to the voiceless, a home to the homeless, a meal to those who need it most, promoting health and wellness, and being staunchly against racism, bigotry, and hatred of all forms. We are always trying to improve and to become more inclusive, and we know this can only happen through intentional effort and dedication.


At ROI Solutions, we do not tolerate behavior that is abusive or intolerant, whether that is from one staff member to another, or even coming from outside of the company. All employees know that the door is always open if they have a problem, an issue or if they feel unsafe in any way. We are here to support our staff, to listen to their concerns, and to learn from their unique perspectives. We understand that a commitment to providing safe spaces for employees requires real work, and we are dedicated to doing the best we can for our employees. The range of backgrounds and viewpoints at ROI has made us better and we are always looking for opportunities to learn, grow and evolve to more effectively serve our community.


✔️As ROI Solutions grows, we are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and diverse community. This means reevaluating our policies, both internally and in terms of hiring, to ensure that we are promoting the diversity we believe is necessary at ROI Solutions and in the broader tech industry.
✔️Communication is a fundamental goal at ROI Solutions. As a mid-sized company, leadership is never out of reach, and our managers are always there to connect one-on-one with staff, to hear their concerns and listen to their input. We use the Predictive Index system to help managers learn how to best interact, engage, and communicate with employees to ensure that each staff member at ROI Solutions is heard. Outside of our individual teams, the human resources team offers a safe place for staff to share new ideas, suggestions and concerns.


Our interview process usually involves 3-4 conversations with members of the ROI Solutions team. These participants include staff who are particularly knowledgeable about our application, as well as members of the team with whom you would work most closely. This process allows you to get to know our company, our culture, and our philosophy. We value our applicant’s time and try to find the best fit for every position. This means that the process can look different from person to person based on the position, the applicant’s experience, and the urgency to find the right person for the job.


  • Competitive salaries
  • Generous paid time off
  • Excellent health, dental and eye coverage
  • A 401k plan to help secure your future
  • A range of reimbursement policies to contribute to the well-being of our staff and the missions of our clients. *These include tuition reimbursement so you can learn and grow alongside the company, and a Shelter Pet Reimbursement program to help you bring home an animal companion in need.

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