Since 2011, Remitly has worked daily to remove barriers for immigrants when it comes to sending money home and gaining access to financial services, solve complex and interesting business challenges within the fintech industry, and deliver on our promise of building peace of mind into everything we do.
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Customer centricity We are here to listen to, learn from and serve our customers. Period. Deliver on promises We help our customers deliver on their promises by keeping our promises. We are accountable for our commitments, no matter how small. Hire & develop exceptional people We hire unique and diverse talent who embrace challenges and grow on the job. We coach and invest to help every employee succeed. Act with integrity We have zero tolerance for unethical people, products, practices or partners. Sweat the details We roll up our sleeves and stay connected to the details. We don’t settle for “good enough”. Data driven We attempt to measure everything, then use qualitative and quantitative insights to make better decisions. Bias for action We urgently prioritize and act. A good decision now is better than a great decision later. When necessary, we disagree and commit. Be an owner We think, act and take responsibility beyond our immediate team and role, to benefit our customers, colleagues and the broader business. Aim for the stars We dream big, think long term, and create amazing customer experiences. Continuously improve We are humble, curious and self-driven learners. We work hard to find the “best” way to do something, then keep trying to find an even better way. Don’t be afraid to fail We are purpose-driven and don’t let fear impact our decisions or actions. When experiments fail or we make mistakes, we learn fast, openly share our learnings, and jump right back in. Lead authentically Everyone is a leader. We are open, self-aware, and enthusiastically share knowledge and context to help others succeed. Be an empathetic partner We value positive, long-lasting relationships. We listen and seek to understand, assume positive intent, treat everyone with respect, and advocate as allies for each other. Constructively direct We are clear about our own intent, then give and welcome feedback that’s direct, compassionate, timely and transparent. Joyful We celebrate how lucky we are to serve our customers and mission, to solve fascinating problems, and to work and have fun with talented colleagues.
Remitly team posing for picture in office


To be able to serve millions of customers who send money home to their families in 100+ different countries, requires teams of committed individuals who exemplify a deep level of empathy, genuine curiosity, and varied lived experiences, perspectives and backgrounds so that together, we can appreciate the different ways in which we all present, process, think, and operate. We have a number of programs and practices that help us build multi-cultural competencies such as customer empathy programs, hackathons, learning opportunities including travel to our recipient countries, a scholars program, as well as resources like Crescendo, which provides employees with weekly micro-DEI learning moments through Slack that include insights about different identities, lived experiences and cultures.


Equity is at the core of our DEI first principles. We recognize that much of global structural systems (e.g. policies, practices and programs) are inherently inequitable. So, employees, at all levels, are encouraged to actively participate in continuously improving these structural systems to create more equity for all employees, customers and the immigrant communities we serve all over the world. We also invest in tools and resources that help us identify opportunities for improvement and accountability at Remitly, like our recent partnership with


Equity and inclusion are deeply rooted in our purpose and mission at Remitly. Our focus everyday is to tirelessly deliver for our customers, many of whom have historically been left out of traditional financial systems. Inclusion starts with our cultural values which showcase and celebrate the diverse ways in which we connect and collaborate with teammates to help us better serve our customers.
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Remitly is committed to maintaining a work environment free of inappropriate or unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, marital status, military status or status as an honorably discharged veteran, pregnancy (including a woman’s potential to get pregnant, pregnancy-related conditions, and childbearing), sexual orientation, age (40 and over), national origin, ancestry, citizenship or immigration status, physical, mental, or sensory disability (including the use of a trained dog guide or service animal), HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C status, genetic information, status as an actual or perceived victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, or any other protected class as established by law. In collaboration with employees at varying levels of the organization, including senior leaders and individual contributors, our DEI programs have been from the ground up. We continuously listen to how and what our employees need from us in order to do their best work, and partner to improve our policies and practices and strengthen the sense of belonging within our company culture. We also provide multiple formal and informal ways to provide direct as well as anonymous feedback about employee, customer and other stakeholders experiences, including providing a third-party reporting resource.


Remitly’s leadership supports employee health, happiness, and goals at the company by investing in people, benefits, and tools. A few examples include: (1) unlimited PTO, which is encouraged from the top down, (2) access to a wide-array of health benefits, including mental health resources, and (3) learning opportunities through Udemy courses which help us all develop and further impact company goals. We actively find ways to listen, engage and leverage our influence in the tech industry to drive change, including being an inaugural signatory to the Racial Equity in Tech Pact, led by WTIA as well as lifting the voices of our employees through partnerships with organizations like A Future for Us.
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1. Recruiter phone screen ~ 30 min. 2. Hiring manager phone screen (part technical screen, if applicable) ~ 1 hour 3. Assessment or take home (if applicable) 4. Full “onsite” Zoom or Google Hangouts interview loop (~ 4-5 cross-functional team members). The full loop can be scheduled over multiple days, if needed.


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Medical, Dental, & Vision benefits with HSA and FSA contributions available
  • Family, Medical, and Parental leave
  • Access to Modern Health and additional mental health resources from various providers
  • 401k with company matching
  • Monthly dedicated time for learning and development
  • Annual stipend to promote professional development and continued learning
  • DEI initiatives, programs, and practices + 11 affinity groups
  • Equipment provided (laptop, mouse, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor(s), etc.)
  • Experiential learning through global travel
  • Work-from-home stipend for full-time employees