Recidiviz is a non-profit technology company building common, open-source technical infrastructure to help the criminal justice system reduce incarceration and achieve better outcomes

Open roles at Recidiviz : 3

Implementation Engineer

San Francisco, New York, or Remote


75000 - 95000


Software Engineer - Mid-level or Senior, Frontend or Backend

San Francisco, New York, or Remote in the US


140000 - 160000


Development Manager

San Francisco, New York, or Remote


65000 - 85000



Today, criminal justice data is fragmented and hard to use. Our platform not only links and standardizes data across silos, but exposes it in usable formats to help drive state criminal justice agencies toward real-time, data-informed decision making. Recidiviz helps corrections leaders test what’s working and what’s not—and then do more of what’s working. Our mission is to build healthier, safer communities by improving outcomes for justice-involved individuals.


We are working our hardest on a large, urgent mission, and we all care deeply about the cause. To channel our energy and passion effectively, we keep a few core principles in mind:

Assume good intent
It’s frustrating when something’s dropped, or doesn’t land quite right, but everyone on the team is doing their best. We are all working towards a common goal.

If you find a problem, feel empowered to fix it
As a small team, we must often stretch a little more than usual to try to solve new problems we come across, rather than hoping someone else will get it -- whether it’s a bug in the product or spilled cereal in the office.

Be a person when working with everyone, within or without Recidiviz
At Recidiviz we aim to be humble and kind in all of our interactions, and ensure our interactions with partners are genuine and collaborative. Their problems are all of our problems.

Assess our own efforts honestly and iterate towards self-improvement
Celebrate learning from failure and encourage blameless criticism in the name of collective growth. Set clear action items for improvement and seek opportunities to learn and stretch ourselves.


To ensure that we’re building intentional products, being responsible data stewards, and amplifying the work of others in the reform ecosystem, we are committed to fostering a diverse team that reflects the full scope of the problem we work on. We’re committed to giving our people a workplace that is inclusive and rewarding.

- Our hiring process is spearheaded by our Diverse Hiring Working Group, which helps manage our hiring process and sourcing across all roles
- We consciously build hiring pipelines that will improve our ability to reach candidates of color, formerly incarcerated individuals, and women engineers; we prioritize minority-led businesses when contracting
- All job descriptions are screened for language which may disproportionately reflect one gender over another
- We conduct quarterly diversity audits to review representation on our board and among staff


Criminal justice reform must pay close attention to equity if it hopes to address racial and other disparities in incarceration rates and the downstream effects on criminalized communities, often communities of color.

- Our products highlight racial disparities at every stage of the criminal justice system as an area for investigation and improvement by practitioners
- We set up both success and backstop metrics for each of our products, which help us track impact and monitor for potential unintended consequences
- We work with states to both identify where bias is entering the criminal justice system and to make the findings publicly available
- Our product development and data analysis place equity at the forefront of what we do as part of a program of ethical decision-making practices


People come to Recidiviz to contribute to an urgent mission, and to work alongside incredible coworkers who care as much as they do. Our benefits and programs are designed to create a supportive community where people can grow their skills, grow their responsibility, and grow as people.

- Beyond regular training for implicit bias, we also provide a grounding in the criminal justice system and systemic racism as part of ‘Recidiviz 101’—an internal course for all new hires
- We celebrate June 19th as a staff holiday, supported with suggested readings and discussion groups to better understand our nation’s racial history
- Recidiviz hosts monthly guest lectures from prominent advocates, academics, and practitioners to expand the breadth and depth of our understanding of the issues


We know that safety comes in different forms and from different places for everyone, but we know that an integral component is respect. Our team, all of us, place great care on treating everyone with whom we work with the utmost respect, even and especially when opinions or beliefs may differ. This isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially working in an area we all care so deeply about. But the nature of our work compels us all to put mutual respect into practice, and we take it seriously.

We are also grateful to have a team with incredibly high chemistry and camaraderie. We celebrate one another's accomplishments and dreams, and we share our admiration and affection openly.


Our team has grown rapidly since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic -- this means that much of our team joined during a team when we were fully decentralized and remote. This forced us to focus our efforts to establish the social infrastructure needed to help everyone on the team feel empowered, connected, and heard. This has taken on many forms, only some of which include:

- Demo Days, where everyone is given the opportunity to show off their recent work to their teammates. We cherish our celebratory culture, which really comes together at Demo Day!
- Our speaker series, bringing folks from across the criminal justice reform landscape come talk about their journey and their work.
- Our social calendar, where all are encouraged to add any event that they would like to share with their teammates. Folks have added standing happy hours, standing lunches, regular Codenames matches, cook-alongs, book clubs, and much more.
- "Donut Chats," where every three weeks folks on the team are paired with a few randomly selected teammates to chat about whatever they like.

We know that most everyone who joins Recidiviz will one day move onto the next step in their journey, and we want to make sure we prepare everyone to continue to do great and important things. All of our leadership and management team is focused on the career development of their teammates. People managers are trained to help teammates set goals, track progress, and coach them over the long-term. They are focused on identifying resources and opportunities, and ensuring that each individual's goals align with their work towards the collective mission.

We know that no matter how big and urgent our task may be, everyone at Recidiviz has endeavors, passions, and needs that span well outside of their work. We aim to ensure everyone has enough time and space to pursue their passions through a generous paid time off policy. Importantly, this is an explicit policy of 20 days per year which does not accumulate infinitely, so people do not feel pressured into not taking the PTO that they are granted. This policy also includes a dedicated 3 days of paid volunteering time, which Recidiviz teammates have put towards a variety of causes and organizations, in their local communities and further afield.


Recidiviz teammates have a unique opportunity to rapidly grow their careers in the social impact sphere. Time spent here can prepare you to lead new organizations working towards the public interest, by providing rapid skill growth, leadership opportunity, and exposure to the space.

Because of our small size and speed, there is no shortage of problems to solve, skills to learn, and paths to follow. With many hats comes many opportunities to steer the course of your work how you see fit -- team and role transitions are a normal part of working with Recidiviz. We grow fast and we guide the course of that growth, setting us up for a long-term career of our choosing. Leadership opportunities are also ample, given the scope and ambition of our mission, as well as our desire to grow from within.

Furthermore, our approach to improving American justice systems is unique and has gained a lot of traction in a short period of time. Virtually everyone on the team spends at least some of their working time with representatives of other organizations, whether they are government officials, policymakers, funders, researchers, journalists, or the leaders of other non-profit organizations. Recidiviz teammates develop long-lasting connections and learn how to build relationships and collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.


We know that interviewing is hard, exhausting, and at times frustrating. At Recidiviz, we have a few guiding principles around interviews to try to make the process as painless as possible:

Relevant - no toy problems that ask you to prove you remember bit arithmetic or know how to invert a binary tree on a whiteboard. We ask questions that are tailored to get at specific skill sets that are important for the role.
Normalized - we try our best to remove bias from the process and use objective grading and criteria. In cases where we are interviewing multiple candidates for a limited number of available positions, we attempt to normalize the interview questions (and, if possible, the interviewers themselves) to ensure we get a fair comparison.
Fast - no long, anxiety-ridden waits after interviews to hear what comes next.
Honest - regardless of outcome, we provide honest feedback on your interviews so you can target areas for improvement and understand our thought-process.

While specific content and details may vary among interviews from role to role, the general structure is as follows:
1. A technical "phone" interview: a 30-45 minute phone or video call focused on learning about your ability to translate ideas into workable solutions

2. Optionally, a homework project: a brief at-home project designed to dive deep into particular skills that are crucial to particular roles, when it would be difficult to learn about those skills in a more typical interview environment

3. A panel of 3 technical “on-site” interviews: this will be a series of 3 consecutive video calls, each lasting 45-60 minutes depending on the role. We try to keep the final 5-10 minutes of each interview open for discussion, to get to know each other. The exact content of the interviews varies from role to role, but like the phone interview, these will be designed with a particular skill in mind. The problems tend to be iterative in nature, layering on additional complexity or requirements as we go along to see how your work evolves.

Shortly after your “on-site” interview, all interviewers from both stages will meet with the hiring manager and discuss their feedback. We are looking for a unanimous yes decision in order to extend an offer. In cases where we are interviewing multiple candidates for a limited number of available positions, we may also need to compare multiple successful candidates.

The hiring manager will reach out to you as soon as possible, to provide interview feedback, and let you know whether we would like to extend an offer. This usually happens a day or two after the interview.


  • Full medical, dental, and vision health care plans
  • 401(k) plans with matching
  • 20 days of PTO per year
  • 3 days of paid volunteering time per year
  • Commuter benefits
  • Wellness benefits
  • Snacks and drinks in our offices

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