PathAI’s mission to improve patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology drives our talented, high-performing team to do their best work every day. Our platform offers potential improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning.

Open roles at PathAI : 4

Software Engineer, Full-stack

Boston, MA or Remote


$120,000 - $140,000+


IT Specialist

Boston, MA or Memphis, TN


$50,000 - $65,000


Machine Learning Engineer

Boston, MA or Remote


$140,000 - $150,000+


Senior Product Designer

Boston, MA or Remote


$100,000 - $150,000



PathAI is a technology company focused on improving patient outcomes using AI powered pathology. We develop AI powered applications across a variety of product areas including Drug Development, Clinical Trials, and Clinical Diagnostics. Our MLE team builds complex AI models based on deep learning to analyze high resolution images of tissue. Our Product Engineering team then builds high performance web applications to deploy, schedule, execute, and inspect the results of these models on our browser-based slide viewer, a really neat digital microscope!


PathAI has chosen the following six values because we believe that they encourage our team to do the best work and have the best experience while doing it.

- We put improving patient outcomes at the forefront of everything we do.
- We bring our unique skill-sets together to build solutions with the greatest impact on patients.
- We act with urgency because patients and their families can’t wait.

- We are passionate and approach our work with a sense of ownership.
- We actively seek out diversity in all forms and ensure that everyone is included and treated equitably.
- We expect everyone to contribute, learn and grow.

Trust & Transparency
- We treat everyone with respect and assume positive intent in all interactions.
- We promote flexibility & autonomy, but always show up for our colleagues when they need us.
- We communicate honestly, don’t avoid tough conversations, and always lead with compassion.
- We keep each other in the loop and default to sharing as much information as we can.

- We do what’s needed to get the job done, no matter how big or small the task.
- We seek out and share feedback so that we all grow professionally and personally.
- We’re confident about what we do well and self-aware to know what we don’t do well.
- We admit and own our mistakes openly.

Aspiration for Excellence
- We push to master our skills and aim to be great in everything we do.
- We never settle, remaining open to all possibilities, despite potential obstacles.
- We quickly adapt to changing priorities and pivot to face new challenges head-on.

- We aren’t afraid to take risks and boldly explore new ways of looking at old problems.
- We don’t accept things just “because they’ve always been done that way.”
- We know that the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere at any time.


We believe that diversity is a critical driver of innovation and success. Diversity means providing opportunities for people of all races, ethnicities, and genders as we grow the best team that we can - which we practice by hiring people from a variety of backgrounds across all of our teams, including and especially leadership.

Equity means constantly and consistently analyzing and redistributing power and resources. Equity enables our teammates (and therefore our whole organization) to meet their goals. We practice equity by conducting MEPA (Massachusetts Equal Pay Act) analyses to assess pay by gender across the organization, proactively monitoring data around promotions and performance evaluations to identify organizational trends, and providing everyone access to the tools that they need - such as specialized software or equipment, flexible working hours, or training and development programs.

Inclusivity means that everyone on our team has a comfortable and safe environment where they can do their best work. Our people are our greatest asset - so it’s critical that each and every person feels included and welcomed at PathAI. Inclusivity at PathAI can look like affinity group mentorship programs, trainings, and discussions on reducing bias, and hosting a variety of cultural events.


First and foremost, PathAI creates a safe space by having zero tolerance for racism, sexism, or any discrimination, and we expect all our employees, partners, and clients to uphold behaviors aligned with these expectations. Furthermore, we recognize that DEI work is not “one-and-done” and requires continued engagement from all of us as PathAI continues to grow. We encourage ongoing feedback from the team in order to hold ourselves, each other, and our organization accountable.


Your job is only one part of your life - so while we hope that you’ll love to come to work every day, we believe that strong compensation and benefits packages are key to employee health and happiness. In addition to those packages, we provide perks such as unlimited snacks in the office, fun team building & social events, and monthly health & fitness challenges. All that said, we know that there is always room to improve - so our leadership team is always open to feedback and suggestions whether they’re given directly, through anonymous questions at our monthly meetings, or in our weekly pulse checks about employee satisfaction.


PathAI aims to be a leader in the tech industry by both providing opportunities to underrepresented communities and by providing mentorship opportunities for people in those communities to grow. We’re committed to developing the careers of all our employees, and are particularly passionate about promoting women and people of color. Getting the word out is crucial to success here - which we do by posting on diversity-focused job boards, hosting events for underrepresented communities in tech, and having extensive internship programs that allow diverse populations to grow into full-time roles.


  1. chat with one of our recruiters to learn more about the role & team.

  2. Schedule a technical or behavioral interview with a hiring manager or team member, dependent on the role.

  3. Half day session with technical and behavioral interviews, plus a presentation you’ll prepare on your background and a thorny challenge you’ve faced in your career.

    *All of our interviews are taking place remotely for the time being


Flexible work hours, with work-from-home options available

Three weeks of paid leave per year, an additional two weeks of sick time, plus extended holidays and generous leave

Ten days of 100% subsidized childcare per year

Best-in-class healthcare, vision, and dental insurance plans, with voluntary plans available for dependent care, life, and accident coverage

Commuter benefit available for public transit or parking

Financial support for professional development

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