We are creating a world without limitations. Neurable’s mission is to make technology universally accessible, intuitive, and empowering through advanced applications of neurotechnology. We create neurotechnology to reimagine our relationship with computers, advancing human communication, interaction, and connection.

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Program Manager - Consumer Electronics

Remote - Boston, MA




Neurable’s cutting-edge, easy-to-use devices measure brain activity to generate simple, real-time insights. We’re focused on bringing technology from the lab into the real world, so that neurotechnology is simple and accessible enough to use in your everyday life.

The Neurable team has innovated in the fields of mathematics, materials science, neuroscience, psychology, and more – it's all hands on deck to bring this vision to life, to create the everyday BCI.


We're unabashedly passionate about Neuroscience.
We want to be the company that makes neurotechnology easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Diversity means everyone gets a seat at the table.
We’re a diverse group of science, product, engineering and design experts, on a mission to improve people’s lives.

Equity is important, as it helps establish more of a sense of stability. At Neurable, equity means that everyone receives dinner at the table. We practice inclusivity by ensuring that everyone gets to discuss if they agree with the dinner choice or not. All opinions are respected, and we make decisions as a team. "No jerks"

Neurable promotes a very open workspace for those to discuss new ideas and processes. We promote wellness, and constantly use surveys for feedback and improving. We meet weekly and have a safe space for employees to voice how they feel. Human Resources also has an "open door" policy in the event that you'd like to discuss your feelings and concerns in confidentiality.


Leadership is constantly improving ways that we can best support our employees and promote wellness. We like to do a "feelings check" every Waffle Wednesday with the team. This is an outlet where employees will usually mention if they are happy, tired, overwhelmed, etc.

There are weekly 1:1's with Managers to promote happiness and a great working environment. This is also where you and your Manager will discuss roadblocks that are preventing you from hitting deadlines, and how management can best support you.

We encourage all employees to take the necessary time off that they need for wellness and vacation. Employees have 15 days of paid vacation days per year (pro-rated based on start date) in addition to all federal holidays and company paid holidays during December-January.

All hands on deck! We are very inclusive and consider all opinions when decision making.


  1. Initial phone screen.
  2. Meet with a Manager for an interview.
  3. Meet with the team, and conduct a final interview with the CEO. We will typically make a hiring decision within 3 weeks, to ensure fair hiring across the board.


Competitive salary and equity
*High quality health insurance (100% company paid)
*401(k) with employer matching contributions
*Generous PTO
*Pet friendly office, fun team outings, and homemade waffles every Wednesday!

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