Multiverse is a tech startup building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training, to develop a diverse group of future leaders. We focus on three key areas: measuring potential beyond academics and work experience to recruit apprentices, delivering world-class job-focused training via applied learning programs and helping diverse groups of people build social capital and strong professional networks.

Open roles at Multiverse : 6

Software Engineering Instructor

NYC/ Remote within the US



Data Analytics Instructor

NYC/ Remote within the US



Digital Marketing Instructor

NYC/ Remote within the US



Software Engineer, Apprentice

San Francisco, California



Product Manager

New York



Data Products Owner (North America)

New York




Across the world, work is changing and companies are racing for talented people with digital skills. In the face of global challenges, the university model is broken. We democratize access to the best careers and give a diverse group of people the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.

We support talented individuals from all backgrounds throughout their careers, to develop the critical skills they need to be successful, building the professional ability to act via our world-class curriculum.

We enable companies to attract and invest in diverse talent and give them the skills they need to future-proof their workforce and deliver on their business objectives. All apprentices join our thriving online and IRL community, providing access to socials, sports teams, membership networks, meet-ups, and professional development and learning opportunities.


Our values were co-created by our founding UK team to help that team work and grow together to create a diverse group of future leaders. While we recognize that our values may evolve as we grow our US team, right now we are united and inspired by these powerful values:

We are all owners: We think about the impact of our actions on the team, the company, and our external perception.
Good people win: We believe that respect flows both ways; we are approachable, warm, and responsive.
We put others first: We go above and beyond to create an exceptional service and experience for our users.
We believe in social mobility: Your background should never define your destination.
We are changemakers: We are working to create impact at scale.
Integrity is paramount: We put our apprentices’ success first.
We are honest but kind: Direct feedback delivered with kindness helps others realize their full potential.
We are results-driven: We pursue excellence in everything we do, energizing and inspiring others through the standards we set.

Of course, writing a set of values is not enough. We work hard to embed our values into every part of our work and culture. One way in which we do this is by nominating “Values Champions” and celebrating their embodiment of our values at our weekly All-Hands Team Meetings.


Diversity includes the full spectrum of human difference and is about ensuring organizations are representative of the communities they serve. It is integral to our goal of making apprenticeships accessible to everyone. It is integral to shaping the diverse workforce of the future.

At Multiverse, diversity begins at our first touchpoint with employees and apprentices: recruitment.

As apprenticeship operators, we partner with companies like Facebook, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Verizon, Citi, and Microsoft to provide them with marketing, outreach, early talent acquisition, and upskilling solutions. Our tech platform matches apprentices to roles they will excel in based on competencies and values, which helps us reduce bias and screen for potential.

As an employer, our recruitment strategy includes an in-house apprenticeship program to hire from our diverse talent pool and partnerships with organizations like the Black Tech Pipeline to reach exceptional talent historically excluded from tech.

In both instances, we keep ourselves accountable through rigorous data collection, monitoring, transparency, and insight-informed decision-making.


Equity is about providing individuals with fair access to opportunities and resources by meeting their needs and counteracting systemic barriers. Equity is crucial to achieving our social mission, from how we impact equity of access to our incredible apprenticeships to routes to the boardroom.

As apprenticeship operators, we are leading the way in inclusive hiring and ensuring everybody has the pathway to success. We are building a fair, debt-free alternative to the existing higher education model that failed to provide young people with social mobility. Our program design includes tailored coaching and apprentice support, inclusive curriculums, and community mentorship. Our coaches deliver both critical technical training and help apprentices navigate the socio-emotional journey of building a career. They demystify the professional sphere and hone in on the durable skills (communication, collaboration, problem-solving, managing up, public speaking) that set up new professionals for success.

As an employer, we are building equity through learning and development opportunities that help Black and Brown talent advance their careers. This includes ongoing DEI training for all staff, career development, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


Inclusion is the feeling of belonging within the workplace, creating a culture where individuals feel valued, respected, and encouraged to fully participate. While diversity and equity ensure our workforce grows, inclusion is how we build a culture where everyone can thrive.

We are on an incredible growth trajectory and we are putting inclusion at the heart of our growth. In November 2020, we invested in a long-term, cross-business strategy to embed inclusion into everything we do for our employees and apprentices.

As apprenticeship operators, we leverage community as a tool for building social equity and amplifying diverse voices. Through our community hub, Multiverse’s social networking platform, apprentices can access a powerful network of US and UK peers, as well as inspiring and thought-provoking events and content from ​​amazing guest speakers.

As an employer, we are co-creating a safe culture for employees through shared accountability and celebrating differences. From regular team culture surveys to individual 360° Reviews, we work hard to reduce assumptions and mitigate bias. These tools promote a culture of clarity, transparency, and feedback amongst employees, teams, and managers, and help us tackle issues, together, as they arise. We also celebrate our differences in big and small ways through events and panels during commemorative periods like Black History and Pride Month, giving our employees opportunities to bring their whole selves to work.

As we hire our core US team this year, we are eager to continue building a team that is representative of our apprentices. We are particularly excited for those interested in working directly with apprentices as coaches, instructors, and community managers. As part of our program, we provide extensive training in both teaching and coaching, so we welcome professionals in all of our fields to apply.


Our award-winning Senior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Siobhan Randell, leads our strategy to create an inclusive place to learn, work and grow. This strategy encompasses three pillars: recruitment, learning & development, and culture.

This strategy applies to both Multiverse as an employer and Multiverse as an institution, therefore promoting DEI for every staff member and every apprentice. Some examples of this strategy in action include our ongoing DEI staff training (which takes place during onboarding) and our ability to hire mission-aligned talent who helps us build safe spaces for employees of all backgrounds. We singularly attract talented candidates and apprentices who are passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. What sets the folks we hire or train apart from other candidates is that they are willing to listen, learn, and grow in their understanding of how we can co-create a more equitable classroom and office.


At Multiverse, Founder & CEO Euan says, “we’re driven by a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders. Having a core set of values that guide your direction as a company is critical for delivering positive results and motivating your team.”

Multiverse’s executive and senior leadership understand this and take proactive action to promote employee and apprentice well-being.

As apprenticeship operators, we created a US-UK wellbeing guide for mental health resources, host events discussing subjects like balancing work and managing exam stress and make community a core pillar of the Multiverse experience. We also work hard to make apprentices feel heard and represented through tools like our blog. Check out the ‘My Multiverse’ blog series which shines a light on the diversity of our members and explores some more personal stories.

As an employer, we provide a suite of perks and benefits including health insurance, a generous 20-day vacation policy plus national holidays, and a culture that prioritizes wellbeing. We offer a wealth of resources to support our people’s mental and physical health including special programming, therapy sessions on Spill, and monthly wellness benefits via Joon. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also implemented remote work policies that empower employees to do what is best for their physical and mental health.

As we grow our New York office, Rebecca Agostino, Regional Director of Delivery, North America, leads our US programs and, as such, is responsible for apprentice and coach wellbeing.


In both our hiring and admissions interview processes, we aim to provide candidates with a transparent, feedback-focused interview process so they can focus on showcasing their experience and put their best foot forward.

As apprenticeship operators, our admissions team learns about each candidates’ experience, achievements, and future aspirations via a 1:1 welcome call (and optional weekly FAQ sessions open to all candidates). We then help them create authentic, job-ready profiles and applications, which includes conducting a role-specific phone screen before they progress to interview with potential employers. Then, we coach candidates on the employer’s unique interview process, which may include assessments and motivational and behavioral interviews. If the interviews do not lead to an offer, we share constructive employer feedback so candidates can succeed in their next round of interviews. In short, we demystify the interview process and partner with candidates every step of the way.

As an employer, the first part of our interview process includes two initial interviews and a performance task. The performance task is exactly the same for all candidates to eliminate bias. The best matches then participate in an additional three interviews with the hiring teams. We use a hiring framework that is training and credentials agnostic, focusing instead on behavioral traits measured in the interview. Throughout the interviews, we provide candidates with extensive feedback because we believe hiring isn’t a test, it’s a mutual discovery process. Feedback gives candidates the opportunity to learn as they go and put their best foot forward.

Tech stack:

_As apprentice operators, we provide an 5-week-long bootcamp to prepare apprentices for entry-level jobs as Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Digital Marketers, Business Associates, and People Managers. Our tech stack varies across these specialties. For our most tech-heavy apprenticeship, Software Engineering, we cover Javascript, Jest, Node, Express, SQL/Sequelize, and Handlebars. Post-bootcamp, and over the course of the apprenticeship, we also provide shorter modules including Modern UI Framework (React/Vue.js) Coaches Choose, Cypress, HTTPS, OAuth, JWT, Docker, CircleCI. In addition, and depending on the company, apprentices may also receive on-the-job technical training.

As an employer, our tech stack also varies and spans across each of those apprentice specialties. Our most in-demand technical role at the moment is Software Engineering Instructor. In this role, you would deliver the aforementioned technical curriculum and teach different facets of software engineering such as Object-Oriented Programming, the Software Lifecycle, APIs, and Web Accessibility._


We offer a competitive benefits package including:

  • Ownership in the business through equity options
  • 20 days PTO to ensure you have plenty of time to recharge and stay on top of your game. We will make you take them!
  • Learn from the people who grew four different pre-IPO businesses to multi-billion dollar valuations
  • Be surrounded by smart, driven, and ambitious people who dream big, work hard and have fun
  • Comprehensive insurance plans and 401(k) starting on your first day
  • Be at the heart of a rapidly accelerating business that the leading Silicon Valley VCs are investing in, and be part of the foundational team on the ground in the US

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