With $150 billion in annual media spend managed through our software, we connect brands, agencies, media, technology, and data. Using AI and machine learning technology to control marketing investments and optimize business outcomes, the Mediaocean platform powers campaigns from planning, buying, and selling to analysis, invoices, and payments.

Open roles at Mediaocean : 7

Senior Software Developer

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Seattle, WA | Remote



UX Designer, B2B Software

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Remote



Software Development Manager

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Seattle, WA | Remote



Software Engineer - Back End

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Seattle, WA | Toronto, ON | Remote



Product Manager - Data Visualization

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Seattle, WA | Toronto, CA | Remote



Product Manager - Digital Activation

New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Seattle, WA | Remote



Associate Product Manager

New York, NY




Mediaocean is leading the industry, innovating our solution to stay ahead of consumer and technology changes and adapt to whatever new formats, media, platforms and publishers emerge.
Mediaocean is building the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising. We’re building the tools required to facilitate seamless orchestration of consumer brand experiences.


Delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

Driving innovation.

Being curious and taking initiative.

Diversity, inclusivity, and acting with empathy.

Having balance, purpose, and community.


Diversity is all about bringing different people together. We know it is the richness of our differences, both visible and non-visible, that make each of us unique. When people of different backgrounds and walks of life come together for one common goal, we see amazing things happen! We strive to work towards a more diverse employee population through many intentional practices, a few being employee training, diversity hiring tactics, and partnering with community organizations.

Equity is being seen for who you are. From hiring to retirement, we strive to ensure that our practices and systems are fair, reduce the risks of bias, and are supportive of career aspirations. This is important to us because when there is equity in the workplace, colleagues have no fear to bring their whole selves to work.

Inclusivity is about bringing out the best in all of us. For us, it is an everyday behavior that recognizes, values, and leverages individuals’ uniqueness to drive results. We encourage team members to be curious, to challenge their beliefs, and to be courageous in action.


When it comes to supporting our employees, we ensure that this sentiment starts from the top. We have instituted an internal DEI Advisory board to meet monthly to monitor and review global DEI efforts, decide on policies, evaluates progress, and prioritizes initiatives. This board is comprised of our CEO, President, Chief People Officer, VP of DEI, Talent Acquisition, and Regional Diversity Committee heads. We also have an internal Mentorship program with more than 15% of our employee population participating. We have also committed to developing actionable DEI goals at the Business Unit and Department level for all people managers and individual contributors to ensure that this value is permeating throughout the organization. These goals support hiring metrics, interview processes, and succession planning.

We recognize that not everyone is at the same place on their DEI journey and want to ensure that we are meeting them where they are. In addition to our new employee content, we provide our existing employees with other curriculum designed to increase their cultural competence. The courses are live instructor led courses that address general DEI content as well as function specific skills to foster an inclusive environment. Some of these courses include but are not limited to: Understanding Microaggressions, Building Cultural Competence, Inclusive Leadership, Building Inclusive Teams. All Mediaocean employees are required to complete a minimum of 3 hours of DEI training annually.

We also provide complete access to LinkedIn Learnings library of 10,000+ courses and have curated a playlist of 16 hours' worth of content for our employees to build on their DEI skills in a variety of topic areas. The learning we provide is not only in the form of structured classroom content, we have established a monthly Inspiring Voices Series that features diverse employees sharing their stories and experiences. We feel that the more employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, the more engaged and connected they will feel to the larger Mediaocean community. We also send monthly observance communications to provide awareness globally to some of the culture observances and practices our employees celebrate around the world.


Fostering our culture of “Belonging at Mediaocean” is definitely what we strive to do. We know when employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work, that brings a lot to their health and well-being. Mediaocean leadership supports employee health, happiness, and goals at the company by providing access to an eclectic range of options. Competitive Medical benefits, fitness classes, fitness challenges, and bike sharing memberships ensure employees take care of their physical health. Mental health is supported through our global EAP program, ongoing webinars, and various annual memberships such as Headspace. Our EAP provides resources for employees surrounding a rich variety of topics such as financial, legal, work/life balance.

The value of all employees understanding exactly how they contribute to the success of a company is immeasurable. Achieving this understanding is one of our top priorities. Our organizational purpose (values, mission, and vision) is foundational to our operating structure, priorities, objectives and performance. With a focus on User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX), we have reimagined goal setting, performance management, and rewards and recognition by introducing objectives and key results (OKRs) that start with our company priorities. All employees, from facilities to finance, from product and engineering to customer success, can tie their individual objectives to Mediaocean’s priorities and corporate objectives. Every employee is empowered to recognize peers, managers and teams for exemplifying our values with meaningful rewards. Performance feedback is continuous with quarterly check-ins and 360° input, manager to employee, employee to manager, peer to peer. Teams are functional and crossfunctional, building a sense of collaboration and community that makes us stronger, faster, and smarter.


We are taking a grassroots approach by finding creative ways that we can provide opportunities for those who historically did not have access to opportunities in the tech space. We have strategized and developed goals for diversity hiring and are continuously working to partner with community organizations and groups. We also focus on ensuring our team members consistently feel that they belong.
Our external partnerships have been an integral part of our commitment to DEI. We have invested in key organizations that support the growth and advancement of members of the URM community. Some of these partnerships include: Blacks in Tech, Chicago Scholars, Minds Matter, STEP Up Women’s Network, and several colleges and universities. As part of our partnerships, we participate in events that build Mediaocean’s awareness of the needs of URM communities reflected in our employee population. We have created opportunities and programs to provide visibility for our employees to lead sessions on technology, the industry or other career-based skills. We are providing opportunities for our team members to develop into thought leaders by featuring them in blog posts and our social media profiles. We are developing a community-based incentive program to recognize and incentivize participation across the organization. It is our hope that this will continue to promote awareness in diverse communities. We are also investing in expanding our philanthropic opportunities and initiatives to include more URM communities and are involving more employees globally.


1. Find your fit
2. Apply
3. Complete cognitive and personality assessments
4. HR interview
5. Blind Department Interview(s)
6. Offer Stage


Open PTO

Competitive medical/dental/vision plans

401k with match

Paid maternity and paternity leave

Professional development programming, opportunities for tuition reimbursement, student loan refinancing

Company provided basic life insurance, pet insurance, basic AD&D, STD, LTD, HSA/FSA options

Transit and parking benefits

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