Our mission is to make payments safer and easier for everyone. We started with a consumer product ( that helps people spend more safely using virtual payment cards. Then we launched a simple, modern API to make our payment and card issuing infrastructure available to other startups, fintechs, and brands. Today, that infrastructure is known as Lithic, and it powers billions of dollars in payments for some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Open roles at Lithic : 7

Senior Infrastructure Engineer



$145,000 - $195,000


Senior Backend Engineer



$145,000 - $195,000


Product Manager, API



$150,000 - $180,000


IT Engineer

NYC, NY / Hybrid


$91,508 - $132,000


Solutions Engineer



$135,000 - $165,000


Staff Full Stack Engineer



$166,400 - $230,000


Staff Backend Engineer



$166,400 - $230,000



We make online transactions safer and we provide consumers and companies with access to card issuing capabilities that are normally reserved for legacy financial institutions.

40% of our company is made up of the incredible people who design, build, and maintain our products. Lithic builds tools to make payments safer and easier for everyone. Our modern API powers billions of dollars in payments for some of the most innovative companies in the world, by making our card issuing infrastructure accessible to startups, fintechs, and brands. is our consumer product that helps people spend more safely using virtual payment cards.

Lithic is a remote-first 160+ person company and has a distributed team with an office in New York. That means that if you want to work remotely, you can! If you want to drop by the office or work fully in-person, you can do that, too! We’ve raised $100M+ from top-tier investors including Index, Bessemer, Stripes, and Tusk Venture Partners, with a recent Series C that will help us scale.


Our values are more than just words - we actually live them and hold people accountable to these values. We pride ourselves on being good colleagues. Every Tuesday during our All-Hands we take time to recognize team members when and how they lived our values. We are also launching an awards program centered around the values of Be a good neighbor and Think like an owner!

Be a good neighbor: Being a good colleague is like being a good neighbor. The best neighbors make each other feel welcome, proactively share helpful information, and always endeavor to make things better.

Build a great neighborhood: At the core of a great neighborhood are relationships. By maintaining an accepting and inclusive workplace, we invite new and different ideas to improve our community, our company, and ourselves.

Ask why, learn why: Our impact is greatest when we understand the motivations behind the things we do, and what's possible within the industry.

Empower others: We share our knowledge to build leverage. When we empower others, we boost our collective potential and shorten the distance between ourselves and our goals.

Think like an owner: A company of owners is a company fully committed, where everything has a purpose and nothing is lost to the periphery. Owners recognize that the change required to achieve their goals is designed and built, not preordained.

Do the thing: We have ambitious dreams as a company and we don’t plan to stop pushing the envelope anytime soon. To realize these dreams, we must take necessary actions and sometimes make hard calls.


Diversity at Lithic means we have folks from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds working together to create something awesome, it means we create better products for our customers, and have better discussions. Diversity can mean something different to everyone, but at Lithic, we define diversity in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, veteran status, caregiver status, age, educational background, disability status, and more. In order to live our ‘Build a great neighborhood’ value, we need to continue to build a diverse and inclusive place to work for two reasons 1) it matters and 2) our employees are our most important asset. We run an annual confidential Demographic and Inclusion survey to get a pulse on where we can be doing better in representation and inclusion. Our inclusion questions center around areas of equity, belonging, and safety. The results of this survey help inform the direction of our people programs including training, performance management, and recruitment.

Our recruiters take great care in ensuring we have diverse pipelines for each of our open roles. We partner with organizations like Black Tech Pipeline to increase our candidate reach and ensure we are being intentional in showcasing our jobs. DEI is extremely important at Lithic and we want to ensure we are building representative and inclusive teams where folks feel supported and heard.


Equity means having a fair shot and not being held back because of who you are, what you look like, or where you come from. We set a high standard for our folks here and we have big goals we want to achieve - and to do so we have to set a high standard for everyone and create an environment where people are given the resources and feedback they need to succeed. We want to ensure that everyone here has a chance to grow and develop in their careers, that their managers have the training and ability to provide them with timely and actionable feedback, and that our performance management process doesn’t fall prey to recency bias and favoritism.

In our recruitment process, we run a structured process so that each candidate receives equitable interview experience. We always give our candidates prep materials before live coding challenges so that they understand what is expected of them. We have internal compensation bands for salary and equity to make sure that our folks are paid equitably not only with the market but also internally.


It is important to us that people feel like they belong here; that they feel safe. People shouldn’t feel like if they hold opinions that are different from leadership or the majority that they will be retaliated against or held back. Psychological safety is important at any job but it is especially important when you are working at a start-up that moves quickly. Inclusivity at Lithic means that people feel safe to come to work (virtually and in-person), to disagree, to ask for help, to take risks and learn new things, and safe to be who they are.

Lithic is a remote-first company meaning we support employees who work from home, in-office employees and folks who do both! We want everyone to get a chance to participate, even from their couch! Every month, we bring our folks together for in-person events in our NYC office and via virtual events. We host an in-person company-wide retreat each year where we open the invitation to all Lithic employees and fly them out to our chosen destination for a week of fun, learning, and alignment. It can be hard for folks to travel for a lot of reasons, so our retreats include a virtual component for those who can’t attend.

We grew a lot in 2021 (from 28 - 134!); in an effort to make sure folks are still getting to know each other we partnered with Donut to encourage folks to chat every other week. We also take time during each staff meeting to reintroduce one of our current team members - this way, folks can hear about the cool work everyone is doing and how they impact our goals at Lithic.


Relationships are a major part of our success and growth; relationships with our clients, customers and each other. It is everyone at Lithic’s responsibility to create an inclusive environment, to share information and learnings with each other, and to make our colleagues new or tenured, feel welcome.

A lot of companies during 2020/21 over promised and under delivered. We don’t want to under deliver or fail our people when they need us most. We do our very best to accomplish three things: (1) Ensure our employees have access to the resources they need to be successful, (2) Provide policies that allow them the flexibility they need for their families/sickness/vacation/mental health etc, and (3) Be transparent about company goals and how individual contributions aide in reaching those goals.

Lithic is a growth stage startup that is very much still in the early stages. We can’t promise you all the benefits that a large legacy tech company might but we can promise that you will have a high impact here and that if you work hard there are so many opportunities for growth and recognition. We’ve made sure to put policies and benefits in place to help support our employees while we move at this rapid pace i.e. 12 weeks fully paid caregiver leave, flexible and unlimited PTO, and mental health services.


Intentional access - providing underrepresented voices with access to tech roles by specifically reaching out to them and advertising opportunities that would otherwise get lost in underrepresented networks.

Equitable practices - we have a focus on building compensation structures that enforce equity in pay (cash and equity) across the company and levels for new hires, promotions, and merit increases/bonuses. Maintaining and improving upon our performance management practices that help our managers provide continuous and actionable feedback to help all our folks grow and develop in their roles.


Our engineering interviews typically follow the following pattern - however if there are changes, our recruiters will detail this in the phone screen.

  1. Apply!

  2. Recruiter Phone Screen

  3. Technical Phone Screen with Hiring Manager

  4. Coding Challenges & Culture Add

    • Technical Live Coding Challenge

    • Technical Live System Design Challenge

    • Project Discussion

    • Culture Based Interview with non-Engineer

  5. Offer!🎉


  • Health insurance (HSA plan available) 90% covered for employee and 70% for spouse/dependent coverage

  • 100% covered Vision and Dental Insurance for employees and their families

  • Unlimited PTO

  • 12 weeks fully paid caregiver leave

  • 401(k) match

  • $400 remote work stipend

  • Company equipment provided

  • Fully covered membership to One Medical (dependent on location)

  • 1-year membership to Talkspace

  • Classpass credit

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