Kettle's mission is to balance risk in a changing climate. Kettle uses deep learning and proprietary algorithms to reshape the reinsurance industry and better protect people from the growing risks associated with climate change. Kettle’s first product protects Californians’ businesses, homes, and livelihoods with wildfire reinsurance.

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Senior Data Engineer





You probably have never heard of the $300bn reinsurance industry, but it is the single most important industry in the world to protect ourselves and help society recover from the effects of climate change disasters. This industry is failing due to a 3x increase in $1B+ crises caused by climate change.

Kettle’s aim is to use deep learning to ensure that people’s lives are not destroyed when these events happen. By building the most sophisticated machine learning models to predict when and where wildfires happen, Kettle accurately prices the cost of covering wildfire prone areas in California. We are a machine-learning-powered reinsurer, in that we sell reinsurance to insurers, we don't sell software to reinsurers.


Obsessive Fanatics - We obsess over big problems. We are fanatical about our business/mission. We drive the company towards the areas people describe as ‘impossible to understand or stop’

Initiative - Obsessive people don’t need micromanagement.

Data Focused - With the world burning worse every year, we can’t afford opinions and bias to derail data driven decisions.

Questioning Renegades - We work in a 600 year old industry. If everyone is running one direction, we generally sprint in the other.

Impact Driven - We are a mission driven business

Radical Honesty - We believe feedback is a gift


We are building a team that plans to win the championship. This is a team sport. Let's use soccer as our example. To win the Champions League, you need a great goalie, a great striker, a great full back. Each of these roles have different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different mental and physical models shaped by their upbringing and training that leads them to be excellent at their role. If we had a team of all strikers or all goalies, we could never win the championship. Have a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and experiences leads gives us the most competitive and most resilient team, and the best chance at winning. We respect diversity of experience on our team because we know it's what makes the strongest team.

Equity means treating everyone on the team as owners and essential members of the team. Continuing the analogy above. We don't treat strikers better than defenders because strikers score goals. It takes everyone on the team working together to win the game. We practice this by creating fair and just systems to reduce unconscious biases and hold everyone to the same standards regardless of their backgrounds.

We create a company where every team members' opinions matter, harkening back to our company value of radical honesty. All ideas and opinions have value. This is a startup, and as such we are all building this plane as we fly it. We encourage a diversity and the inclusion of opinions, and we use systems of objective measurements and data to validate and determine the best path forward.


Leadership aims to provide everyone with the support they need to do a great job both in their role and in their life, because you can't do one and not the other. That means taking vacation when you are burned out. Being compensated for great outcomes. Creating team camaraderie and strong company culture.

We have strict, no tolerance, harassment and discrimination policies. We have clear reporting structures for any HR violations. We encourage all team members to feel safe sharing their thoughts and opinions. We create a culture of celebrating each other. With love bomb sessions at the end of every all hands, and demo days to share in each other's accomplishments.

Both internally and externally, we are continuously contributing to the change that the world needs to see by being a mission driven tech company aiming to protect people from increasing climate crises. By creating an all star team that comes from all across the world (Of our 23 people, 15 were not born in the US or are first generation) working together to solve this global problem.


1.) 30-45 minute interview with the hiring lead for this role.
2.) Code test
3.) Technical interview with Engineering or Data Science lead
4.) Second technical interview with another engineering or data science team member
5.) Interview with executive team member


Stock: Ownership in a fast-growing venture-backed company.

401k matching: We care about your ability to save for your future.

Family Focus: Parental leave and flexibility for families.

Time Off: Flexible vacation policy to encourage people to get out and see the world.

Healthcare: Platinum level Medical, dental, and vision policies.

Goodies: Whatever hardware and software you need to get the job done.

Team Fun: Regularly scheduled events, annual retreat, and celebrations.

Learning: Learning & Development Opportunities to grow your skills and career.

Great team: Working with fun, hard-working, kind people committed to making a difference!

Flexible culture: We are results-focused. We don’t work at the office every day.

...And much more! Lots of other perks make this company an incredible place to work.

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