#WeAreJobvite and we are on a mission to help people and companies grow as we continue to build and expand our leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite. By combining the intelligence to facilitate and automate parts of the recruiting process with a recruiting team's insight, knowledge, and intuition, our customers can spend time on the things that matter most.

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Jobvite builds talent acquisition solutions that make an everyday impact to how companies across all industries recruit and hire talent. We are making it easier on Recruiters and Hiring Managers to conduct the hiring process thoroughly and simply through technology along with allowing the candidate to have a pleasant and simplified process as they move throughout the duration of their experience. In addition, Jobvite is focused on building technology solutions that will help our customers on their journey to being more diverse, equitable, and inclusive employers.

We are working on building native bias blocking technology into our suite of products that would limit the amount of identifiable information shared with hiring managers early in the hiring process as a means to ensure more inclusivity when selecting which candidates to move to the interview stage. We are also building sourcing tools that will identify when a pool of possible applicants is skewed toward any race or gender, and then recommending other sources or candidates that would provide a more diverse pool of applicants.


We Care

We Do What We Say

We Keep it Real

We Embrace a Growth Mindset_
Our leadership team crafted our values to be the framework for everything we do. These values impact how we hire, how we evaluate ourselves, and how we interact with clients and one another. They also anchor our decisions on team programs like Care and Growth Dollars, investing in manager and employee training throughout the year, and rewarding Values Champs each quarter.

Our Engineering team’s additional values reflect their internal focus on accountability and innovation:

I get to – positively engage with new learning opportunities

I code it, I own it – grounds our quality of service and pride of ownership

Shift left – drives our innovation and passion for innovation

Agile > Scrum – allows us to be agile rather than do agile

Ship small, fail fast, repeat – drive value through iteration and feedback


The practice of bringing different people together from diverse backgrounds to share different perspectives and approaches to solve hard problems together is what diversity means to us. In practice, we ensure every voice is heard by teaching our team to listen thoughtfully and with empathy to the voices of others. We are dedicated to leveraging our Jobvite values to build strong teams full of different types of people—diverse in thought, skill, background, gender, race, ethnicity, and creed. Our commitment to our values is where we are all similar. Jobviters are mission-focused, values-focused, coming exactly as we are to think bigger and do better every single day.


We ensure that all people are treated fairly and have an equal opportunity for growth and advancement. Jobvite’s training, development, and wellness investments are offered to all employees globally—both through our Growth and Care dollars as well as our training partners that have brought the organization career growth, feedback, investing, and mindfulness training just to name a few. When there are new job openings, we look to our internal team, and we review salaries and compensation twice annually to protect pay equity across the global organization. As a growing team distributed with a heavy remote workforce, we work hard to bring equitable experiences to the team no matter where they sit. This year, we redesigned our “breakrooms” to go virtual and hosted virtual executive leadership roundtables for all team members to interact with our senior leaders.


Our value of “We Care” is not limited. No matter who you are— your goals, your role, your family, your background—Jobvite cares about you. We want everyone to feel valued, leveraged, and welcomed within our organization. Because we hire based on values, we are only looking for candidates who will also care about you. It also means creating a sense of community and connection among one another. In the last year, our Jobvite Unite Team has focused on ensuring that all team members feel like they belong at Jobvite through awareness initiatives and celebrations aimed at education and inspiring the team to embrace the wide range of differences we all have to offer.


No matter your skills, background, or creed – we want you to come exactly as you are! Our managers and employees are trained on these principles and are encouraged to be inclusive, ask questions, and celebrate differences. We provide anti-harassment and bullying training for all employees and managers and explicit avenues to report concerns.

Jobvite Unite, our employee champions for diversity and inclusion, also challenges us to think bigger about our impact at work and in the community to cultivate safe spaces for employees of all backgrounds. In partnership with executive leadership and with guidance from outside experts, like Torin Ellis and Cat Shieh, they have helped to build a safe space for tough conversations about how to make change happen where we live and where we work.

We recently asked our broader Jobvite team what they could each do as individuals to encourage DE&I and were encouraged by the overwhelming number of responses from team members making individual commitments to creating the right environment at Jobvite by listening, accepting, learning, and advocating.


Leading through our values.

Values are at the heart of leadership decision-making. The leadership team defines and enhances our employee programs and benefits by anchoring to our values. Launching, for example, several program updates to move our US team to the open time off policy, adding adoption and parental leave benefits, launching the Jobvite Cares and Jobvite Grows programs to give teams discretionary dollars to spend on things that help support their objectives for their own personal health and wellness. When it comes to time off the Executive team sets the bar high – reminding employees to take vacation, staying offline while they spend time with their families, and sharing back with our team their own positive outcomes from staying focused on personal health and wellness with mental breaks and dedicated time off.

Listening with empathy and a bias to action.

As 2020 became the year of the pandemic, leaders across Jobvite took the opportunity to double-down on their values by leading with empathy. Team members across the globe had new challenges – at work and at home – and leaders took the opportunity to listen, and to learn how they could better support their individual team members. We increased our cadence of employee feedback surveys to stay close to what the team needed and leaders jumped into action planning as soon as feedback was received. Early in the Spring when burnout seemed looming, they focused on ensuring every team member had the opportunity to take a week of “Spring Break” with no work distractions. When Jobviters said they wanted to do more to focus on our impact to society they supported team members in building the Community Impact and the Jobvite Unite teams. They’ve prioritized investing in people development initiatives to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges, but also in speakers and guests where the objective is to simply learn to listen.


We are committed to elevating the unique voices of our team members through strong internal mobility programs that invest in training and development of all employees and seeking internal candidates for roles in order to provide new career paths and growth opportunities. We are working to build a pipeline of talent for future positions through partnerships with local coding academies and colleges that support opportunities in tech for less experienced candidates. Pete Lamson, our CEO, has committed Jobvite and our associated companies to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge to support more inclusive workplaces. Our Community Impact Committee facilitates philanthropic giving on behalf of Jobvite based on issues our employees care about.

Jobvite is also a company committed to creating solutions to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion capabilities of our customers. Challenging other employers to address DE&I challenges through technology to provide a more inclusive recruiting funnel and better bias mitigation throughout the recruiting process.

Jobvite Unite has varied initiatives centered around hearing underrepresented voices. Some examples include virtually celebrating Black History Month, Pride Month, Asian American-Pacific Islander Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, along with teaching about celebrations that are important to our employees—from Yom Kippur to Diwali to Women’s Equality Day to Christmas and beyond. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. “We Embrace a Growth Mindset”, love learning, sharing, and want you to as well. We regularly request anonymous feedback and review our team members scoring on the dimensions of "Belonging", "Acceptance", "Appreciation of Differences", "Diversity Commitment", and "Leaders that Care". We read every entry from those team members’ suggestions and transparently share these benchmarks and themes back to our employees.


Recruiter (30 min) Get to know you and your unique career aspirations so that we ensure you interview with the right teams, mentors, and managers. We’re looking for you be your authentic self—transparent and open about where you want to take your career!

Team & Technical Rounds (3 hours) We want to dive into those tech skills and let you get to know your future teammates and managers. We work hard to schedule these in whatever way best fits your schedule – all at once or over a couple of days.

Final Interview with Leadership (30 min) We know you have choices, so we love to offer an opportunity to meet with another senior leader on the team to ask any final questions and learn more about how we drive innovation from the top.


🔥We offer three medical plan options and pay a generous portion of the premium costs for these medical plans. Deductible-free diagnostic and preventive dental services, and vision are available to employees through the popular VSP network.

🔥Jobvite welcomes families of all shapes and sizes—so whether you're welcoming a little one, or on your journey to adoption, we provide support options for you and your family including time off for new moms, dads, and other primary caregivers. Are pets your family? Pet adoption fees are covered in the Jobvite Cares program!

🔥It is our belief that taking time for things that matter to you is essential, so Jobvite has an open paid time off policy that allows employees to take the time they need—utilizing this policy to make time for what you love (travel, home projects, volunteering, family days) is highly encouraged, and we also encourage separate time off to engage in civic activities.

🔥Our values are leveraged as we build strong teams full of people that embrace diversity and care. Our Jobvite Unite team champions diversity and inclusion while challenging us to think bigger about our impact at work and in the community. Some examples include offering speakers, training, and stories from our team and the experts we bring in to support our journey. No matter your skills, background, or creed—come exactly as you are!

🔥The Jobvite Cares Wellness Program inspires our team members to continuously pursue a balanced, healthier lifestyle, encouraging both personal and community growth. Care Dollars are given to employees each year to supplement self-care– including gym memberships!

🔥Grow here with built in training for managers and employees across Jobvite to cover topics like product, finance, and marketing to career development and DE&I from guest speakers and peer mentors. We also support independent learning and growth—want to learn a new skill, read a new book, or meet with a coach? We’ll pitch in through the Jobvite Grows program!

🔥We help supplement the cost of your phone and internet so save those dollars for something more fun. Find out more about life at jobvite here !

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