iZotope pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in audio production to meet the creative needs of musicians, music producers, and audio post engineers. If you’ve watched shows like Game of Thrones, seen movies like Avengers: Endgame, listened to albums from artists like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar, or tuned into NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, you’ve heard iZotope tech in action.

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As the industry leader in intelligent audio technology, iZotope designs software, plug-ins, hardware and mobile apps powered by the highest quality audio processing, machine learning, and strikingly intuitive interfaces. Flagship products like Ozone and RX are the standard for music, TV, film and podcasts, with accolades that include two Primetime Engineering Emmy Awards and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Through a culture of innovation and customer focus, iZotope inspires and enables people to be creative.


We have 6 core values that guide us as we continue to be an industry leader. These values guide our business, product development, and brand. As iZotope continues to evolve and grow, these values stay constant guiding how we work and who we hire. Our values are:
1. Have passion for our work and compassion for the people it impacts.
2. Learn and Grow, never be satisfied and continue to learn and grow everyday
3. Innovate fearlessly, taking thoughtful risk and with an unwavering commitment to change
4. Getting things done by finding balance, practicing agility, and sprinting while remaining adaptable
5. Act with unfailing integrity.
6. Empower yourself and others to succeed.


Our company and our products give representation and amplification of subordinated and underrepresented groups internally and externally.

Social equity is a first class consideration in how we operate internally and how we offer products and services to the world.

When we think of inclusion we think of our continuing commitment to care for our people and create an environment that removes barriers, creates a safe place, and enables individuals to grow and develop inside the organization. We aim to develop products that are truly inclusive of subordinated and underrepresented groups along with internal structures and systems that are actively anti-discriminatory.

Why is it important?
✨ We will gain deeper trust amongst employees and customers
✨ We will be more creative and innovative solutions
✨ Global equity/access is more important to our business than ever as we are inspiring and enabling the creativity of all people who interact with our company and our products

How: iZotope actively participates in funding and learning about org-level efforts to embed justice and equity, across the organization, our industry and in the world. In order to keep making progress on our efforts we continue to find information, tools, and lessons learned on justice and equity-related efforts to move dialogue, learning, and progress across the org. We share demographic data with employees and key objectives to measure progress. We are explicit about representation being necessary but insufficient because truly embedding justice and equity requires more than diversity.

Inclusive and equitable practices are woven throughout the strategic plan and internal structures with a rationale for why they matter. This includes things like our internal hiring, pay practices, career development, and leveling guides to remove barriers of knowledge and subjectivity on how to grow and develop.


We’re committed to fostering a safe learning and work environment for all. iZotope is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, and it’s something we take very seriously. We make world class products, and we’ve gotten to this point because of the amazingly talented people we hire. To support them, we frequently ask for feedback and react accordingly. We share this anonymous feedback team-wide to keep up with our pledge to be transparent and communicative from the top down.

One of the highlights of the last year was the creation of the Equity Learning Lab group that hosts monthly meetings to invite folks to have open dialogues about social issues and how we can continuously improve the industry from starting within.

Internally, some of our employees have had professionally run sessions with experts in the industry to help us grow our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


Goals and Development:
We moved away from performance management and into performance engagement which is a focus on your talents and ambitions and how those relate directly to our mission. Instead of the process heavy, forced 12 month look back, we’ll be using an ongoing framework of structured quarterly conversations on themes like “Self-retrospectives and reflection”, 360 feedback, Goal Development, and Accountability. The program is built around three principles.

People are intrinsically motivated to learn and grow in their roles and they want to be empowered to do so.

Connecting individual effort to an organization’s mission to encourage and sustain the quality of results and engagement we need to achieve our goals.

More quality conversations about development, coaching, and results more often enables us to continuously improve and add value to the ways we work.

iZotope offers leadership training across the organization throughout the year in the areas of:

. Manager as Coach
. Expectation/Goal Setting
. Prioritization
. Developing Talent
. Accountability

iZotope has moved to a Flexible PTO policy where for salaried employees there is no cap for time off and hourly employees get 20 days at the start of each year. This is on top of 5 sick days and 19 (subject to change each year) paid holidays. Managers are sent monthly reports of time off taken from their team members and are encouraged to promote PTO for their teams and individuals who may not be taking it.

Our internal People Operations site is also where you can find company updates and policies, as well as a Benefits Page with all our medical, dental, and vision plans, as well as information on our fringe benefits such as our fitness reimbursement and how to sign up for full access to the Calm meditation app through iZotope. We also have a dedicated Mental Health Resources page with information from our medical providers as well as how to find a therapist and tips on mental health working from home.

Communication and Connection to Purpose:
iZotope has weekly all-hands meetings. Our Executive Team is visible to everyone at the company by hosting weekly office hours where employees can check in and talk to them directly.

We also host company wide events such as Trivia Night, Pi Day, iZo Open, Tiny Talks, Tech talks, and more!


In an effort to get more underrepresented people in the audio tech field, iZotope is striving to increase its accessibility prior to and during the hiring process by connecting with individuals earlier on and across more parts of the community.

iZotope works to make sure our products reflect the diversity of the people using them. Our different product personas are a reflection of our research on who we are designing products for. Tapping into the audio technology market will help support more equitable employment practices and ensure that our talent pools are more reflective of the diversity of our customers and product users.

We’re moving to help diversify the talent pool for the industry before future candidates even start their careers. iZotope has partnered with local schools, community colleges, and professional organizations to improve accessibility and diversify its applicant pool. Making investments in young lives sooner — starting in schools and universities — is what will allow us to make an impact not just within our own team but in the industry at large.

Other initiatives to ensure that underrepresented voices are heard at iZotope begins with education and sharing of information. Our employee-led Equity Learning Lab group features different monthly topics, media sources, and reading to educate and create a safe space to discuss underrepresented voices. Additionally, iZotope holds a bi-annual iZoCares is a day-long event for all iZotopians to work together across departments on racial justice projects and anti-racism learning that continue throughout the remainder of the year. iZoCares has sprouted initiatives like the our Social Corporate Responsibility Guild, a joint project with The White Hall Arts Academy to help build a 20-computer music production lab, and our Equity Learning Lab.

Most importantly, recognizing that these efforts are continuous is what allows us to hold ourselves accountable as a company and as individuals, both inside and outside of the workplace. It is fundamental to iZotope that we be proactively looking for new opportunities for growth and improvement not just within our workplace, products, but within our communities and ourselves.


Each open position has a unique interview process. As a general standard, the first interaction will be:

  1. Intro call with our Talent Acquisition Partner
  2. Video call with the Hiring Manager
  3. Virtual interview with a few other members of the team. *Depending on the position, there may be an additional exercises or steps to complete.


Supporting our employees is our #1 priority. We provide Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, and Short Term/Long Term Disability.

Mental Health
Daily Meditations led by our CMO, free subscription to the Calm Meditation App, and access to Virtual Online Therapy are available for all iZotopians.

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance to protect your cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, snakes, gerbils, iguanas, goats, pigs… the list goes on!

Remote Work
Our employee health and safety is #1, we offer remote work flexibility until we are able to safely return to the office. Employees will receive monthly stipends to help with home office expenses as well as a WFH reimbursement for you to purchase any additional supplies.

Continuous Learning
We provide Tuition Assistance and Professional Development opportunities for iZotopians who want to further their learning throughout the year. Employees can also participate in weekly iZo Tech Talks, LinkedIn Learning sessions, or our Equity Learning Lab meetings to further their professional skills.

Flexible PTO
We offer a Flexible PTO plan along with Sick Days and 19 paid holidays throughout the year to give our employees ample time for some R&R

Parental Leave
100% Paid Parental Leave with up to 12 weeks off for birth parents and 6 weeks for non-birth parents which can be taken consecutively or intermittently to fit what works best for a growing family's needs.

Employee Investment
We offer a 401k plan and employer match, Stock Options, and annual market adjustments for each employee to support our thoughtful compensation philosophy.

Complimentary Software
Access to iZotope software and complimentary passes for you to share with your friends and family, and industry discounts.

Fun -- Break out Section
TechTalks, TinyTalks, Social Nights galore! We’re committed to building a strong sense of community and bringing folks together for some non-work bonding time.

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