Nice To Meet YOU!

Isovalent is the company founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF. We build open source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure.

We are driven by a simple goal: Building amazing technology. Beginning with our open source roots, building outstanding technology with a great team continues to be at the core of everything we do. We work every day to inspire our customers with our products and exceed their expectations.

Our team

We are passionate about Linux networking, security, Kubernetes, and especially about the power of eBPF. The team together has contributed decades to open source projects and cares deeply about open collaboration. We are distributed across the world and span nine timezones. Beyond technology, many of us share a love of the outdoors, running, hiking, skiing, climbing and biking.

Come join a fast-growing team and help define the future of open-source networking.

Isovalent team skiing   Isovalent team photo on a mountain   Isovalent team bicycling on mountain


Our Values

Open Source

Building open source software is the engine of our innovation and the root of our engineering culture. We believe that open source leads to great technology and the highest quality software and we apply its best practices across the board.

Inclusive teams

Inclusive teams and culture are very important to us. Inclusive and diverse teams lead to better decisions, creative innovation, and well-balanced teams. From hiring, onboarding to everyday team culture, a welcoming and inclusive work environment enables all team members to collaborate in the most successful way possible.


We strongly believe in a remote-first approach by building teams that work around the world. Our work and communication culture allows teams to be successful regardless of their location. For those interested to work in an office, we offer office locations in Cupertino and Zurich.

Work – Adventure Balance

A startup with talented engineers can be challenging. A lot is going on. Almost everything we do is highly visible by the public. Everything is fast moving and the next big success and big impact moment is always just a sprint away. That can be incredibly exciting and rewarding for you individually and for the entire team. At the same time, it is also demanding and it will draw energy. Cherish the rewarding moments, fight hard for them but also take time to recharge and balance your life. There is no single recipe for great balance, you have to find and maintain it individually. We are here to support each other in that personal balance.

Personal Growth

What growth means exactly will be different for all of us. It may involve growing your technical skills, achieving projects to inspire others or get recognized in the broader open-source community, growing your non-technical skills, working more with other peers and achieving more as a team, leveling-up your compensation, or achieving the ideal work – life balance you always wanted. Your goals are individual and at Isovalent we will do our best to help you achieve your personal growth goals, as individual as they might be.

Interview process

  1. Introduction
    A brief call gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and go over the responsibilities of the role you are applying for.
  2. Initial interview
    You will have a chance to meet the hiring manager, understand the goals and roadmap for the team and ensure we align with mindsets and values.
  3. Full interview round
    You will have a chance to meet with team members across the team.  We usually set up interview panels so you can get to know first hand how it would be to work at Isovalent, meeting with people working remote, from one of the offices, and different time zones. The interviews will focus on skills related to the role.
  4. Final interview
    You will meet the hiring manager and will have a chance to ask any remaining questions.

Why We Hope You Will Join Us

  • We are remote-first and offer office space for those that prefer to go in with headquarters in Cupertino, California and Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Being a remote-first company, our Hive time program enables local team collaboration, allowing teams to travel and join to work for a week from one of the offices.
  • Benefits are based on location and may include: pension, 401k, health insurance, and more depending on the country of employment.
  • Company-wide offsites to connect with the team, establish cross-department collaboration, enjoy team building and fun activities to keep building our relationships, culture and friendships.
  • Full flexible Time Off philosophy, encouraging a minimum of 25 days.
  • Our Mental Health and Wellbeing program supports the team in cultivating the habit of taking care of themselves and encourages them to find the right strategy for every individual to achieve a good work-life balance. Besides channels for employee support and budget allocated for wellbeing, we provide numerous initiatives including mindfulness, yoga and more.
  • Inclusive parental leave
  • Competitive and comprehensive compensation package based on the role.

  Isovalent team picture on deck with snowy mountain behind them