Founded in 2016, we are one of the fastest-growing and commercially proven Insurtech companies in the new insurance landscape, currently providing fully digital auto insurance for TLC (New York) and Private Hire drivers (UK and NL) but with a vision to provide smarter insurance and protection for the wider new mobility era.

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INSHUR is on a mission to change the way our customers buy and feel about insurance, for good. Working closely with globally recognized partners, our mobile app allows drivers to quote, purchase and service an insurance policy at their convenience via their mobile phone in minutes.


These values are central in helping us stay true to our mission of making insurance fair and easy, as well as how we strive to work towards our vision of becoming the world's most trusted insurer.

We are brave and innovative 🤜
We are helpful and grounded 🙏
We are always learning 📚
We enjoy the ride 🎢
We deliver 🚚


Diversity is being surrounded by people with different backgrounds, experiences, and point of views. As a business, we are working hard in making sure that we have the presence of differences of identity (e.g., people of different genders and racial backgrounds) throughout our organization. Diverse teams are proven to perform better and diversity also encourages people to feel more comfortable sharing ideas and perspectives.

Having a truly diverse team can also help us build stronger relationships with a broader range of customers and, while we expand to different territories, this will matter - diverse teams can better understand different segments of the market due to the different backgrounds and thought processes they provide.


Equity is an approach that ensures everyone has access to the same opportunities, recognizing that advantages and barriers exist and that, as a result, we all don’t all start from the same place. Equity is a process that begins by acknowledging that unequal starting place and makes a commitment to correct and address the imbalance.

Some companies focus on equality and consider this to be enough. We disagree and know we need to go a step further. The idea of “advantages and barriers” can often feel intangible, but we’ve all heard of various studies that confirm these are indeed very real obstacles for people, some more than others. As a business, we are very much aware of this and are making sure to train all our (hiring) managers to recognize and address these biases.


Inclusion is all about people with different identities feeling and being valued, leveraged, and welcomed within a given setting. It’s about giving everyone the opportunities to grow, or get career support from a mentor. Inclusion is all about belonging.

As Verna Myers, VP Inclusion Strategy at Netflix, once nicely put it: “Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”


We encourage everyone to be as open and honest as is necessary, so if someone feels the need to speak out about something they know that they won't face any repercussions for doing so. We also have regular feedback cycles and measure employee satisfaction to really get a grasp on how people are feeling, and this helps us understand what we can do to make people feel better, safer, and happier here at INSHUR.

We offer private healthcare for team members and their families and 30 days paid vacation on top of any company holidays that we observe. We provide wellbeing tips and resources. We share our stories in a public forum, helping us create a workplace where speaking about wellbeing is not only perfectly acceptable, but an essential part of our culture.

Furthermore, overall wellbeing goes far beyond the surface level. We need to frequently remind our people to be selfish with their self care routines, speak up about workloads and when things get overwhelming as well as really push for proper time off to be taken, especially before and after a big project.

When designing our sickness policy, we made sure not to differentiate between physical and mental health and encourage everyone to book time off when they are not feeling well.


1. Review and respond to all applications
2. An intro with our Talent Team
3. Meet the Hiring Manager + additional team member to dive into the specifics and see if there’s a fit
4. Either a work-related task or a presentation (for some roles we ask you to complete a psychometric test)
5. Speak to a peer and a member of the People Team, chat about the culture, and what it’s like to work at INSHUR
6. An optional final stage in case of any follow up questions
7. We make an offer to the best-suited candidate 🎉


  • 30 days of holiday annually in addition to 8 federal holidays and statutory sick leave
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Basic Life short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • 401k Match
  • Annual training allowance
  • Flexible Wellbeing Allowance
  • Laptop, monitor and top of the range kit
  • Commuter benefits

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