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Software Engineer, Communities

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GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, and to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.


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Our Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion framework focuses on four areas: people, policy, philanthropy, and platform. GitHub is home to more than 65 million developers in nearly every country and territory, and we want our teams at GitHub to reflect the cultural and geographic diversity of the developer community. We actively seek out diverse perspectives in everything we do and unlock new possibilities through partnership, connection, and engagement.
GitHub’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) is at the heart of our vision and leadership principles. To build GitHub as the home for all developers, GitHub must reflect, celebrate, and support the vibrant diversity of the global developer community.


At GitHub our vision is to be the home for all developers. We aspire for our platform to be the place where all developers - no matter who they are, where they are, or what experiences they bring - can do the best work of their lives.

As a global platform, we understand that developers around the world have varied barriers to access and require different approaches and advocacy for them to be able to learn, contribute, grow, and feel like they belong. For the team at GitHub this work includes, but is not limited to, our product and community efforts around:

[GitHub Mobile](( "github mobile"): With the launch of GitHub Mobile in 2019, we enabled developers to collaborate, review, and even merge code, right from their mobile devices, anywhere. Today, the app serves more than 850K monthly active users across the globe. In addition to mobile accessibility, many are able to work and communicate in their native language ( of English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish.

GitHub Sponsors: We recognize the importance of our users (“every developer on GitHub counts”) and we also realize that we must do our part to ensure they are recognized not only through their contribution to society, but also financially. GitHub Sponsors is a tool to financially support the developers who build the open source software we use every day. The tool helps fund developers in nearly 40 countries and regions ( across the globe, and it is actively expanding.

Developer rights in Iran: All developers should be free to use GitHub, no matter where they live. At the same time, GitHub respects and abides by US law, which means government sanctions have limited our ability to provide developers in some countries the full range of GitHub services. This year, GitHub made a breakthrough by securing a license from the US government to offer GitHub to developers in Iran and further advancing developer freedom in Iran. This includes all services for individuals and organizations, private and public, free and paid.

Tech for Social Good: Tech for Social Good primarily works with social sector organizations, which are organizations that advance and promote social good causes, mostly related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tech for Social Good grew from the Open Source for Good program in July 2020, and retains a strong emphasis on open source. Tech for Social Good leverages GitHub’s products, platform and people to help social sector organizations do their work better through six major areas: research, guides, community building, skills-based volunteering, product, and sponsorship.


At GitHub, we prioritize decision-making that serves the best interests of all developers. We have implemented several programs and initiatives to maintain and scale our diverse and inclusive culture, such as:

We continuously learn: We develop awareness, exercise curiosity, and demonstrate courage. All Hubbers are required to participate in our DI&B Learning Journey, which includes learning circles training on topics like unconscious bias, allyship, covering, privilege, and neurodiversity. Everyone also receives an annual budget for their individual learning and development goals.

We identify inclusive talent: One of the highlights of our talent acquisition experience is our DI&B Interview, where candidates are required to participate in a DI&B conversation before receiving an offer to work at GitHub.

We enable employees to do their best work: We understand the value of enabling employees to do their best work. Over the past decade, we’ve seen some employees are more productive at home; they appreciate the flexibility, lack of commute, or ability to work in solitude without disruption. We’ve seen that many choose to head into offices other times to brainstorm, meet with colleagues, and have more informal catch-ups at the company cafe. At the same time, others feel more productive or have an easier time ‘switching off’ from work when they come into an office. Furthermore, we adapt to our Hubbers’ needs by having flexible paid time off and flexible scheduling to best accommodate their needs.

We measure and hold ourselves accountable: We’ve continued to set and track ambitious goals for women, racial and ethnic minorities hiring, retention, and promotion. Our annual Diversity Report shares a transparent look at our progress on diversity efforts, like representation in tech roles and in leadership, and our continued commitment.

We listen and co-create: We continually survey our employees around the inclusive environment at GitHub and act on their feedback. We closely collaborate with our Communities of Belonging (CoB) and with our Inclusion Advisory Council (IAC) to guide and inform our priorities as we build the best inclusive work environment in all places around the world where we operate.


We understand the value of autonomy, self-direction, and a healthy work-life balance in enabling employees to do their best work. We also believe that if a job allows for it, you should work wherever you’re happiest.

We strive to provide all of our employees with the support and benefits they need, and recognize their impact. From learning and development courses to paid family leave and wellness support, our work here includes:

  • A stake in the future success of our platform with equity grants.
  • Flexible work schedules for all of our employees and flexible, unlimited paid time off.
  • 100% coverage of health insurance premiums across our medical, dental, and vision plan offerings, including coverage for dependents.
  • Five months of paid family leave to all parent types inviting a child to the family with the option to use it all at once or throughout the first year of the child's arrival in the home.
  • An annual budget of $2,000 USD to support employee career learning and development goals.
  • 100% donation match of up to $15K USD to all full-time employees, including interns, to nonprofits of your choice. In addition, Hubbers have access to VolunteerMatch, which provides an extensive network of volunteer activities and events for Hubbers to participate in—with over 60% being virtual opportunities.


We believe deeply in the potential and the power of a diverse open source community. We feel it is our responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion, and integrate these values into every aspect of what we do. We also believe software development should be accessible, inclusive and sustainable so that developers around the world can learn, contribute, grow and feel like they belong.

To achieve this, we have designed our global diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategy to focus on the following key pillars:

Platform: Our mission is to accelerate human progress through developer collaboration. Whether they’re newcomers or experienced professionals, we want developers of all abilities and skill levels to have a place where they can build, collaborate, and continue to hone their craft. We prioritize global accessibility by investing in developer outreach globally, fostering a strong community on our platform, and integrating ADA best practices.

People: We want our teams at GitHub to reflect the global developer community. In order to be truly innovative and build the best home for the world’s developers, our team must reflect the community we serve, so we invest in building teams with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences.

Philanthropy: We are dedicated to supporting nonprofits and social sector organizations through employee and company donations, service projects, and special programs. To do this, our Social Impact Team connects organizations with Hubbers, our products, and the broader open source community.

Policy: We use our platform to advance issues that protect and promote inclusive opportunities through law, regulation, and social action. Policy can play a big role in shaping who has the opportunity to be a developer and even what developers can build. That’s why we’re focused on local and global initiatives, like securing access for developers in Iran, advocating for DACA, and joining amicus briefs alongside Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and other tech organizations in support of international students remaining in the U.S.

Take a deeper dive into our four pillars by visiting our diversity and inclusion page.


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  • You’ll enjoy 100% coverage of health insurance premiums across our medical, dental, and vision plan offerings, including coverage for dependents. We also offer five months of paid family leave to all new parents with the option to use it all at once or throughout the baby’s first year.

  • At GitHub, you’ll have a stake in the future success of our platform with equity grants. For full-time employees, we offer competitive 401k planning with a 50% company match up to the IRS 402(g) annual limit.

  • Learn how you learn best. From books to conferences, you’ll get a yearly budget for your individual learning and development goals.

  • Build amazing things with autonomy, self-direction, and a healthy work-life balance. We offer flexible work schedules for all of our employees and Flexible PTO. We also believe that if a job allows for it, you should work wherever you’re happiest.

  • Our office in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood is designed to help you find your ideal work environment—whether that’s in a library, hammock room, or roof deck. When it’s time to fuel up, we’ve got an in-house coffee shop and several catered meals throughout the week. We also love sharing our space for community events like meetups, hackathons, and Pride Month celebrations.

  • We cover your gym memberships and offer fitness classes in our onsite gym, the OctoDojo. In the Zen Room, you can recharge through meditation or complimentary massage.

  • We believe in sharing our time, resources, and products to create positive social impact. We offer up to 40 hours/year in volunteering credit ($20/hr to any nonprofit of your choice).

    At GitHub, we think that a diverse company is a strong company, and we work hard to foster a supportive and welcoming workplace. Learn more about our commitment to diversity.

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