Feeding an office full of hungry people can be a challenge, add in allergies, dietary restrictions, and being in an area you’re unfamiliar with and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where we come in! We make it easy to find fantastic food that meets your needs and can be delivered where you need when you need it. We’re also passionate about the Catering Partners we work with and helping them grow their businesses.

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Go beyond helpful – We love to help – above and beyond is our standard.

No assholes – Be respectful and kind to everybody, nothing less will be accepted.

Just try it. And track it – We love to experiment and want zero fear of failure. Trial and error is how we learn, and learning is how we succeed.

Aim higher. Make it better – We’re always striving to be better. Be bold and do things better than you did them yesterday.

Own it. Figure it out – We don’t pass something off because it’s challenging, we stick with it to the end.

Trust in transparency – We have nothing to hide and we let our data speak for itself.

Spend wisely – Substance over show every time.

Grow fast and eat cupcakes – We balance our ambition with being humans and know the value of stepping back to recharge. And we celebrate, with cupcakes!

Move fast and break things – Perfection is the enemy of progress. We focus on what moves us forward, even if it’s not perfect.

Drive diversity, ensure equity, and ingrain inclusion – DEI is in our DNA and prioritized in everything we do.

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Diversity means difference: difference of experience, race, gender identity, cultures, sexual orientation, religion, education, and more. It is important to us that our customer community, partner community, and our employees reflect the beautiful differences that exist. We practice this by checking our processes for bias and ensuring that our outreach gets to 100% of the pool; we’re also regularly auditing our processes for unnecessary barriers for any inbound interest. Equitable access to opportunity is hard enough to come by in the rest of the world, we don’t want our company to add to it.

Equity means meeting people where they are and acknowledging the different paths they’ve taken to meet at this common point. Equity is ensuring that all feel supported, seen, and have access to the same opportunities and success. We do regular equity analyses of our internal and external processes, ensure we’re not adding unnecessary barriers to access, and seek diverse perspectives whenever implementing something new.

Inclusivity is creating a space where everyone can truly bring their full, authentic selves to work. Where everyone feels seen, valued, respected, and celebrated. While having a diverse population and equitable processes are equally as important, without Inclusivity, the rest falls apart. We practice this by creating safe spaces for all voices and opinions to be heard, by seeking diverse perspectives in all that we do, and by addressing any exclusive behavior quickly and head on.

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  • Holding space in the form of open conversations for employees to speak and listen to others about their experiences.
  • Employee-run affinity groups.
  • DEI training for managers and unconscious bias training for all employees.
  • Bi-annual DEI surveys soliciting feedback from employees and measuring the effectiveness of current initiatives.
  • Leadership/management training for all managers, taught through an inclusive lens.
  • Unlimited vacation (and we encourage you to use it).
  • Robust Employee Assistance Program.
  • Supportive & accessible People team to support you with whatever life may throw your way.
  • Intermittent Mental Health days.
  • Real access to Leadership – most departments offer skip-level meetings, lunch and learns with Executives, and our CEO has an open door policy that really means open door.
  • Bi-weekly mindful meditation sessions via Zoom.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • A tremendous amount of responsibility and autonomy.
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DEI is a hot topic in the tech community right now, and it’s about time! However, there is a lot of focus on Diversity and not enough on Equity and Inclusion. One difference the tech industry needs to see is removing unnecessary barriers to opportunity, but not just entry level opportunities, to leadership, to whose voice is heard, and to whose potential is recognized when it’s time for promotions.
In hiring and when it’s time for promotions, we often talk about the “ideal candidate” and needing the “right experience.” What “ideal” and “right” mean is often influenced by bias, and where potential in majority represented candidates is recognized, candidates from underrepresented groups need to have proven and extensive experience. This is just one example of how bias creates unnecessary barriers and blocks access to opportunities and growth.

Everyone from frontline employees, to leadership, needs to recognize that biases, like the one discussed above, in the workplace exist. We cannot move forward until it’s addressed, no matter how many “diverse” hires are made. Creating opportunities for underrepresented groups is one step in the right direction, but it needs to be matched with an environment where they are recognized for their contributions, feel appreciated, and not victim to shifting performance goal posts that hinder their ability to grow in their careers. Our DEI surveys, Affinity groups, Courageous Conversations, are some of the ways we make sure underrepresented voices are heard. Our People team is also open and accessible to all employees at all times to listen and support them through whatever they may need.

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1. Screen with talent– This is typically with a recruiter who is mostly focused on assessing overall culture/technical alignment and serves as a great opportunity for candidates to questions.

2. Conversation with hiring manager (either includes a live coding exercise or the candidate can opt for a take home coding exercise). We tend to evaluate technical ability on a specific language we use, but we are also evaluating each individuals ability and potential to learn a specific language and demonstrate a passion for working collaboratively.

3. Extended team/panel interviews with a mix of technical/coding exercises and behavioral conversations These are collaborative exercises that are aimed to give us the best understanding of each individuals experience. While technical in nature, you will work collaboratively with 1-2 engineers to come to a final solution. Additionally, we will dive into our culture recipes and discuss how they fit with our engineering culture.


  • You’ll get a terrifically compelling opportunity, in an environment of radical transparency, open access to all the data, and collaborative colleagues at every level of our organization. You’ll also get sane working hours and great flexibility around work/life balance.
  • Have people in your life – of any age – who always, often, or sometimes need your help? We make room for that. Have a bad thing or a good thing happen to you? We make room for that, too.
  • Oh, and you’ll get all this: Market salary, stock options that you’ll help make worth a lot, the usual holidays, all-you-can-eat vacation, 401K with ezCater match, health/dental/FSA, long-term disability insurance, remote-hybrid work from our awesome Boston or Denver offices OR your home OR a mixture of both home and office (you choose!), a tremendous amount of responsibility and autonomy, wicked awesome co-workers, cupcakes (and many more goodies) once we get back to our offices, and knowing that you helped get this rocket ship to the moon.

ezCater is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace humans of every background, appearance, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and disability status. At the same time, we do not employ jerks, even brilliant ones.