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Nonprofits worldwide use the flexible Engaging Networks software-as-a-service platform in their vital work to make a better world. Our tools help them to raise money online, win advocacy campaigns and engage with supporters in smart, highly personal ways. From Amnesty USA to Human Rights Campaign, PETA, the Humane Society of the U.S., Oceana, Oxfam, The Nature Conservancy, National Geographic Society, Canadian Red Cross, and the UK Labour Party -- these fantastic organizations and many more inspire our hardworking and spirited team to keep innovating to provide cutting-edge technology.

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Engaging Networks is a powerful asset for nonprofits seeking flexible and sophisticated engagement tools to advance their vital missions. We do this mainly by helping them raise more money online, win more advocacy campaigns, and deepen their engagement with supporters through highly personalized interactions online, and via SMS texting and click-to-call telephone based campaigns. Our user friendly platform also reduces the workload and stress level of nonprofit professionals, through marketing automation tools ("one and done" campaign setups), enhanced built-in functionality (reducing the need for custom Javascript), extensive native integrations (e.g. with Salesforce and other leading CRMs), easy page and email testing tools, and very flexible reporting.

Our impact is spread across a wide variety of nonprofit verticals, especially human rights groups (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Campaign, Polaris, Amnesty international) and animal welfare groups (PETA, HSUS, Red Rover, SPCA), but also museums (Royal Ontario Museum), colleges (American University, UBC), hospitals (Inova, Holland Bloorview, National Jewish Health), public broadcasters (WHYY, WETA, WAMU-FM, Wisconsin Public Media), environmental groups (Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, National Wildlife Federation, Rainforest Action Network, Ocean Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Ecojustice), health organizations (Rethink Breast Cancer, Cancer Research UK, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), anti-poverty groups (Oxfam, Salvation Army), faith-based groups (World Jewish Congress, Catholic Extension, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, International Campaign for Tibet) and international development groups (Canadian Red Cross, International Medical Corps, UNHCR Canada) -- just to name a few 😏


Honesty, integrity and transparency are bedrock principles for us, and a major reason why clients select us, and stick with us, as their technology provider. (See "Corporate character"). We always tell our clients the truth, even if it's not what they want to hear, or if we might lose business by doing so. We always prioritize behaving honorably over making a profit, and believe this is not only the right thing to do -- it's also good business. We "play the long game" with our clients, knowing they appreciate a partner they can trust and rely upon.

We are a product-driven (not sales- or marketing-driven) company whose main "key performance indicator" is client retention -- it's currently 97%. This goal is a much higher priority for us than revenue and profit growth. That's why we intentionally have big teams for developing our software and supporting our clients' use of the software, but only a tiny sales team and only one marketing person globally. We cherish innovation as a company value, and are proud to be rolling out major new features and upgrades every six to eight weeks, according to the Agile model of software development.

We're also proud that our sister company has introduced a major breakthrough in using artificial intelligence to transform nonprofit fundraising (See https://accessibleintelligence.io ). We love our independence, as a privately owned (not publicly traded) company that never accepted outside investment of any kind -- not from venture capitalists or even from friendly "angel" investors. This means that we are answerable only to our clients and to our own team members, but not to corporate overlords who might force us to grow faster or monetize every possible revenue stream. We have been growing "organically" an average of 20% to 30% annually for the past seven years. We think that's a healthy pace of growth that is good for us and good for our clients, too.


Diversity is the welcoming in the workplace of people who are different from each other, based on such factors as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, disability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective. Thanks to efforts in recent years, our team already has added a lot of gender diversity (the ratio of women to men is now about 50-50 now) along with a fair amount of ethnic diversity, with team members living in Croatia, the Philippines, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. We also have team members who emigrated to the USA or UK from Poland, Afghanistan, Ukraine, India, Latin America and South Africa. We want to continue becoming a more and more diverse company, because we see it as the fair thing to do, but also because we believe it will be good business to do this, strengthening our team and company culture. It's also significant that our nonprofit clients are very mission driven and committed to social values, including diversity. So it's extra important for us to continue working to embrace diversity and other social values, to show solidarity with our wonderful clients.

Equity is promoting justice, impartiality and fairness across our team, to ensure that every team member has a great opportunity to deliver their best possible performance for the company, while continuing to make a good living, enjoy their work, and advance their career goals and personal learning. This philosophy is reflected in our hiring practices, in the way we always list salary and benefits information in our job listings, and in the way that we don't require applicants to have a college degree yet, and in which we ask job applicants "what level of compensation are you seeking?" (rather than "what is the highest level of compensation that you have received so far in your career?")

Inclusivity is our commitment to unleashing the talents and ideas of every member of our team to the fullest extent possible, and to ensuring that they each have a voice in the way that our company moves forward. It also means providing ways for each team member to continue growing in their own career, learning new things, taking on new responsibilities and having an opportunity to move upward in the company. This is important because we know that a strong company culture -- in which every team member has a voice -- is a powerful competitive advantage and source of resilience to help our company to survive and thrive. We practice inclusivity by publicly recognizing and praising the achievements of all members of our team, paying and equipping them properly, and celebrating their unique contributions.


We are committed to providing only safe spaces, physically and emotionally, for all of our team members to work in. This is true whether they are working in one of our offices, or attending one of our events, or working remotely (virtually). We've also made it very clear to our team that we will NEVER ask them to submit to any form of abuse by a supervisor, co-worker or a client or partner. Nor will we ever ask them (e.g. while traveling) to stay in an unsafe hotel just to save money for the company. We encourage mutual respect, equality and teamwork in everything we do, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because we want our team to continue functioning together in harmony, and at a high level of performance to deliver the best possible results.


We require all of the supervisors in the company to hold frequent touch-base meetings with all of their direct reports, and to foster 2-way communication in every way possible (this goes double during the pandemic) to prevent any sense of isolation. We also hold frequent departmental meetings, along with a weekly "All Team" meeting to help our far-flung team members globally to continue to feel united in one cohesive team. Plus there is a biweekly optional social "Zoom lunch/dinner" to foster team socialization, without any work pressures.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we introduced a new flexible monthly "health and wellness" benefit for all employees worldwide, whereby they get an extra $50 per month to spend on items or activities that add to their health and/or happiness. We frequently recognize outstanding performances from individual team members, with public recognition to ensure that they realize how much their contributions are appreciated. We try to promote from within as much as possible, and support team members' requests for professional development opportunities.

With regard to goals, we hold annual performance reviews every January, and this often results in the creation of new work plans, as well as new promotions and restructurings. With regard to work/life balance, we encourage our team members to take all of their available vacation days, and to unplug from work, to properly "recharge their batteries."


Our main plan, for helping to be the change that the tech industry needs to see, is to continue diversifying our team, and to keep providing good career advancement opportunities for all of our team members. This is a major reason why we have chosen to post job openings on Black Tech Pipeline, and via similar channels, to hopefully attract more candidates who are Black and/or from other underrepresented communities. We also have taken pains to provide all members of our team, including those who are minorities, to enjoy professional development opportunities that could enhance their value to Engaging Networks while also giving them more independence and options in their own careers.


If the applicant's career goals, work history and abilities indicate a good fit, we'll contact them to schedule an interview, or several, with members of the Technology team, and possibly with other Engaging Networks employees, too.

Finalists are sometimes asked to do a brief exercise to assess some basic skills. We also would ask to be put in touch with a few references, i.e. people who can comment on the applicant's abilities and personal qualities. If everything checks out, and we're excited about the candidate, and they're excited about us, we will make a career offer that we hope will be accepted.


• Medical and dental insurance plans, funded by the company, as well as some other discounted benefits (e.g. vision care, mass transport in Washington DC) provided via the company

• 401(k) retirement plan, with Company 1-1 matching contributions, up to 3% of Your annual salary

• 12 weeks of paid parental leave (eligibility starts after one year with us)

• Flexible monthly "health and wellness benefit" ($50/mo.)

• Matching gift program, with the company matching your charitable gift(s) 1-to-1, up to a maximum of $300 / year.

• Twenty days of paid vacation per calendar year, and up to five paid sick days. After five years, your vacation days increase to 25 days per year.

• The Company also observes approx. 10 paid holidays each year, including most major U.S. national holidays.

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