At Donut we are on a mission to create more trusting, collaborative, and successful work relationships. We believe genuine relationships are the key to being engaged, happy, and successful at work.

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Donut came together over a shared passion to help people connect, and the insight that strong relationships at work are the bedrock of a successful team. Employees who feel socially connected to their coworkers express greater individual purpose and fulfillment, less workplace loneliness and isolation, and improved performance and productivity. We are building a company that embodies those ideals while instilling them in others.


Diversity to us means we have a company that looks like the community we operate in and customers we serve. Our company is all about connecting people, and in order to do our job well, we need to ensure that our product captures the myriad of perspectives on what connection means.

We are a small company that's committed to ensuring diversity of our team from the early stages. We partner with self-identifying affinity groups and talent pools for our recruiting. We've implemented structured interviews to reduce bias, and we make it everyone's job to reach out to underrepresented groups in our outbound recruiting efforts.

Equity means a focus on fair and just outcomes. We believe one of the great injustices in DEI work is that the burden of educating the majority is being placed on the minority.

Our DEI program is built on three pillars:
1. DEI is everyone's job. Everyone is expected to participate.
2. "Not bad" is not good enough. If we are not actively fighting for equity, then we are complicit in perpetuating the status quo.
3. Do Your Own Work. This means taking on the responsibility of educating ourselves and not expecting others to do the work for us.

Inclusivity means everyone feels a part of the mainstream at our company. We invite everyone to participate, influence, and make decisions at the company. In terms of practicing inclusivity, our culture roadmap is determined by our employees and everyone takes a turn at leading a culture building initiative, we have ERGs for our employees, and an environment where we've normalized holding each other accountable for marginalizing behavior.


We are a small, 15 person company that believes there's no better or easier time to fix our DEI issues than right now. We're not deferring this work until we've "made it" because we fundamentally believe that having a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive company will be a key determinant to our success.

We invest time and money into building awareness, education, and effecting behavioral change. We have a DEI consultant who works with us and we've created a program where the entire company spends an hour every other week reading about, discussing, and taking action on DEI topics. This has given us a lot of normalized language and increased conversational capacity and fluency on issues of inclusion. We include a core set of DEI principles in our employee onboarding and every employee creates a User Manual to help us better understand and work with each other.


  1. Practical technical interviews relating to day-to-day tasks

  2. Take home code challenge

  3. Product related interview

  4. A conversation with the CEO

    ✨ Along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask various team members questions about working at Donut. We want you to walk away feeling like you have all the information you need.


🍩 Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
🍩 401(k) with company match
🍩 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program
🍩 Unlimited paid time off and 10 company holidays
🍩 Paid family leave
🍩 MacBook
🍩 Monitor stipend
🍩 Home office stipend
🍩 Mental health benefit
🍩 Minimal meeting Wednesdays
🍩 Flexible Fridays

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