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Founded in 2015, Design Pickle is a global creative services company providing thousands of businesses with unlimited, high-quality design and illustration work at a flat rate. Founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, Design Pickle was created to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable creative content to any business. In 2019 & 2020, Inc. 5000 listed Design Pickle as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

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Design Pickle hasn’t disrupted the creative industry with the work that we create — but with how it is consumed. It’s in the way the service is purchased and the experience offered. And when we look at most real, positive disruption, it’s not that it’s some miraculous invention of something incredibly new. It comes in altering the way an existing product or service is delivered, the methodology, the price, and the experience — that’s what consumers end up being hungry for.


We aim for Mister-Rogers-Level friendliness; every interaction comes from a place of inclusion, empathy, kindness, and respect.

We are resourceful, efficient, and committed to constant improvement by leveraging our time, technology, and resources.

We speak from the heart, operate with integrity, and guide every decision, conversation, and action with honesty (even when no one is looking).

We embrace our collective responsibility to delight customers, support our teammates, and give back to the community.

We are ambitious creators with grit by the jarful. We take ownership of our decisions and grow from our mistakes.

You can learn more about our company, our vision, and what we stand for on our website and social channels. We can’t wait to meet you—thank you in advance for your application!


✨ At Design Pickle, we focus on hiring a diverse workforce. It is critical to our growth because having a diverse workforce can offer many different perspectives, opinions, and experiences. It is important because we realize that we have more in common than we do differently. Design Pickle will always be at the forefront of hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.

✨ We actively work to acknowledge and correct the imbalances that exist for members of historically marginalized communities. We believe that every human being should have access to more not less and we work with our employees and extend into our communities to begin closing the gaps that exist.

✨ Inclusivity means the intentional fostering of an environment that gives equal opportunities, resources and availability to individuals or groups that might be marginalized. We value diversity in thought among all groups to include physical attributes, disabilities, gender, age and any other minority group because we believe.

✨ We practice safety by the creation of team member-driven ERG’s with an aim to foster a sense of belonging within our work community. We also practice consistent education, training, and open conversation around challenges that exist within our company and the greater society.


This is a top-down initiative at Design Pickle. Leadership focuses on prioritizing and supporting mental health initiatives. Employee well-being is also why we allow unlimited PTO; in fact, it is encouraged by leadership to prevent burnout. Additionally, we have an employee wellness program with on-demand exercise programs and personal trainers who can meet with you (virtually).

We will ensure that all of our employees, including our technical and product teams, have their voices heard. Our company as a whole prioritizes radical candor and new ideas, no matter the level or team member. Everyone has a voice at Design Pickle.


1. Recruiter Interview
2. Hiring Manager Interview
3. Cross-Functional Team Member Meeting
4. Technical Assessment - if applicable
5. Final Interview with People Operations Leader


Uncapped PTO: Hate seeing your PTO hours decrease as the year goes on? Not anymore! There is no cap or number associated with the amount of PTO days you can request.

Major medical healthcare: We offer multiple medical plans through United Healthcare which is managed seamlessly through Employee Navigator.

Dental and vision insurance: We work with Beam Dental and VSP for ancillary coverage.

Remote-work flexibility: More productive at home? Not based in Scottsdale, AZ? Fine with us! We are a remote-first company with people all over the country.

401K: Plan for your future with our 401K program.

World-class Company Hub: More productive in an office? Also, fine with us! Our Company Hub is set up with state-of-the-art standing desks, high-definition monitors, breakout rooms for meetings and calls, a podcast studio, a relaxation room, a merch wall, and a cold plunge! ….yes, we said a cold plunge.

In-office gym: Our Company Hub also has a small CrossFit-style gym with Peloton studio available for any pickles to use!

Life changing massage chair: We change lives through creativity...and massages. Our team has traveled far and wide to take advantage of a life changing massage chair that is housed in our Company Hub. One massage is all it will take to radically transform your life.

New parent leave: Design Pickle encourages all primary caregivers to take up to 8 weeks leave for a new family member, including adoption, at full salary.

Paid training and personal development: We offer a yearly stipend for employees to continue to grow their skillset and learn things to help them in their careers.

Stock option potential: We give our tenured staff a stake in what we’re building here.

Pet insurance: Have a furry friend? Design Pickle offers pet insurance through United Pet Care for discounted vet visits, medication, and procedures.

Team retreats, social events, and adventures: Pickle collaboration is important to us! We host regular social events, get-togethers, and experiences for our staff.

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