We built Docker together, and now we’re building something new: Dagger. We’re launching soon and are assembling a small team of exceptional people to help us change how applications are delivered to the cloud - again.

Open roles at Dagger : 2

Senior Product Manager




Senior Software Engineer






What if you could ship your cloud application with the same slick experience as Heroku, but without giving up control of your tools and infrastructure? Enter Dagger.
Using Dagger, software teams can assemble their own “Heroku”, by integrating their existing CICD environments into a streamlined platform. Under the hood, Dagger is not just customizable but fully programmable, ensuring that no environment is too complex or too custom to be integrated.


🚀 Honesty

We consider honesty to be a necessary foundation for trustworthy communication. It's of paramount importance to be able to trust your co-workers, and this is only possible by getting access to information easily. Honesty also means that any question can be asked. We encourage everyone in the company to ask questions about anything. The leadership team does their best to be proactive in sharing information.

🚀 Doing over saying

Detecting a problem or raising an issue is important, but playing a part in finding a solution is better. Whether it is a product idea, a customer problem, an issue within the team, everything is fixable and everyone in the company should participate in working on a solution. Someone taking action on an issue is more important than speaking the loudest about it.

🚀 Inclusion

The Dagger team is built on inclusion. It starts with hiring but it also drives how the product is being built. Everyone in the company has skills to contribute to the product, the business strategy and the team culture. The role of the leadership team is to ensure that everyone in the company feels comfortable to share any ideas.

🚀 Work-life balance

Without good balance between our work and our personal lives, both sides can be negatively impacted. Working at Dagger should never feel like a job. We are in for a long run, so being able to balance family time, a happy social life and great results at work is key. One side should never step on another. The company embraces this lifestyle and helps employees to achieve it.


We believe that the success of Dagger will primarily be determined by the reach of our developer community, and their trust in the Dagger brand. This requires building a strong relationship with a large and diverse group of people. The only way to succeed is to create as many intersections as possible between our team and community. Each new hire brings with them a unique life experience which connects them to a unique slice of the community. The more diverse the team, the broader and deeper its connection to the community.

From our past experiences we have learned two things: increasing the diversity of a team is difficult; and it only gets harder as the team grows. Dagger is our opportunity to make diversity a strategic priority now, while the team is still small, and continuously raising the bar as we grow.

At Dagger we are One Team. Everyone has a say on the product, the strategy and the culture. The first 10 employees have a responsibility to create an equitable workplace for the next 100 employees. Practicing equity means that every team member has the opportunity to do their best work and be rewarded for it. Our rules and principles must be transparent, clearly communicated and consistently applied.

We practice inclusivity by creating a culture where anyone can feel valued and respected just the way they are; where suggestions, ideas and criticism are embraced no matter who contributed them; and we are challenged every day to question our assumptions of what talent looks like. We believe a truly inclusive culture permeates everything from the hiring process to the day-to-day work.


We can’t think of a worse failure in leadership than allowing one of our team members to feel unsafe at work. Here are our rules to ensure everyone feels safe at Dagger:

1. Zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination and other abusive behavior.
2. Lead by example. Company management and founders must hold themselves to the highest standard of behavior.
3. Invest in good management. This means making sure all managers are properly trained, are empowered to invest in the success of their team, and are held accountable for their mistakes.
4. Own up to failures and take concrete action to avoid repeating them in the future.
5. Make sure everyone on the team has a safe way to report issues, knowing that it will be properly escalated and they will be safe from retaliation.
6. Create a culture where everyone is comfortable making constructive criticism and proposing ways to improve, knowing that they won’t be penalized for it.


If there is one rule to remember at Dagger: Health and Family always comes first. The role of leadership is to make this a reality in every day work.

Leadership also ensures that everyone is able to work in a safe environment and have what they need to perform. In order to implement that, leaders are available to talk, either in a team context or in a 1:1 fashion. Both types of meetings are organized weekly at Dagger and no question is a bad question, transparency is key to the well being of the team.

Although the tech industry has come a long way in recent years, there is still a lot of work left to do. Some groups are vastly underrepresented, while others are over-represented. This is especially true in early-stage startups, which often lag behind larger tech companies on this issue. By investing early in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we hope to lead by example and show that early-stage startups, too, can be part of the solution rather than the problem.

The open-source and devops communities are other dimensions of tech industry where we see an opportunity to make an impact. In our experience, these niches within tech are especially hard to break into for underrepresented groups, because of an entrenched “gatekeeper” mentality. We want to blow open the gates and bring fresh talent and ideas into the worlds of devops and open-source.


1. Non-technical phone screen with one of the founders to learn about the company, the role and the direction - this is also an opportunity for the candidate to share a personal story and ask questions
2. Technical video call interview with the hiring manager
3. Team interviews - technical and non-technical
4. References/background checks
5. Offer extended if all the previous steps were successfully completed


  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)
  • 100% coverage of health insurance premiums (medical, dental and vision) for employees and their dependents
  • Competitive pay and stock options grant
  • Work fully remote, worldwide
  • New laptop and other needed work equipment
  • Flexible schedule: we care about your work, not when you do it

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