CommonBond is the award-winning fintech company where people come first. Our approach is no big secret: lower rates, simpler options, and a world-class experience to support people throughout their student loan journey. Plus, every time we fund a degree we also pay for a child’s education through our Social Promise. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve funded over $4 billion in student loans and we’ve helped our members save over $1 billion.

Open roles at CommonBond : 6

Product Manager

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time


DevOps Engineer

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time


Staff Software Engineer

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time


Sr. Software Engineer (Front End)

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time


Sr. Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time


Senior Backend / API Engineer (Golang)

Remote (Eastern timezone)

Full time



While taking out loans for business school, our co-founder David found himself asking a lot of questions: Why is the process so confusing? Why is the customer service so bad? Why are the interest rates so high? Isn’t there a better way for people to borrow for school? He wasn’t alone—in the U.S., students are now struggling to pay down over $1.5 trillion in debt.

CommonBond was founded in 2012 to help relieve that burden, and since then we’ve funded over $4 billion in better student loans. Our approach is no big secret: lower rates, simpler options, and a world class experience—all built to support you throughout your student loan journey.


Our customers ✨

It's our first value for a reason. Without our customers, we wouldn't be here. We're here to serve them. Better than anyone else. It's why we've invested in our customers from the beginning. It's why we go above and beyond for them. We should never lose sight of our customers as the reason we are all here.

Being kind ✨

It's simple. To be kind to each other. On the surface, it's saying hi with a smile. Fundamentally, it's about treating everyone with respect. It's everything we learned growing up. Some might find this difficult in the face of frustration. But kindness and respect should always win. When they do, CommonBond is a better place to work, and we are a much more effective team.

Having fun ✨

Fun as a team inside the office and outside. We spend a lot of time together. We're better off when we enjoy it!

Working hard ✨

We are hard workers. It's what we look for in people we bring on board, and it's what we want in our teammates when we pull them into projects and depend on them to deliver. We know that working hard is not just something we do, but something we value. We grew up honoring "a hard day's work," and we hold ourselves - and others - to that standard.

High standards ✨

We all have high standards. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. We want to be in a place that holds us to high standards as well. Whether we like the feeling of it or not, we know it's good for us. And for those around us. It leads to better work and stronger impact. Given who we are, we value these things intrinsically.

Getting better ✨

This is in our blood. It's what allows us to meet higher expectations every year, in an increasingly high stakes game. We get better. And not only that, we proactively seek ways to get better. It's what we run on; it's our fuel. Without it, we wouldn't be able to get to where we're going. Individually, or as a company.

Honesty and candor ✨

This is about being honest with each other, in service of each other, our customers, and our company. To make honesty effective, it must come with respect. For each other. And an assumption of best intentions. From each other.

Solidarity ✨

We are all in this together. Not pockets of us; all of us. We are stronger together than we are divided. Solidarity is the secret ingredient to any team, any company, any organization. It's what allows us to stick together in tough times, and it's what makes great times even sweeter. High growth companies can be intense places. Sometimes, quite intense. Solidarity keeps us together "through thick and thin."

Clear communication ✨

We value clear communication. It's what allows us to be heard. It's what allows us to understand others. It's what allows us to get things done with each other. Quickly and well.

Professional maturity ✨

Professional maturity many times is about moving forward vs being stuck in the past. It's about enabling others vs distracting others (or getting distracted by others). It's about creating and amplifying positive energy, while managing or diminishing the opposite.

Professional maturity has a lot to do with perspective. Perspective comes with time and experience. It's what allows us to put into context actions we see and emotions we feel. While time and experience are professional maturity's best friend, seeking seasoned perspective, having an openness to learning with low ego, and demonstrating constant respect to/for others are ways to accelerate professional maturity, have it on constant display, and make us all better teammates.

These values are only as good as our ability to live them everyday. We have a responsibility to hold ourselves - and each other - to them. As I've told everyone in their first week of joining the company for a while now, I expect you to hold yourselves and others accountable to these values. And I not only expect you to hold me accountable to these - I implore you to. If you ever observe that I'm not following our values, I implore you to communicate that to me, so that I can be made aware, and change accordingly. Just as I expect you to do the same with self and others. When we do this, we win.


Having a diverse workforce means pulling talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. It's not just the right thing to do, we know it leads to better business outcomes. Through out partnerships with companies like HBUs, POCIT, & BTP we actively source diverse talent for our hiring pipeline.

We practice equity and inclusion by hiring candidates for skills & experience, awarding employees for performance, promoting employees for results, and having clear, broadly distributed and transparent requirements for hiring, compensation and promotion to limit unconscious bias.

It's not enough to just hire diverse talent, we must incorporate them in all facets of the conversation and set them up for success from day 1.


We ensure that our employees feel safe and comfortable on individual teams and in the larger organization by:

- Communicating and abiding by our clear guidelines for hiring, promotion and compensation.
- Providing engaging and mandatory unconscious bias training.
- Distributing an Anti-Harassment & Discrimination policy and ensuring all employees, contractors and third parties are compliant at all times.
- Providing training on how to escalate any concerns and providing transparency into the incident investigation process.
- Encouraging-wide discussions. Change in society starts with change inside CommonBond. And change inside CommonBond requires good data, thoughtful perceptive, and an open and honest mind. We encourage open an honest conversation across the company - that will focus on the open sharing and earnest listening around DEI topics. Leadership actively encourages and participates in these conversations.

Leadership provides mentorship & career development, encourages PTO, and give unlimited sick days to recover from any mental or physical ailments.

CommonBond will continue to intentionally seek out platforms that cater to giving diverse/BIPOC opportunities through job posting sites & networking groups. We're also committed to developing & promoting diverse leadership at CommonBond.


  1. Resume Review
  2. Phone Screen
  3. "In Person" Interviews (all remote, includes behavioral interviews and possible whiteboard sessions. Some roles require a take home assignment and/or presentation)
  4. Final Screens with members of Leadership Team


Flexible PTO

Student Loan reimbursement

Insurance (Health, Life, Vision, Dental)


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