Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

We’re on a mission to give everyone a chance at love. You in? It’s a tall order, we know. But with our team of passionate people, we’re pretty sure we’ve got this ✨

Open roles at Coffee Meets Bagel : 3

Senior Backend Engineer

Remote in US/Canada

Full time

$160,000 - 160k


Backend Engineer

Remote in US/Canada


$120,000 - 120k


Senior iOS Engineer

Remote in US/Canada


$165,000 - 165k



Online dating is exhausting, with singles spending more time swiping through randos and getting ghosted than they are meeting face-to-face, where it actually counts. At Coffee Meets Bagel, we’re working to make it easier for singles to match with quality daters, go on great dates, and find a lasting, real relationship.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at love, and Coffee Meets Bagel was created to make that happen.



We make the changes we want to see through proactiveness, resourcefulness, and persistence. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Continuous learning

We all know a lot but none of us know it all. It’s part of our culture to take risks, experiment, and reflect.


It’s simple: We do what we say – not only for each other but for our CMB Community. And our mistakes? We own those, too.


We really are better together. We celebrate each other for the work we do and the unique perspectives we bring.

Courageous candor

Being honest is scary. We do it anyway by giving honest feedback, setting clear boundaries, and leaning into difficult conversations.


When we say our mission is to give everyone a chance at love, we mean everyone – including people of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, cultures, and religions. And when we say everyone is welcome at Coffee Meets Bagel, the same rules apply. We focus on fostering a space that not only values each person for their individuality but also recognizes that diversity is an asset. That way, all you have to be with us is your most authentic self.

Our goal is to create and foster an environment that prioritizes respect, a sense of belonging, and equal opportunities. We understand that in order to create that environment, we have to constantly be cognizant of how we show up for our team members and give each person the tools they need to not only succeed at their work but also thrive, both professionally and personally.

We know everyone looks, thinks, loves, and lives differently. And those unique differences that make you, well, you? They drive our mission as a company. We actively recruit from all backgrounds, and we’ve created a culture that values your voice; a space where you and your ideas are respected.

You’ve also probably heard the term “culture fit” before, but trust us when we say that we take that requirement very seriously at Coffee Meets Bagel. We’re a tight-knit community where ideas are exchanged freely without fear of judgment, and we ensure that each new team member would fit into that flow seamlessly.

Needless to say, we have zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. And this is top-down behavior, with management leading by example and always speaking candidly with team members about their work experiences.


We believe work should empower us to achieve our personal goals and dreams. This means investing in our team members’ personal growth both in and outside of work – as well as creating a free and flexible work environment that supports individual needs. How do we make this happen? By inviting people who believe in our mission and demonstrate our values to join us, and giving them all the tools they need to maintain a happy, healthy work-life balance.

We play just as hard as we work – sorry for the cliche, but it’s true. We know work isn’t your whole life, and it isn’t ours, either. We bond as a team despite being found all over the world, whether that’s through Zoom happy hours, breathers just to catch up, or posting pics of your furry friend in our “doggos” Slack channel. In fact, posting your pet photos is encouraged.

We offer team members a yearly learning stipend, so you can further your education in your field and use your new skills to grow professionally. And to show up for our team in 2020 when things got tough, we implemented a new wellness stipend. That way, you can nurture your mind and body outside of work, whether that’s a gym membership or a meditation app for mindfulness (because the world got a bit more stressful if we do say so ourselves.


It’s not enough to simply open the door and hope that underrepresented people will walk in. We take an active approach to ensuring that we get the best results possible. One step of this is actively recruiting in underrepresented areas. A second step is fully supporting remote employees so that people can join us wherever they are from. Our hiring process focuses on real-life job skills rather than gatekeeping technical challenges and relying on abstract brain teasers to ensure that the skills we hire for are the ones that will help a candidate succeed.

After hiring, we take an active role in training and mentoring our developers. One-on-one meetings focus on career development and growth. We have a clear career ladder and a record of successfully growing junior engineers into skilled and capable senior and staff-level engineers. In meetings, we actively seek input from all including supporting text-based interaction for those who are less comfortable speaking out in large groups.


  1. We begin with a conversation with the hiring manager where we discuss the candidate’s background, talk about development styles and philosophies, and discuss the position(s) we have available.
  2. Then we do one code-based collaborative technical screen to help us establish a hiring level.
  3. This is followed by an “onsite” interview round where we will hold two or three conversations with the candidate to learn more about their approach to working on teams. We look for communication style, approaches to prioritization and planning, and the ways in which the candidate solves problems they are likely to face in our day-to-day job. We also include a conversation with our CTO and one of our founders to help the candidate understand the broader benefits of joining our team and to ensure they have the full picture before they decide to join. Each interview includes generous time for the candidate to ask questions.

After all, an interview goes both ways, and it’s important that they feel as certain that we are the right place for them as we are that they are the right person for us.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Remote workplace
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with matching contributions
  • Monthly 3-day weekend built-in
  • Flexible paid time off
  • Education, Wellness, home office stipends + more!

Each interview includes generous time for the candidate to ask questions and takes approximately 10 business days from initial screening to offer stage.

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