Civilla is a nonprofit design studio dedicated to changing the way our public-serving institutions work. We wake up every day with the goal of positively impacting one billion people through institutions that are more compassionate, more effective, and less expensive to operate. There is no way we’ll be able to do this alone. It will take a community of leaders and change makers to rally around a new way forward.

Open roles at Civilla : 1

UX Researcher / Designer

Detroit, MI / Remote




At Civilla, we believe that the best and fastest way to scale change in society is through our existing institutions. Institutions as we know them today are in a crisis – built on industrial era mindsets, manual processes, complex regulations, and structural inequities. We want to change that.


Optimism – We remain open to the immense potential of our institutions to do good.

Curiosity – We constantly seek new inputs that can grow our context about what is possible.

Empathy – We view human-to-human connection as the foundation of our work.

All In – We regard showing up and seeing work all the way through as essential for leading change.


Diversity means engaging and working alongside people who bring a range of contrasting perspectives and lived experiences. Civilla’s research and design work engages individuals from many different backgrounds – spanning gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and more. We prioritize traits of empathy, respect, and self-awareness in our team members, and are working to reflect the diversity of the people we serve in our team.

Equity means that there are deliberate systems in place to preserve fairness, justice, and opportunity for everyone on the team and for those interacting with Civilla. We confront the causes and consequences of systemic inequality every day. We lead an approach to design that is rooted in equity both inside our organization and through our work with our partners.

Inclusivity means actively working to make sure that the people interacting with Civilla feel a sense of belonging. We practice inclusivity by providing space for everyone to grow, contribute and lead. At Civilla, we have individual and collective practices to foster inclusivity across the team.


Civilla’s principle on Belonging reads: We celebrate our unique experiences, beliefs and identities. Civilla is committed to the long-haul work of designing diverse, equitable and inclusive systems and culture - modeling that first on our team. We read this aloud and reflect on it weekly as a team to collectively identify what we’re doing well and what we need to improve.

Health is our #1 priority. We honor the daily practice of mental, spiritual, and physical health across the team. We express this commitment to employee health and wellbeing in several ways, such as starting our work day at 10 am so that our team has time to tend to their health needs. We host daily check-in/out meetings as a team to reflect and connect with one another, and have adopted a practice of mandatory vacations that enable all employees to take time away from work regardless of their tenure in the organization.

We believe it is essential for designers to represent diverse viewpoints and lived experiences. We are committed to building a team where people who are underrepresented in the design field have pathways into the organization and feel empowered to show up as their full selves. We also support several individuals and organizations whose mission is to bridge greater diversity and equity into the design and technology field.


Application: Applicants are asked to send a resume, portfolio, and a two-minute video (or audio file) introducing themself and why they’re excited about the open position.

Round 1 Interviews: We will review all applications and identify candidates to move into the interview process.

Work Samples: We will ask candidates selected for interviews to submit work samples. This will include writing samples (such as research reports or summaries) and examples of visual design work.

Round 2 Interviews: After reviewing work samples and completing the first round of interviews, we will hold second interviews with selected candidates.

Final Decision: After the second round of interviews we will notify the candidates of our final decision.


Compensation: We value our team highly and all employees are offered a competitive salary.

Time Off: We believe strongly in the value of taking time away from work. We offer more than 48 days off per year for people to rest, restore and recharge.

Health: Your well being is important to us. We cover 100% of medical premiums for employees and dependents, and 100% premiums for vision and dental. We also provide life insurance and long-term disability.

Your Future: We invest in our team over the longterm. We provide a 403B retirement savings account and will make contributions of up to 10% of your salary annually.

Fitness: We take fitness seriously. Our day starts at 10 am to provide time for a daily workout. We also provide $480/year to support your fitness goals.

Personal Growth: We are all a work in progress. We support personal growth through 1:1 strengths coaching and leadership coaching throughout the year.

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