Chronosphere is a Series C startup building world class software to enable organizations to operate reliably at scale and make precise, data-driven decisions. Chronosphere is backed by venture capital investors Greylock, Lux Capital, General Atlantic, Addition, and Founders Fund. Our mission is to redefine monitoring for the cloud-native world by building the world’s most scalable, reliable and customizable monitoring platform. To successfully achieve the mission, we are focused on 3 main goals:
  • Develop amazing software
  • Build a world-class team
  • Partner with great customers
Chronosphere team members posing for picture at conference


  • No EgosWe leave our egos at the door. We display a fierce resolve to advance the company coupled with personal humility. It is not about politics or entitlement. We are aligned in our quest for the best solution, acknowledge when we are wrong, and focus on the direction forward
  • Enduring Camaraderie & CareWe go into this journey knowing it will not be easy. We tackle challenges as a team – working together towards a shared mission, supporting each other and learning along the way. We care for one another and are in this together
  • Trust & TransparencyWe have steadfast trust in each other – in our character and our capabilities. We thoughtfully share information, ideas, and feedback with positive intent
  • Reliability & ResponsibilityWe have a profound sense of responsibility to our customers, the problems we are solving, to our culture and each other. We take ownership for the whole problem end to end, drive it forward and go above and beyond
  • Nothing is ImpossibleWe are bold and audacious because of the innate trust we have in each other’s capabilities. We have grit backed by experience, our track record, and our ability to deliver
Selfie of Chronosphere team members at an outdoor event


Diversity at Chronosphere means the presence of difference. Not just acknowledging and accepting our differences. It’s taking intentional steps to establish mutual respect, understanding, and recognition of our unique qualities and experiences. It’s important because when you bring together a diverse group of people, you can see work improved from various experiences being brought to the table, and chances are increased of the company being a place where people can and want to do their best work as their true, authentic selves. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of DEI at Chronosphere, but are looking, to begin with, our hiring practices. Getting further exposure to our role through DEI job boards, asking for resumes to be blinded by candidates, and better tracking of our efforts through our DEI survey.


Equity at Chronosphere means ensuring that the outcome of the team member experience feels the same for everyone. Making this possible calls for Chronosphere to provide all tools necessary (trainings, L&D, support, benefits, etc.) to achieve this for our team members. Meeting people where they are to be successful so they all have a chance to be successful and use this lens when we review our practices and policies. How we think about compensation and one of the reasons we brought in a Head of Total Rewards at such a small size is because we know this is one of the ways people feel valued. One of our values is trust and transparency and we value multi-directional feedback, believing that everyone should have a chance to raise their voice for equitable impact


Inclusion at Chronosphere is creating an environment where members feel respected by and connected to one another; where all members contribute to the formation of the group goals and to the realization of those goals. Inclusion is important at Chronosphere because Inclusivity moves us away from simply the physical integration of people to the integration of people’s experiences, knowledge, and perspectives. We practice inclusion at Chronosphere by seeking various ways for team members to not just feel invited to the party but a part of it. We try to include people by having a mix of regional, country-wide, and virtual events to acknowledge different levels of comfort. We’ve historically had virtual and smaller in-person events and recently made sure all employees around the world could meet in Puerto Rico to celebrate together. We also sponsor meetings and work locations in the different locations where larger groups of employees are starting to form for them to connect and collaborate. When it came to our values we pulled in multi-level and multi-background individuals so that we’d see that level of inclusion in their creation.
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We’ve started with the benefits we provide to our employees in the interest of physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as career progression. We make sure that employees have access to insurance, career coaching, and to mental health professionals without cost. Providing unlimited PTO is also an important part of our commitment but we also ask managers to be intentional about ensuring that it is used by direct reports. We want to create more avenues for underrepresented candidates to get into our pipeline so that more employees can see themselves at Chronosphere. We’re looking to create space for underrepresented voices by creating DEI goals at the executive level and fostering ERGs at the employee level.
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  • Application review
  • Recruiter Screen
  • Skills Assessment
  • Final Round 🥊
  • Offer🎉


  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Competitive Salary
  • Stock Options
  • Healthcare Coverage