CarServ is overhauling the automotive repair experience with our innovative software. Our operating system provides an end-to-end software solution that allows automotive service centers to cut costs, improve efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction. CarServ is a Techstars Austin 2016 alum and is backed by Salesforce Ventures.

Open roles at CarServ : 1

Senior/Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer





CarServ is trying to modernize the automotive repair industry by moving their systems to the web, streamlining the process for the service advisors and techs, and providing some transparency to the shop customers into what operations the shop is performing on their vehicles and its costs.


Work hard, work smart.

Be kind and candid with each other.

Exercise empathy in building both our product and our company.

Big problems need diverse, thoughtful, engaged and determined teams to solve them.


At CarServ, we know that diverse teams drive innovation, increase returns and create a work environment that is more welcoming to all. That is why we are committed to building a team that includes people from all backgrounds and life experiences. But we also know that words aren't enough when it comes to creating change, which is why we were proud to take action ( and join others in the Austin tech community by taking a stand for racial justice and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. We know that DEI is ongoing and ever-evolving, and we are committed to including as many diverse voices in the room as we continue to grow as a company.

Equity is about building a culture in which those from underrepresented backgrounds have a seat at the table when big decisions are being made. Our leadership team is made up of a majority of URCs (underrepresented communities) and we are also driving toward gender representation on our Board of Directors as well.

It's not enough to bring those from underrepresented backgrounds into our company, we also strive to create an environment where they feel welcome once they get here. This is reflected in our company policies (e.g. flexibility for working parents) as well as our day-to-day culture where we celebrate everyone's lived experiences and encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work.


At CarServ, we pride ourselves on providing our employees with ample flexibility, because we understand that we are all full humans outside of the workplace. We offer employees unlimited PTO (and encourage them to actually use it!) and allow employees to work remotely and build their own core work hours. We are dedicated to building a company culture that is welcoming to individuals from all backgrounds. This is reflected not only in our company policies, but the culture we have built around honest communication, transparency and authenticity, so everyone feels safe bringing their whole selves to work.

It is important that we walk the walk when it comes to improving DEI in the tech industry. We know that the business norms of yesterday won't work to solve for the problems of today, and we are always looking not to just adopt industry standards, but create our own best practices about how we can strive to be better when it comes to building a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at CarServ.


You’ll start by interviewing with the Director of Engineering, followed by a call with the CEO and COO, then an optional call with some select members of the team.

There will not be any whiteboard coding or live coding, but there will be some technical questions. Be prepared to tell your story and show us how you’ll be a pillar of the team that we can count on and grow with.

Sample of questions:

-What is Ruby on Rails to you (in your own words)?
-What are design patterns?
-Describe the MVC pattern
-Describe a complex feature or piece of code you’ve delivered


Competitive salary



Health insurance, dental, vision, short-term disability and life insurance benefits to all employees

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