CARMERA is the leading road intelligence company, using crowdsourced, camera-only change detection technology to ensure that HD maps always maintain the detail and accuracy necessary to support safe, comfortable, and convenient autonomous driving.

Open roles at CARMERA : 3

Software Engineer (Backend)

Flexible (anywhere in the continental U.S.)



IoT Engineer

Flexible (anywhere in the continental U.S.)



Software Engineer (Android)

Flexible (anywhere in the continental U.S.)




Our technology lets us use commodity cameras and sensors—things contained in a low-cost smartphone—to capture highly precise visual and location data. Our approach allows us to deliver the accuracy and fidelity normally associated with expensive, specialized equipment like lidar survey rigs, all with the scalability of everyday consumer technology.

The most immediate application is in mapping—both high-definition mapping for autonomous vehicles and standard-definition mapping for consumer applications. With vehicles, companies and consumers becoming increasingly reliant on map data, always-on map accuracy at a continental scale has never been more important; and our change-as-a-service approach gives companies an efficient way to maintain accurate, reliable map data.

More broadly, the applications are myriad, with potential use cases existing anywhere where spatial information needs to be maintained with high temporal density.


Our values reflect our core beliefs in maintaining the powerful, harmonious balance between audacity and humility.
✔️ Owners but not Overlords
✔️ Mission-driven but not Dogmatic
✔️ Knowledgeable but not Know-it-All
✔️ Friendly but not Frivolous
✔️ Efficient, but not Impractical
✔️ Driven but not Destructive
✔️ Curious but not Carried Away
✔️ Collaborative but not Compromising
✔️ Accountable but not Assholes
✔️ Ambitious but not Arrogant

📌 In keeping with our values, we seek balance. We invite feedback through multiple fora including structured 1:1s with managers, regular town halls with leadership and anonymous surveys. . We seek multiple perspectives and address concerns by reporting back on progress to entire company as often as is feasible. We remain curious and seek to understand others. This extends to all, including but not limited to age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability and experience.


Diversity and representation have been foundational from our beginning. This includes diversity of people, diversity of thought and diversity of experience. It drives our investment in internships and mentorship, and serves as a guiding principle to our team building. It’s also the animating principle behind many of our community initiatives, working with organizations and causes that support the development of underrepresented and under-privileged students. Our leadership supports and actively seeks civic engagement, volunteerism and activism.

We proactively work to engage vendors, candidates and customers who are diverse and support equity and inclusion. We recognize we have much to learn still and are committed to seeking and implementing improvements, for all.

This article ( further outlines our specific and ongoing commitments to anti-racism and greater inclusion.


CARMERA’s mission from our founding has included “for ALL.” This commitment has prompted our commitment to work with municipalities, universities and policy organizations to improve urban mobility, with a focus on extending transportation to those who would be otherwise excluded. We prioritize corporate partners that are female or minority owned. We explicitly do not use our solutions to support military or law enforcement initiatives.

Inclusivity is core to creating an organization where people can thrive both professionally and personally. It is an invitation for people to bring more of their full self to work and when they do, it’s met with respect and support. It’s a virtuous cycle, fostered through—and further developing—meaningful connections and community.


Despite our growth we still have a weekly all-hands in which individual employees (from new hires to the CEO) share personal and professional updates that help colleagues to build empathy.

One of the most poignant and specific examples was shortly after we transitioned to fully working from home as a company. Many of us were worried about productivity taking a hit with the transition and what that meant for the outlook of the company. Our CEO set the record straight at one of our regular all hands: our first priority was to care for ourselves. The second priority after self-care was to care for our households and loved ones. He drove the point home: “Let me be clear: work is tertiary.”

Organizational priorities are consistently evaluated to ensure they support health, well-being and development of our team members: bottom to top.


At present, CARMERA is invested in advancing 4 key initiatives:
Talent: We won’t pretend that we can transform the composition of our company overnight, but we can assess where in our hiring process and work norms we need to make changes to improve our racial diversity, particularly in attracting and retaining under-represented talent. That work has begun, including specific actions to broaden our target hiring pools and uncover blind spots in employee experience.

Technology: One of the foundations of our crowdsourced approach to mapping is a safety monitoring service for professional fleets, such as delivery vans, to help protect both drivers and the public. One key source of value that our fleet partners have voiced is the on-demand access to video documentation for driving incidents that occur often, but inevitably end up in conflicting accounts about what happened. Time and time again, video evidence has been crucial in spotlighting systemically racist practices that otherwise get brushed aside. As we continue to evaluate new partners for this free service, we will work to direct outreach specifically to Black-operated fleets who we feel could benefit even more from this technology. If you manage or know of such a fleet, please reach out here — we will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

Mentorship: Our headquarters in New York and Seattle are both adjacent to vibrant, diverse areas that, while central to our success and culture, still have had far less exposure to opportunity than neighboring areas. We’re committed to engaging with our neighbors, sharing our experiences and learning from theirs, especially as we think about urban mobility challenges. To date, we’ve had ad hoc interactions with institutions that facilitate mentoring for subjects like computer science and math. Beginning in the next school term, we will shift to recurring engagements with schools that have majority populations of color, located in our Seattle and Brooklyn communities, and look to build this into future paid intern programs.

Empowerment: As individuals, CARMERA employees have shown a great deal of energy in getting more involved based on personal passions such as social activism, research and policy. We believe this is the right time to support this desire to engage more proactively as a company. While we’ve always had flexible work and PTO policies, we know there’s a big difference between open-ended time-off and coordinated blocks set aside to focus on non-work priorities as a collective. We recently experimented with an all-company physical/mental well-being day off, which was a success. Beginning this summer, we will be extending these days to at least a semi-annual cadence, and expanding the scope of “well-being” to a broader set of factors — namely, causes and service in support of For All initiatives.


At CARMERA, we strive to create a great candidate experience. To us, this includes data-driven hiring decisions, efficient (streamlined) interviews and transparency. Interview structure varies by role, but generally you can expect:
1. An interview with a Recruiter
2. An interview with the Hiring Manager
3. A Project-based Assessment (candidates are compensated for their time)
4. A Virtual “On-site” Loop
5. A conversation with Ro (CEO)
6. An Offer ✨
Each stage is thoughtfully assessed and designed to create an opportunity for candidates to showcase their job-related capabilities.

Tech stack: Most of our codebase is Python. Other relevant technologies include Javascript (in-browser or Node.js), relational databases (PostgreSQL), Android platform, Java/Kotlin and AWS.


- Currently remote
- Employee equity in the form of stock options
- Company subsidized Medical, Dental and Vision plans through Aetna
- Flexible working norms and paid-time off
- Generous paid parental leave
- Telehealth
- Short-term Disability Insurance, Life/AD&D Insurance, Supplemental Life/Disability Insurance
- Company sponsored 401(k) plan (no match at present)
- Flex Perks Budget: to be used towards Wellness, Productivity and/or Education & Enrichment

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