ByteChek is a people-first cybersecurity startup with the goal to make compliance suck less.

Open roles at ByteChek : 3

Customer Success Manager



85,000 - 110000


Growth Marketing Lead

Remote USA


90,000 - 120,000


GRC Engineer II

Remote USA


100,000 - 135,000



ByteChek is a SaaS platform that integrates with existing cloud environments to automate compliance and security initiatives. After experiencing the pain points of compliance firsthand, we decided to create a better way. We are creating an accessible and robust platform that helps our customers become security heroes.


People First✨
There is nothing more important than people, and we want the way we do things to unapologetically reflect that.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously✨
ByteChekians, like all humans, make mistakes. When we do, we take a minute to laugh it off! Then we use decisive action to take valuable and informed next steps.

Be Courageous✨
Things move quickly at ByteChek, and every member of the team is empowered and encouraged to play an active part in our growth. ByteChekians are excited about trying new things, even if that means making some mistakes along the way. When we try new things, we find continuous innovation and improvement in our team, product, and personal lives.

Pursue Excellence✨
In our customer service, product development, and personal growth - we pursue excellence. There is always room for improvement, innovation, and creativity as we strive to better ourselves and those around us.


Our team is made up of individuals who are no strangers to the diversity and inclusion issues that persist in the tech industry. In each of our careers, we have often found ourselves on the negative side of common disparities. The time for change is now, and we are committed to doing better for the sake of our team and the industry at large.

ByteChek is Black-owned and has an all-minority board. Our team, leadership down, is diverse in gender, age, and race. It is important to us that we represent the diverse places we live and serve.

We are passionate about providing opportunities with real influence to traditionally overlooked individuals. Every ByteChekian - regardless of personal attributes or professional stature - is enabled and encouraged to have an active role in impacting who we are and how we do things.

From recruiting and hiring to growth and retention, we strive to create an environment where everyone can flourish. We strive to maintain an environment of authenticity, and often hear feedback from ByteChekians that this is their first job where they feel they can "be themselves."


We strive to create a virtual workspace that is emotionally and socially safe. We create several streams of cross-funtional communication, incorporating regular fun and meaningful conversation into our days, to promote social connectedness. We utilize verbal and written feedback to ensure that lines of honest communication remain open, and that everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

ByteChek leaders' primary function is to support their team members. We offer health and wellness benefits (that we are consistently iterating and improving on), and promote a workplace environment where individuals have the flexibility to establish work routines that promote their wellbeing.

We are passionate about providing opportunities for underrepresented people to have real responsibility and impact. From hiring unconventional talent to regular pulse surveys to our intentional weekly one-on-ones, our goal is to provide a space where everyone can flourish.


Each interview will include different key personnel and topics of discussion. Our goal is to gain a mutual understanding in order to make the best hiring decision possible. Please use each interview to ask any questions you may have about the role, team, and company, as we understand you are evaluating us throughout this process as well.

Our interview process is competitive, and only a limited number of candidates will be selected after each round. The time it takes to hear back after each interview may vary. However, we typically aim to provide feedback within 3 business days of your interview.

Interview 1:
Meet with a member of our People Team
Duration: 30 Minutes
- Company operations, culture, and general questions
- Personal and professional goal alignment
- Background and general experience

Interview 2:
Meet with our team (Panel Interview)
Duration: 1 Hour
- Previous experience
- Role description and expectations
- Technical questions
- Practical scenarios

Interview 3:
Meet with the Hiring Manager
Duration: 30-45 minutes
- Follow-ups and deep dives
- Final questions

We can't wait to get to know you!


When we say “people first” we mean it! In addition to offering competitive salary packages, we have structured our benefits to support the lives and well-being of our team members. A few of the ways we care for ByteChekians:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance contribution
  • 4 Day Work Week (Fridays are a weekend!)
  • Fully remote environment
  • Unlimited Flexible time off, with at least 2 weeks of mandatory paid time off per year
  • Flexible work hours in a trusting environment
  • Creative and meaningful celebration of wins

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