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BlackStar Group

BlackStar Group builds, manages, and secures the “fields” that esports is played on. We are a specialized technology services and solutions provider. Our work primarily supports the events, facilities, and global industry of esports.

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DevOps Engineer




Warehouse Associate

Baltimore, MD




Remote w/Travel - US based




Most of the esports industry is focused on monetization, branding, and community engagement, while the approach to technology is often just “make it work.”
Professional level esport events and facilities require dedicated and specialized equipment, support, and security that is beyond the capabilities of plug-and-play solutions.

BlackStar provides enterprise grade networking and technology services for esports organizations, broadcasts, and live events. Everything we do is built with flexibility, security, redundancy, and failovers.


We believe in empowering good people to do good things.

As a small but growing company within the esports industry, our success has stemmed from embracing the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents of every individual. We started out as just two people doing esports gigs in our time off from our “real” jobs.

In our early years, we depended on our network of friends via the gaming community to find each new opportunity and staff an increasing number of events. Our work load and client base have grown organically over the years, and we’ve stayed connected to the sense of community that brought us to our current point of success. We have found that by embracing the unique talents and perspectives of everyone we work with, we come up with better solutions to our challenges.
We value creative collaboration, critical thinking, and openness to new possibilities. Above all else, we view BSG as a team and a community, more than just a business.


To us, diversity means getting multiple perspectives on any given situation, and it means we don’t all look the same, think the same way, or share the same life experiences.

Diversity is important to us because we think it should be important to everyone.
While our company is still quite small, we’re looking forward to creating an increasingly diverse workplace as we grow. We are actively seeking job candidates who may be new to the esports space. We never want to ask a person to “perform” diversity for us or do emotional labor on behalf of the company. Rather, we hope to build a professional environment that is safe, welcoming, and a ground for growth for all potential employees.

We understand that representation matters, so we want to create opportunities for a diverse array of people to excel in all areas of our industry, which creates more possibilities for everyone.


Equity is seeing each person as the unique individual they are, appreciating their qualities and their needs, and providing resources and support on their path professionally and personally.

We strive to practice equity in our hiring and employee development practices by collaborating with individuals to create development plans. Rather than telling people how they need to change, we discuss how they hope to grow and what the company can do to facilitate that in a way that is mutually beneficial.


Recognizing and supporting the different opinions, talents, values, and perspectives of our team makes for a more robust company. People of different backgrounds bring with them diverse strengths and points of view that influence decision making at all levels and illuminate blind spots or points of weakness.

We practice inclusivity by actively seeking feedback from our team members and maintaining an open and collaborative environment as much as possible. To do so we encourage team members to communicate with the rest of the team across multiple platforms to incorporate inclusivity in our everyday operations. We also have regular full team meetings to keep everyone up to date on current and future projects and to provide an opportunity to discuss concerns or questions.


We believe building an inclusive, safe company culture starts with proactive steps at the most basic level, and we have spent a great deal of time crafting policies to support that goal. While policy alone is never enough, we believe that by setting our intent in writing we can better keep ourselves and one another accountable. We also periodically review our policies to ensure that they are truly in line with our values and best practices, and also to be sure we’re continuing to uphold them. After all, policy isn’t worth much if no one ever reads it.

We strive for an environment of transparency in which employees know they can ask questions and offer feedback about any aspect of the business. We are currently implementing an anonymous feedback option to allow any individual to bring up concerns privately in the event that they feel a need to do so.


We understand that not everyone views their work as the center of their life, so while we love for people to be passionate about what we do, we also strive to provide work-life balance. Where possible, we give individuals the opportunity to use their personal skills and interests in a professional way (yes, we do pay for this additional work if it falls outside the scope of the job description), and we encourage everyone to pursue their passions outside of our work.

We meet regularly with employees to learn about their satisfaction with their job and work environment, and as much as possible, we try to distribute tasks and responsibilities so that people can focus on the things they excel at or wish to learn.

Starting at the C-level, we are continuing to work on our own understanding of issues around race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability. We learn from our peers, from reading, from self reflection, and paying attention to the broader cultural discourse to the best of our ability. We seek out examples of other organizations practicing diversity, equity and inclusion in ways we can learn from.

We also try to cultivate a sense of solidarity across our team so any one of us knows they can count on the support of any team member. We have not yet grown to the size where we could implement things like employee affinity groups or resource groups, but these are things we’re learning about in the hopes of being able to do so in the future.

We know this is a marathon, not a sprint, and the most important factor is staying committed to the work even when it’s difficult.


  1. 1. Submit resume with cover letter
  2. 2. Email communications
  3. 3. Virtual meetings with direct manager and at least 1 other member of the team
  4. 4. Offer Letter💰
  5. 5. Baltimore office trip - Ideally, we like to invite any new hire to visit the office once they join the team for the purpose of getting to know everyone, but this is not a hard requirement and may not be necessary for positions that will be primarily remote.


  • PTO - undifferentiated unlimited leave (with approval)
  • Flexible work schedule depending on responsibilities
  • Remote or work-from-home options
  • Health Care - 50% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with employer match
  • Overtime and Holiday (federal) pay
  • Growth/Training Opportunities (for real) - we regularly collaborate with all team members to talk about their interests and ambitions and create a development plan for each individual.

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