Botany is like Apple Health for software development habits and workflows. We're helping software development teams stay engaged, focused, and happy.

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Sr. Full Stack Engineer





Our mission is to empower and grow great developers and managers. We discover and create growth opportunities to help build habits and track improvement. We help managers scale their attention and effort by automating team operations.


Growth over Goals

Goals are an important part of managing a project, or a person but we are not focused on goals, we are focused on growth. Goals are designed to achieve a specific measure of success bounded by time. Bounce a ball 50 times in a row is a goal. Growth is improving or acquiring a skill or habit that will make a person perpetually more effective. Becoming a better basketball player is growth.

Action over Analytics

Analytics, metrics, dashboards are great for reviewing output, productivity, and past performance, but they are not the best tool for making real-time interventions or guiding what needs to happen right now to improve. We focus on actions. We drive action by using smart contextual guidance and gently nudging towards positive behaviors. A dashboard may show you that something needs improvement. Actions tell you what you need to do to make the current work stream align with your personal growth plan.

Ownership over Oversight

Tyrannical micro-management is the absolute last thing a team needs in order to effectively grow and scale. Oversight is a necessary leadership and management quality, but are tools that are designed specifically to provide better oversight and insights into team performance if that is the sole need for an organization. We provide ownership, but ownership with accountability. We distribute the ownership of work and growth to the people closest to it, and we track (and help celebrate) the work the is usually untracked and invisible on a team (mentorship, pairing, learning, teaching).

In addition we provide contextual feedback based on real events happening in the system. Kudos, Karma, Praise, Thanks are not arbitrary, they are based on actual actions and activity in our system. 360-degree reviews are a side effect of using our system allowing everyone to own the quality and direction of growth across their team.

Push over Pull

Execs at high levels need to communicate with a huge graph efficiently, so they have assistants to push important interactions directly to them.

Developers don't have that. We have tools that collapse real-time interactions and needs down to a static snapshot view of information. In dashboards, scrum boards, issue trackers, etc., blockers and bottlenecks may not get addressed in real-time, rather only when developers remember to check on them. In other words, we have pull-model communication and collaboration mechanisms. So we miss out on moments when actions can be most impactful.

Botany gives us what important/highly critical people have: a personal assistant to push opportunities, interactions, and needs to us when they matter most. We provide actionable nudges in-the-moment. When action is most impactful/efficient.

Our Personal Values✨:

We follow the Compassionate Coding philosophy, which emphasizes...

Humility over Ego

Start with the understanding that there is always something you don't know or haven't learned yet, and that will help you find people willing to teach you.

Inclusion over Elitism

Nobody knows everything. Everyone has something to contribute and they will if they feel safe and encouraged.

Cooperation over Competition

No stack ranking or apples to oranges comparisons of teammates. Everyone has different and often complimentary strengths, and you need to cooperate to discover how they fit together.

Mentors over Rockstars

No rockstars. No 10x'ers. Just people who are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others when they can.


We welcome and prioritize the needs of people of all ethnicities, races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations.

We know diversity is important because we want a product and business that works for all developers. If you start with a team on which everyone has similar backgrounds and thinks alike, you end up with a product that is only useful for others who match those contexts and thought patterns.

We want to make sure we always consider the needs and pains as broad of a range of customers as possible. That means avoiding biases and silos and bubbles.


Inclusivity means making sure that every voice gets to contribute as much or as little as they want. No problem is ever completely solved in software, and every person on the team can make it better if they have the opportunity.

Our inclusive practices

Small meetings, disciplined Zoom usage and process, set agendas, intentional audience selection, and intentionally soliciting thoughts from everyone in the group. Basically making space and atmosphere for people to express any ideas. Being humble and always promoting mistakes and being wrong about things encourages taking risks and makes it ok to fail.


Botany ensures that everyone has the same chances to grow and succeed.
This means understanding biases, everyone's personal context, and doing our best to compensate for the systematic disadvantages and headwinds that minorities face in tech.

This is important because we want all of our employees to believe in and feel invested in the company and the team. We can't be successful unless we do our best to help our teammates succeed, whatever their needs.

At this stage in our company's development, everyone has a personal relationship with everyone else. There is no policy or bureaucracy in place to suppress emotions and opinions, and we openly discuss important news, events, sentiments, issues, etc. One of our rules of thumb is that if you offend someone, you shouldn't react by getting offended yourself. You should really strive to understand why the person was hurt and make sure you internalize that sentiment.

We have flexible work hours, and I try to remind all developers that they need to take a day off after really running hard for a period of time. COVID-19 makes vacations very hard, but we encourage good work habits and sanity breaks whenever they are needed.


Our company was founded by 5 white guys, so it's very important to us that not be the seed for our first hires. Although we need to quickly hire developers right now, we're choosing not to resort to Indeed, Vettery, etc. and other sites that have a much larger audience reach that will primarily bring in more white males.

We're reaching out exclusively to Women in Tech, Women Who Code, Black Tech Pipeline, and TechStars networks to intentionally seek and hire from underrepresented communities. We want this to become a pattern as our team grows, so our first hires need to set that precedent. They will have lots of product and culture decision power and hopefully that will be a healthy seed to grow our company from.


Step 1: Zoom or phone intro. Not a technical interview yet, though we may stray into technical topics :)
Step 2: Technical interview. We'll spend about 2 hours on some code-reading and problem solving.
Step 3: Zoom or phone call to meet more of our founders.
Step 4: At this point we owe you an offer or feedback about why it didn't work out.

Tech Stack 💻

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • AWS Lambda
  • Kubernetes
  • Next.js
  • React
  • Kafka
  • Cube.js


  • Equity
  • Dental+Health+Vision Insurance
  • Parental Leave
  • Paid vacations
  • All-remote work environment
  • Flexible schedule.

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