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Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance is committed to reducing the stress of customers facing the burden of debt. Our leadership team has extensive experience and expertise in the financial services and debt management marketplace.

Open roles at Beyond Finance : 1

React Native Developer



$120,000 - $150,000



We are currently in the process of reimagining our technology platform and operational processes to emerge as a technology company providing debt management solutions to our customers. If we get it right, we’ll help free folks from debt and that’s a great reason to come to work everyday.


We are a company that values collaboration and creativity. We instill a strong work life balance and choose individuals that rather try and fail than not try at all.

With the emergence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) taking prominence in the work force, it’s crucial to understand the difference and how they apply to all employees.

Dr. Robert Sellers, vice provost for inclusion and chief diversity officer for the University of Michigan created an insightful metaphor that sheds light around these misunderstood terms and how to apply them in the workplace:

Diversity is where everyone is invited to the party

Equity means everyone gets to contribute to the playlist

Inclusion allows everyone at the party the same opportunity to dance

Putting these three to practice in a corporate setting is essential for the health and productivity of a team. Everyone has a voice, which stems from individual culture, vantage point, and background. Diversity brings everyone to the table. Equity allows everyone to speak up at the table. And inclusion ensures each voice is heard.

This is how any company builds a stronger community, both now and “beyond.”


At Beyond Finance, we strongly believe debt is not who you are but something you have. There is no prejudice, no partiality when it comes to debt. Anyone can fall suspect to a lost job, unplanned event, or medical emergency. If we serve all people, we should create a work culture that welcomes all people as well.

Our interviews, background research, and onboarding process are void of any conscious bias. What we need are soft skills like listening, critical thinking, and empathy. Abilities like that have nothing to do with race, creed, or culture. It’s what people need who struggle with personal debt and are stressed out with harassing phone calls and the inability to pay more than the minimum due to the creditor.

Beyond Finance is diverse in whom we hire, inclusive in how we empower each of them to serve others, and equitable that they all have the same opportunity to succeed.


Our executives play a significant role in employee happiness. They are encouraged to empower their teams, not micromanage them. We discuss performance to help one another grow, then help the confidence of our clients to do the same. Beyond Finance recently went through changes to find a more robust insurance offering that serves both physical and mental health. We have adjusted PTO for all employees once they come back to the office and are steadfast on working with each team member to achieve their professional and personal goals. Their potential and peace of mind serves our clients as much as it does themselves.


  1. Pre-screen call with the recruiter
  2. Series of panel interviews (virtual/video) with the hiring team. These panel interviews vary depending on the role and there can be anywhere from 2-3 panel interviews. The process takes about 2 weeks to complete.


Basic life and AD&D

Short-term Disability

Long-term Disability

Eight paid holidays

Parental Leave

Personal Time Off (PTO)

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