Aloft is reimagining real estate appraisals by ensuring every home buyer and seller knows the true value of their property. With technology that empowers in-house appraisers and tools that offer transparency to lenders, Aloft is on a journey to ensure equal access to home ownership.

Open roles at Aloft : 4

Founding Engineer, Full Stack

Seattle, WA



Founding Engineer, Machine Learning

Seattle, WA



Real Estate Appraiser Trainee

Seattle, WA



Software Engineering Intern, Fall 2021

Seattle, WA




Aloft is reducing the time appraisers take to generate a report from 6 hours today (+ the added few days on either side of scheduling delays) to around 1 hour (and a predictable 1-2 days total process) while improving quality and reliability.

Aloft is not focused on eliminating the role of the appraiser. Instead, we are dedicated to building the supporting teams, tools, and technology to empower the appraiser to become multiple times more efficient than they are today while delivering a whole new level of appraisal report quality and depth of analysis. If we do this right, we will not only become an incredibly profitable business, but we will set ourselves up to expand further into other parts of the real estate transaction and services for homeowners and lenders.


Own and deliver ✨

We ship products on time, and we are resourceful when blocked. We focus on high-value work. As owners, we speak up when we think a decision is flawed, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Build for our neighbors ✨

We make decisions with teammates in mind. We document and write tests to ensure others can easily interact with our code. We always make ourselves available for questions.

Experiment, with goals in mind ✨

We are eager to test out our assumptions: new features, tools, frameworks, etc. We set up metrics and goals beforehand, and time-box our experiments. Upon a "failed" experiment, we share our learnings and do not let that deflate our interest in trying something new next time.


Diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures is critical in the workplace. We're creating a culture that celebrates each others' differences and looks to leverage everyone's unique experiences to make ourselves and our company better and better each day.

When thinking about equity, we acknowledge that advantages, disadvantages, and barriers exist for different people and we're actively working to find ways to correct for it. An example area is with our hiring, where we focus our top-of-the funnel recruiting efforts (such as BTP) to attract candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

At Aloft, we want everyone to feel they belong. We're constantly assessing what our employees are or may be experiencing and how that ties into their identity. We want everyone to feel welcomed, supported, and happy in their role.


We're nurturing a culture focused on respect, trust, and communication and consistently ask for feedback from our employees on what Aloft can do to make them feel safe and comfortable in their role and at this company.

We celebrate when people take PTO, we care about people at work and in their personal lives, we have a comfortable office which employees enjoy coming into and flexibility on WFH vs in-office. We're orienting our company around big exciting goals and work hard to ensure everyone feels empowered to tackle them.

We're a very small company at this point, so we're actively trying to build this change from the ground up. On the tech side, we're putting a huge focus on diversity and underrepresented people hiring. On the appraisal side, we're looking to create the next-generation of appraisers. Currently, the appraisal workforce (~80k appraisers in the US) is >95% non-diverse employees. We actively trying to change that by recruiting from underrepresented groups and giving them the training and tools they need for a rewarding career as a real estate appraiser.


There are two stages to our interview process. First stage is a 45-minute technical interview. To minimize surprises, we will send you a document to prepare for the interview. We want this interview to be challenging but fair. We want you to be able to show off your technical chops.

The second stage is a full-day onsite interview. Instead of more algorithms questions, we will ask you to work on a real, launch-able project at Aloft. It will be scoped to be doable in a few hours. We consider your onsite day to be an opportunity for you both to show off your skills and see what it’s like to work at Aloft. In addition to covering your travel expenses, we will reimburse you for your time and expenses. During COVID, we can be flexible with a remote onsite if traveling to Seattle is logistically impossible.


  • Unlimited PTO and Sick time
  • Top-tier medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401k with 100% company match up to 4%
  • Orca card (public transportation) or parking subsidy
  • Discounted lunch through The company pays $10 and you pay anything on top (typically, lunch costs you $3-4 per day)
  • A fun work location (downtown Seattle) with great amenities: Bike lockers, showers, micro-kitchens, and plenty of drinks and snacks!

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