Allovue is a technology company that builds solutions for K-12 finance. Empathy for our district partners drives our product decisions. Districts of every size use our software so that resources can be allocated equitably to meet student needs.

We believe great culture begins with great people. When you join Allovue, you can be sure that the colleagues you work with are just as enthusiastic, collaborative, and committed to excellence as you are.

Our company prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism and strives to create an environment that is true to the inclusive workplace we want.

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We believe that the solution to the opportunity gap starts with closing the resource gap. We believe that school leaders are uniquely qualified to contribute to resource strategy. We believe that budgets are moral documents and transparency is rooted in understanding. We believe in equity and antiracism.

Nearly half of K-12 education funding comes from property tax revenue which is an economically stable source of funding for schools—but one that is historically racist and exclusionary. Property wealth in the United States is inextricably tied to the country’s history of the displacement of indigenous populations, slavery, segregation, exclusionary zoning, and redlining.

To this day, longstanding injustices around property ownership may be perpetuated in the inequitable allocation of educational resources to Black, Hispanic, and low-income students. State budgets attempt to close these gaps with supplemental state-aid to school districts, but nearly every state falls short of making up for the disproportionate benefits of communities with lucrative property-tax bases. We believe the country must address inequities in local property wealth in order to fix the most broken parts of our education system.

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At Allovue, we don’t have a “Diversity Equity, and Inclusion” department. It’s our assertion that all of our efforts, both internally and in school districts, should be viewed through a lens of anti-racism in order to succeed.

Equity is the active, fervent, enthusiastic, and sometimes radical redistribution of power that must take place to correct historical imbalances. We practice it by re-examining our processes for recruiting, hiring, and advancing biannually, by making our salary bands firm and transparent, and by addressing failures quickly.

We practice inclusivity by checking in on the above my annually, through an anonymous survey. When employee satisfaction is not high, then that’s a failure, and goals are changed to address the failure in the next quarter.

How do we practice anti-racism?
Currently, there are a lot of resources that provide an in-depth framework of anti-racism but we work off of this basic definition: [“Anti-Racism is the active process of identifying and challenging racism, by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices, and attitudes, to redistribute power in an equitable manner.”](here) In other words, as Angela Davis said, “It is not enough to be non-racist, we must actively be anti-racist”.

At Allovue, we’ve said it a million times: education finance is a civil rights issue. In order to continue pioneering the edfintech landscape, Allovue must also continue to build a company that values its employees holistically.

Allovue welcomes employees and partners of a variety of backgrounds because inclusivity inspires better work and more accurately reflects the diversity of the districts and partners we serve, but it’s also imperative that we acknowledge that— in addition to the more feel-good aspects of a diverse workforce— we must directly address the gender, racial, physical, and socioeconomic disparities that exist in office culture and be a positive force for correcting those injustices.

In order to ensure that Allovue is the safest and most effective work environment possible, Allovue strives to promote equity and inclusion in all facets of the company, including, but not limited to:

– Hiring
– Employee Advancement
– Culture
– Districts and Partnerships

While certain positions require certain education levels and skillsets, Allovue is committed to promoting educational and employment diversity within our company. At Allovue, our job is to make sure everyone has a safe work environment while acknowledging the historic imbalance of protection in American workplaces. In an effort to correct those imbalances and ensure safety for all, the Allovue inclusion philosophy is specifically designed to ensure added measures of safety for those who belong to groups with a history of being disenfranchised. This would include— but is not limited to— people of color, those not born in the US, women, trans and non-binary individuals and those who identify under the LGBTQAI+ umbrella, the differently-abled, the economically disenfranchised, and anyone who may have been otherwise excluded from the benefits of a healthy workplace. While we haven’t encountered everything yet, as new situations arise Allovue will work to make appropriate adjustments to protect the safety of every employee and ensure their ability to work effectively.

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What good inclusivity practices are to us:

– A physically and emotionally safe work culture
– All suggestions and comments are heard and considered
– A company culture that changes with time and the people in the company
– A company that supports the physical and mental well-being of its employees and partners
– A company that actively engages in education about diversity, equity, and inclusion and makes information available to all employees
– A culture that welcomes transparency about the personal updates, triumphs, and tragedies in the personal lives of employees
– A culture that aims to create and foster a fun and welcoming environment where people enjoy work
– A culture that acknowledges that a diverse workplace contains a breadth of backgrounds, and that may mean thinking about long-held practices in a new way in order to ensure equity

We practice inclusivity by checking in on the above my annually, through an anonymous survey. When employee satisfaction is not high, that’s a failure on our end, and goals are changed to address the failure in the next quarter. We always ask for transparency and address issues immediately with the knowledge that nothing is one-size-fits-all.

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1. Introduction
This brief phone call gives us an opportunity to get to know you and explain the role you are applying for.

2. Initial Interview
You will have a chance to get to know team members across the company and ensure we align with mindsets and values.

3. Performance Demonstration
You will complete a skill-based task (no more than 90 minutes) related to the role (for example, creating cold outreach emails for a sales role or teaming up on a coding task for developers).

4. Final Interview
You will meet with the CEO, department head, and hiring manager and will have a chance to ask any remaining questions.


– 4 weeks paid time off
– Inclusive parental leave policy
– Flexible schedule
– Professional development budget
– Company retreats
– Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
– Stock options
– Annual performance bonuses
– 401K Plan
– 529 Plan Administration
– Supplemental disability and life insurance
– A new or recent mac laptop with a technology stipend for you to purchase the monitor and computer accessories of your choice