Allma is building a Slack native Incident Collaboration tool for the entire organization. We enable everyone to resolve incidents faster, communicate more effectively, and evolve their processes as they scale their business. Our vision is a world in which the entire company is equipped to work through problems together systematically. Incidents come down to our ability to work together to navigate challenges, solve problems, and learn and grow. Our drive is to help our customers do just that.

Open roles at Allma : 3

Backend Engineer

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Full Time


Backend Engineer

Remote (US)

Full Time


Head of Customer Experience

Remote (US)

Full Time



Allma is building a Slack native Incident Collaboration tool for the entire organization!


Transparency, Inclusivity, Open-mindedness

We operate with integrity and act genuinely, with our internal thoughts and external actions aligned. We are direct, open-minded, and inclusive. We recognize that "I don't know" are powerful words. We are aware of and call out our biases, ego, and blind spots.


We operate through empathy and listening to serve our customers. We build for our customers’ pain and needs. We seek to understand our team’s needs, motivations, and perspectives. We do the work to get in sync even if awkward or painful.

Curiosity for Learning

We are fueled by solving complex problems surrounded by people who challenge our thinking, and lift us up, whom we respect and inspire us. We learn from other disciplines - we are tackling a human collaboration problem, and human collaboration involves everyone. We try to learn from the best, we gather contrarian feedback to challenge our ideas, and we do the work to establish the best opinion we can.


We are determined. We believe that progress is the product of a continuous cycle of reflection and learning. We recognize that things worth fighting for are hard. Building a company is hard. We don’t give into frustration, and we embrace fascination. We recognize that in order to be resilient, we must make space to be vulnerable.

Creative + data-driven

Our decisions and actions are grounded in creative and data-driven thinking. We apply discipline, and know when and how to say no. We systematically uncover what we do and do not know and calculate our risks to increase the probability of our successes. We use our creative abilities to connect connect disparate ideas and systems in unique and powerful ways.

Bias for action

We operate with a bias towards high velocity. We make reversible decisions quickly and irreversible decisions deliberately. We take a product-led growth approach to implement fast cycles of learning and evolution.


Diversity is a broad term and can mean many things.
For Allma, Diversity means ensuring that we're not just hiring people who look, talk, think, and act like we already do. It means ensuring that we're looking across a range of backgrounds and skillsets, and not just focusing on "the best" programming skills.

Equity at Allma means ensuring that each team member is given the support that best meets their individual needs.

It means that we don't try to withhold salary or stock as a means of leaving "room for growth" in a role.

It means ensuring our benefits package continues to improve and evolve as the company grows to give our team the best possible care we can.

It means acknowledging that being equitable does not always mean being equal, and building a culture that appreciates supporting one another in unique ways.

Inclusivity at Allma means ensuring that all our team members, regardless of their experience, role, background, or title are welcome at the table - and that the table itself is worth being at.

It means making space to understand others, and not rushing for ourselves to be understood.

It means not just offering the chance for others to speak out, but actively encouraging them and seeking out their opinions.

It means that Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, or any other form of bigotry never has a home at Allma, and is confronted directly if it were to arise.


By recognizing that the world isn't a safe place for people of all backgrounds, and making time and space for those who are disproportionately impacted by the inequities and inequalities around us. Words are cheap and actions matter, and Allma takes seriously the need to create an environment where team members can share ideas constructively, challenge their biases, and hold each other accountable to a high standard of behavior.

We have fun, but never at the expense of another.


We do our best to lead with Empathy and Compassion.

We have Wellness benefits offering mental health stipends and encourage our team members to seek professional help whenever they need it.

We ensure anyone needing time off to get, or recover from, their COVID vaccine has it.

When major social events take place, we give our team time and space to process if they need it - and we don't wait for them to ask for permission.

When folks need to adjust their work schedule for personal reasons, we work with them to come up with a plan that works for their team.

We keep as many conversations as we can in our public slack channels.

We have regular check-ins about goals and careers aspirations in our 1-1s, and make sure our team members know that we're here for them, directly.


My first official partnership as CTO was to reach out and establish a relationship with Black Tech Pipeline as one of many steps to ensure that we as a company and an engineering org are doing our part to support communities for folks who have lacked the traditional representation in our field.

My hope is that by actively doing outreach, building relationships, and enforcing that a culture of equity exists, we can ensure our organization has those same behaviors as their cultural bedrock.


Our interview process can be different depending on the role, but the general process for engineering is:

1. Warm Intro to set the context, ensure we align on the role description from the job post and answer any questions they have
2. A series of structured interview sections where the candidate meets with our team in pairs of 2, with each section focusing on a different focus (technical background, how they approach people & process, etc)
3. A group presentation where the candidate talks about a technical project they're most familiar with, including some basic Q&A which is focused on sharing knowledge, and not throwing around gotchas.
4. A wrap up and an opportunity for them to provide feedback to us on the process and how they felt things went.

For roles which will be doing hands-on development work as a primary part of their job will also have a small programming pseudocode challenge that mirrors implementing a (smaller scale) version of a typical integration.


. Medical and Mental Health and Wellness Support

. 50% medical and dental coverage for employee and for dependents.

. Mental health and wellness stipend for each employee

. Working Environment Support

. Any and all hardware and software that you need to do your best work

. Office setup stipend

. Path to Parenthood and Parenthood Support

. Stipend to support your path to parenthood (adoption, egg / embryo freezing cycle, IVF cycle).

. 14 weeks paid parental leave for all new parents (birth, adoption, fostering) and additional medical leave for any parent giving birth. Leave includes full benefits, and continuation of vesting schedule for equity.

. Part-time programming for the first 4 weeks back to enable new parents to work part-time as they transition back to work.

. Consistent Learning and Growth Support

. Annual stipend to attend conferences and 100% coverage to attend any conference you're speaking at.

. Annual stipend for books, audiobooks, training materials, online courses, etc

. Community Impact Support

. We encourage our team to volunteer, and we volunteer as a team 1x a year.

. Annual stipend to donate to charitable organizations of employee's choosing.

. An annual stipend to donate to OSS projects and maintainers.

. Team Hang Support

. Stipend to lead our monthly Team Movie Club.

. Stipend to lead our bi-weekly Team Video Game Club.

. Financial Savings Support

. 401(k) savings plans (no match yet)

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