We exist to create transformational change through remarkable experiences. Airship is a custom software development company located in Birmingham, Alabama with crew members in states across our nation.

Open roles at Airship : 3

Mid-to-Senior Software Developer (Ruby on Rails)

Birmingham, AL | Remote



Mid-to-Senior Software Developer (React Native)

Birmingham,AL | Remote



Mid-to-Senior Software Developer (Swift)

Birmingham, AL | Remote




We develop custom software for our clients in over 18 states. One of the best perks of working at a software development agency is the opportunity to work within a variety of industries, such as:
SaaS / Software Products
Transportation / Logistics
Church Ministries
On-demand Services
Health and Fitness
Sports and Outdoors
Startup Varieties and Niches



The value we treasure the most is being team focused. It is through focusing on the team that we are able to live into our vision. We respect each other, value the diversity and experience of each member of the team, and work together to deliver excellence.


By working together as a team we can deliver remarkable experiences and be customer obsessed. Ensuring our customers have a positive, unique interaction with us will create brand advocates and raging fans. We do this by valuing the people and the problem they are striving to solve. Guiding them to the right solution and delighting them throughout the process.


We have a growth mindset at Airship. Ongoing learning enables us to be forward-thinking and innovative. An innate curiosity means we approach problems thinking big and challenging the status quo.


All of these happen with and are displayed while being humbly confident. As C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” We care about getting it right over being right and seek to elevate others above ourselves.


Diversity starts with understanding each of our “social identities.” Social identity comprises the parts of a person’s being that come from belonging to groups, including (but not limited to) age, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, education, physical ability, and socioeconomic status.

At Airship, we acknowledge that voices have been underrepresented in our communities and in our industry. We hold the fundamental belief that diversity leads to strength, adaptability, and resilience. It takes continuous learning and daily effort to cultivate a collective that resembles the world around us.

We strive to celebrate the differences of our crew and each of their distinct perspectives formed by their social identity and experiences. We shine a light on each of our unique contributions and what only we can bring to the table.


Each of our journeys are filled with moments where others pushed us to be better, provided us with opportunities and poured out advice on how to reach our dreams. It’s our turn to identify how we can bring others into the opportunities given to us and give them access that they may not have acquired on their own.

There are uneven advantages in the workplace so Airship operates with a desire to see every crew member succeed. We promote equity and fairness in all areas of business, including pay, leadership opportunities, and influence on decisions.


At the core of inclusion at Airship is a sense of belonging. It’s an environment where crew members feel comfortable and supported to be their authentic selves. It’s a culture that is naturally shaped by every new crew member and a leadership team that values the voice of all people. It’s a place that proactively finds ways to provide accessibility for everyone to participate in our processes and our products.


Airship's first core value is team-focused. It is our highest priority. It is the highest priority of our CEO and President, of our Leadership team, and of our entire crew to ensure that Airship is a safe space for all current and future employees to work. We strive to cultivate a remote culture that is welcoming to crew members across all of our represented states.

While we enjoy what we do, we understand that there is life that happens after work hours. There are families, hobbies and other passions behind the Zoom screen. Our benefits of unlimited PTO, gym membership reimbursements and 10% of your time spent on further learning are examples of ways leadership supports our crew happiness, health and goals, respectfully.

Airship works in a squad formation. Each squad is formed of a team of Builders, Navigators, Shipwrights and Inspectors. These squad allow us to focus in on the full lifecycle of a project, but also the full lifecycle of a crew member. We will be able to hire more junior developers, designers and QA analysts to join squads and learn directly from senior crew members. Our new squad formation will give us more margin to teach, mentor and invest in our future crew members.


1. Initial interview w/ Crew Ops Lead Kathleen
2. Technical Screen w/ Lead Builder Moser
3. Team Interview w/ various crew members you'd be working with
4. Final interview w/ CEO Trent


On top of working with passionate people, Airship offers:
✨ A Remote-First Crew Experience. Work where you are the most productive!
✨ Primary + Secondary Health Insurance Options (Percentage of Cost Covered by Airship)
✨ Dental Insurance Options
✨ Vision Insurance (Fully Covered by Airship)
✨ Unlimited PTO & Flexible Working Hours
✨ Eight Company Holidays + Your Birthday Holiday!
✨ 401(k) Retirement Plan w/ Matching
✨ Company MacBook
✨ Free Lunch Fridays! (Catered Lunch in the Birmingham Office or $10/week for Remote Crew)
✨ 10% Time Toward Professional Growth & Learning
✨ Gym Membership Reimbursement
✨ Professional Development Reimbursement
✨ Weekly Paychecks
✨ New in 2021: Profit-Sharing!

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